Episode 72: X Marks The End Part 2

Previously on MegaMan Jr. High:

Something happened.

Sigma: The time of your destruction is at hand MegaMan!

Light: Wow, they're good at making graduations less boring!

MegaMan X: I'm not who you think I am!

Sigma: I've never thought in my life.

MegaMan X: I am X! (caps don't have much of an effect on one letter, do they?)

Sigma: I don't care if you're X! (obviously)

X: I'll defeat you!

Sigma: NOW!

Sigma emerges in his huge battle armor from MMX3. Wily comes in with a skull tank. The robot masters and mavericks do a cheerleading act.

Sigma: Now to be destroyed at the hands of the best villain on the show! Sigma!

Wily: I'm the best!

Sigma: You are not, you're just a stereotypical mad scientist!

Wily: That's my strength!

Sigma: DIE!

Sigma attacks Wily.

Wily: So that's the way it's going to be.

Sigma and Wily start fighting and soon both are blown away. The robot masters and mavericks are having a fight in the bleachers.

X: That was pointless.

KI: Well done X. Well/

KI sucker punches X.

X: OW! What was that for?

KI: You fool! You went and got upgraded to X just because I wrote it! Now, it's time for me to destroy you once and for all!

X: Why? I know you're power drunk and incompetent, but I didn't think you were actually evil.

KI: You'll understand when I take off my mask.

X: You don't wear a mask!

KI: I am….

Act Break.

Act 2:

You know, now that entire episodes are submitted at a time, act break cliffhangers have lost their pizzazz.

KI: I am….. SIGMA!

X: WOW! What a shock! Sigma was the villain the whole time!

Sigma: Yes, and you kept evading destruction!

X: Wait, didn't Sigma just go off fighting Wily?

Sigma: The Sigma you saw destroyed……. WAS A ROBOT!

X: But….. never mind. Why are you so intent on destroying me?

Sigma: Think X. You'll remember everything soon. But I'm going to destroy you right now!

Sigma lunges at X. X dodges the attack.

X: I'm not sure what's going on, but you are NOT winning!

X shoots a blasts at Sigma.

Sigma: I'll just have to get you back under my control. Prepare for my ultimate form!

Sigma is engulfed in the Cliché Armor.

Cliché Sigma: You are doomed!

X: I…. feel different.

Sigma: It's too late!

Sigma fires a giant cliché blast. But it richochets and hits him instead.

Sigma: I'm so grissing tired of this place! That's it, die you stupid cliché!

The armor starts to explode and Sigma escapes from it.

X: What is going on?

Sigma: You may think you've been surprised, with KI being me and all, but the true twist is coming! You see….

Another pointless act break.

Act 3:

Sigma: This reality, MegaMan Jr. High, it takes place…… IN THE REAL MEGAMAN CONTINUITY!

X: That's….. that's impossible!

Sigma: Is it? Since your upgrade and the cliché machine being destroyed, you must be recovering your memories X.

X: I… am. I remember you. All our fights, our real fights! But who is KI?

Sigma: KI could be anyone. Zero, Tornado Tonion, or some guy on a message board who took making fun of that MegaMan comic way too far. But it doesn't matter.

X: How did you do this?

Sigma: Remember our last fight?

Note: The series started before X7 came out in America.

A flashback begins.

Gate: I won't lose. I know I may have doomed myself as well, but I brought… him back.

X: You mean…

Someone comes from a void.

Sigma: XxXxxxxx! YOUZE MUSHT DIE!11111

Cut back.

Sigma: I was insane, trapped in a bizarre reality, but I had plan. I trapped you in it as well. All this time, you've been unconscious in your world. I hoped to destroy you from the inside. So I trapped you in a bizarre universe, where your true power wouldn't show. But it was too powerful, I also felt its effects, and couldn't destroy you. But now, I WILL win! You're still too weak to fight me!

X: I won't lose! I'll never let you win Sigma!

Sigma: I've been prepareing all this time. I have more power then ever!

Sigma becomes gigantic. He readies a colossal blast.

Sigma: DIE X!

The blast is shot at X. He can't dodge it.


The blast is stopped. A shield of light appeared.

Sigma: What?

The light engulfs X.

X: Time for us to wake up, Sigma!

MegaMan shoots a gigantic blast. It incinerates Sigma's body.

Sigma Virus: We'll meet again!

X: And I'll be ready.

Everything is going crazy. The reality is collapsing around X.

X: I won. But… who saved me?

Voice: It's the least I could do, after all you've done for me.

X: Do I… know you?

Voice: Not quite. Just consider this a present from one of your biggest fans. Just keep fighting.

X: How can I repay you?

Voice: You already have. Just keep it up, and remember no matter what they say, your adventures are great.

MegaMan is transported out of the dimension. He is in a blank area. All that is there is a note.

Note: You made it. Congratulations,


X: KI?

X gets very dizzy. He passes out.

: X? X! Wake up!

X opens his eyes.

Zero: X, you're finally awake!

Alia: You've been in that coma for over a year.

X: It was Sigma. He trapped me in some weird dimension. There were clichés and N-Gages and obscure references….. it's too bizarre to describe.

Signas: The important thing is, you're back.

X: I know. I'm just happy to be here, happy to be alive and sane.

It's later. X is standing on a cliff watching the sunset. We see his thoughts.

As X watches the sun set, he feels as though a very long day has just ended.

X is glad to have returned to his true life, but at the same time he misses where he was. Though confusing and illogical, the light heartedness of his dream made parting bittersweet.

As X watches the sun finally fade, he can't describe how he feels. He has defeated Sigma, but knows he will fight Sigma again and again before he can rest. But X knows, that no matter how many times he fights Sigma and other mavericks, the encounter that will stand out most in his mind, is MegaMan Jr. High.

The End.

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