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Chapter 1: Legacy revealed, Naruto's new path.

Naruto ran as fast as he could, tears streaming down his face. All he wanted was to be acknowledged and to protect his precious people.

'How can they be so cruel. After everything I went through to get that bastard. Even Sakura-chan, no, Sakura didn't care that I kept my promise.' He thought as he leapt from tree to tree, going deeper into the forest, away from Konoha.


"Sakura-chan! We're back. I kept my promise," he said "I brought back Sasuke."

"SASUKE-KUN!" Sakura rushed to him as Naruto laid him down. "Why is he bloody! WHAT DID YOU DO NARUTO?"

"Huh?" he looked at her. "I brought him back as I promised. Well, we had to fight a bit but he's just a little battered. As for the blood they're mine…"

"HOW COULD YOU!" Sakura interrupted, ignoring the fact that he's the one who's badly wounded.

"But Sakura-chan…"

"Get away from us, you've done enough!" Sakura pushed him away.

"What did you do to our precious Uchiha demon brat!" Naruto looked up, a crowd has gathered at the gate when the news of the rescue teams return. He saw the villagers looking at him menacingly, blatantly showing their hatred of him.

"Naruto didn't do anything but follow his orders!" Shikamaru shouted from behind him with the rest of the rescue team. The injured Choji, Neiji, and Kiba were on a stretcher made of sand. The sand sibs were standing around them.

"All of your orders were to bring him alive. He's more important to us than that worthless demon. We have tolerated him far enough. Leave this village, you're not welcome here brat!" retorted a drunk villager as he started to pick up stones to throw at him, soon the rest of the mob followed including Sakura.

Naruto just stood there shocked as they began throwing things at him. Some of them are ninjas and began throwing kunais and shurikens.

"D-don't hurt Naruto-kun!" Hinata said as she and the rest of the rookie nine and Neiji's team arrived. "K-kaiten!" she said and performed albeit a weak kaiten but was enough to deflect most of the attack.

Tenten and Ino deflected some of the kunais and shurikens with their own kunais. Shino stood quietly beside Naruto keeping a look out for any stray projectile. Meanwhile, Rock Lee drove the crowd a bit back.

"Konoha Senpuu!" he shouted as he whirled, not hitting anyone but making them all step back away.

"What the hell are you doing Big-Forehead? Why are you attacking your teammate? It's not his fault if Sasuke fought him. He still brought back that traitor!" Ino screamed.

The rest of the rookie nine and Team Gai backed with Naruto while the crowd still caused trouble with Sakura in front. The mob grew more violently as more villagers joined them. Kakashi, Asuma, Kurenai, and Gai arrived but as jounins they have to remain neutral to sort everything out. They did their best to control the crowd, who kept shouting for Naruto to leave while others threw anything at him hoping to cause him further injury from time to time.

"ALL OF YOU STOP! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING TO MY LITTLE BROTHER!" Tsunade arrived with Jiraiya. The crowd moved further back in fear of the hokage but still kept shouting at Naruto.

"I-I'm sorry, Tsunade-sama, b-but I can't take it anymore. I did everything for the village but why, why do they still hate me?" Naruto started. The crowd quited a bit but still looked at him with full hate.

"All of you still care for Sasuke when he just left to betray Konoha. I can understand if any of you don't give a damn about me but what about the others! Haven't any of you noticed how injured they are nor did you even cared what they endured just to get that bastard back!" He shouted, body trembling and tears flowing freely. "You want me to leave then so be it. I just hope none of you regret your decisions today. Good bye, Tsunade-babaa." He ran as quickly as he could out of the village gates.

"Leave demon! Don't ever come back!" The mob shouted once more while some cheered.

"Naruto wait! Damnit, follow him Jiraiya, make sure my little brother is safe." Tsunade said anger rising towards the villagers. "Kakashi, Kurenai, get the injured to the hospital, Shizune is waiting there. Asuma, Gai, take some of the Anbu and find out who started this and I want any ninja who participated in that mob detained for conduct unbecoming of a shinobi. Disperse the crowd now."

End Flashback

Naruto stopped and sat down against a tree. He felt tired and dizzy as his wound is still not treated and he lost a fair amount of blood. He let the darkness consume him as he succumbed to unconsciousness.

"You did it this time kit. You brought us to the very verge of death." Kyuubi growled. Surprisingly, his tone was neither sarcastic nor condescending.

"I'm sorry. I never meant it to be this way." He replied barely audible.

"I see you're taking this badly. And here I thought you were strong and doesn't back down on your word. Such a weakling. What ever happened to ever becoming Hokage or wanting to be acknowledged?"

"Why? It's not as if you cared. Besides, I no longer have a reason to. What's the use? Perhaps its better that I do die here, now. I will no longer feel the hate."

"And what about the precious people you oh so keep bragging and ranting about protecting. Ha, you're just full of shit then… dobe"

"Shut up you stupid fox! I wont tolerate anything coming from you bastard!"

"Hahaha, now that's the Naruto I know. Gaki, good thing you returned back to your interesting self. You once again gave me a reason not to eat you for now."

"As if you have any choice, you can't eat me since you're trapped in there. Besides what do you know about my precious people?"

"Baka! I know everything, I feel what you feel and see what you see even though I don't care for such weak feelings as love and compassion. Don't forget I am the greatest youma, the most powerful lord of the demons. I kill when I want."

"If you don't care then why bring it up then? Bastard Fox! So what if I give up now" he said the last sentence silently as he reverted to his depressed state.

"I don't like being trapped in you but it's even more of a disgrace if I have such a weakling for a vessel. Your image will reflect on me and it seems you constantly become stronger because of your precious people. I will not tolerate your whining. I prefer to die honorably in battle than what you want to happen now. You will return to normal whether you want it or not." Kyuubi growled in finality as he sent some chakra towards Naruto.

Outside, his body began to heal. The gaping hole on his chest made by the chidori closed up leaving a faint scar. Inside his mind, Naruto saw a barrage of memories of his precious people: Kakashi-sensei bringing him vegetables to keep him healthy and remind him not to eat too much ramen, Gai giving him a spandex suit before he went with Jiraiya to look for Tsunade, the Konohamaru Corps insisting on him to play ninja and calling him their leader and big brother, Sasuke calling him his bestfriend before he fought Gaara to save Sakura, Iruka-sensei protecting him from Mizuki and giving him his forehead protector, the Sandaime Hokage's visits and treating him to ramen, his adventures with Jiraiya and Tsunade before becoming the Godaime, his academy day's and the chuunin exams.

With each memory he saw, his resolve began coming back to him. He became more determined to fulfill his way of the ninja.

Surprisingly, among these he saw Hinata, all the times she followed him, hiding behind a tree or a pole, throwing fleeting glimpses at him during the first part of the chuunin exams, twiddling her fingers and blushing, giving him a jar of ointment for his wounds after his preliminary match against Kiba and finally, Hinata protecting him from the mob.

"Huh? I don't remember any of those?" he said, his heart skipping a beat.

"Baka! That's because some of them you just saw in a corner of your eyes and were stored in your subconscious. Without me, you wouldn't even have seen them now. But I must say she fits you very well. She's the submissive type and I bet she's a moaner/screamer. Perfect for dominant beings such as ourselves."

"Eh? What are you talking about?" Naruto looked at the fox, eyes blinking.

"I meant she's perfect for you to mate with." Kyuubi grinned showing sharp teeth.

"Y-you ERO-KITSUNE! Don't even dare use Hinata-chan in your dirty fantasies." Naruto blushed. 'Why am I so blind not to even acknowledge her' he thought.

"Hahaha, my, my, never thought my kit would be very possessive of his vixen." His laughter rumbled like thunder. "Its time for you to wake up kit. I'll see you again for your training." He finished then slunked back in his cage, going back to sleep.

"Wait! I'm not finished with you yet damn fox. Wake up!" he said but his mindscape becoming dimmer and dimmer as he woke.


"Naruto wake up. Kami, please wake up." Jiraiya shook him.

"H-huh? Ero-sennin, you followed me?" he rubbed his right eye as his blurry vision adjusted.

"Thank Kami you're alright. At least the fox healed that gaping wound of yours." Jiraiya sighed in relief as he looked over Naruto for any other injury.

"Ero-sennin, you care about me?" he asked with wide, watery, anime eyes.

"Of course. You're my apprentice aren't you?"

"ERO-SENNIN!" a chibi Naruto jumped happily and latched himself on one of Jiraiya's legs.

"ACK! Get off me baka. This is embarrassing. What would the ladies think of me? You're ruining my reputation. And how many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that!" he shook his leg in frustration. "You could have at least used your Oiroke no jutsu."

"Ewww, you wish," he said as he finally let go and stood. "Besides, you're reputed as a super pervert, I think that ruins you enough as it is."

"Why you…" Jiraiya's eye twitched. His face suddenly softened. "Why did you run off like that Naruto?"

"You saw everything, I think there's nothing more to explain." Naruto's voice trembled, full with hurt, his head down.

"Do you still see Konoha as your home? Do you still want to protect your precious people? Will you return?" he asked calmly, fearing Naruto might have been pushed to over the end and his resentment might turn him against the village.

"I want to return and protect the few precious people I still have but not anytime soon. I have to grow stronger and think a few things over."

"Alright then," Jiraiya nodded, bit his finger and did some seals. "Kuchiyose no jutsu"

Gamakichi appeared after the poof of smoke cleared. "Yo, what do you want ero-sennin?" Jiraiya twitched.

"Hey, Naruto-nii-chan, play with me. Do you have any snacks?" he turned to Naruto not waiting for a reply from Jiraiya.

"Sorry, Gamakichi, I don't have any right now but I'm sure ero-sennin will give you some since he wants you to do something for him."

"Hmp, what is it ero-sennin? You owe me snacks for this." He turned towards Jiraiya.

"Alright and stop calling me that. Anyway, I just need you to deliver a message to Tsunade. Tell her that Naruto's fine, we'll be heading to a town and once we're settled I'll go and report to her."

"Ok, I'm off." Gamakichi hopped away amazingly fast.

"Let's go gaki. Oh by the way, I meant to give this to you before as part of your training then this whole fiasco occurred. Here you go and wear it now." He took out a black leather vest with pockets and holsters for weapons, a pair of black leather arm and leg bracers, embossed at the back of the vest and on the bracers is the kanji meaning gravity.

"Eh? What are these for?" Naruto asked but put them on. After he was finished, Jiraiya quickly did a hand seal.

"NANI? Ero-sennin, what did you do? I can barely move." Naruto struggled.

"Those are special weight suits I made. You are currently experiencing twice the pull of gravity. I'll be increasing the amount when I see you make some progress. Now quit whining and let's go. I don't want you to move slowly either." He laughed then set off towards the next town.

"Stupid ero-sennin! Wait up!" Naruto shouted but nevertheless tried to keep up.


Back at Konoha, in Tsunade's office, she was pacing back and forth waiting for news on Naruto. The villagers were secretly celebrating since they were too scared of the hokage when she ordered the arrest of the mob under the law the sandaime made. They are currently presented to Ibiki.

"Yo, Tsunade-babaa!" Gamakichi greeted startling her.

"What is it? How is Naruto? Where are they?" she quickly asked when she recognized Jiraiya's summon.

"Take it easy. Ero-sennin is with him and he's fine. Jiraiya's taking him to a nearby town and once they're settled he'll be coming to report. Well got to go, that's all the message." And he disappeared in a puff of smoke. Tsunade stared out the window, looking at the Yondaime's face on the monument.

"Hokage-sama, we've completed your orders." Kakashi said. He just entered together with the jounin-senseis after the hokage's secretary showed them in. She was so deep in thought that she barely noticed her secretary announcing their arrival.

"Oh, right, go ahead with your report." She motioned them to sit down as she went back to her chair.

"The genins who went after Sasuke are fine," Kurenai began. "Only Choji, Neiji and Kiba were confined to the hospital. Choji used his clans special pills (AN: Forgot his clan name, someone please remind me) and suffered grave chakra depletion, he should have been dead since the fatality rate of using those pills are high. He is currently in the ICU but the doctor said there is still some hope for his full recovery. Neiji and Kiba are conscious but will have to stay for recovery."

Kakashi was obliviously reading Icha Icha Paradise and giggling while Gai looked at him with eyes twitching. Asuma took over the rest of the report. "All shinobi who took part in the mob are arrested and being debriefed by Ibiki. They are all chuunin but if I may boldly say so, they're skills are of no consequential significance." He puffed out some smoke.

"Good, because they are all demoted to genins and stuck to guard duty and only D-rank missions for a year." Tsunade said eyes blazing in anger. "As for the civilians I want them fined until they are broke and will also serve community service for a year."

"Hokage-sama, Haruno Sakura, regrettably, took part with the mob." Kakashi surprisingly spoke again, tucking away his book.

"She's being brought here now. I want to speak to her first before I decide if she will be sent to Ibiki. As for punishment, it will be decided with you Kakashi since she is your student." As Tsunade finished speaking, the door opened and Sakura came in.

"Hokage-sama, Kakashi-sensei." She greeted quietly her head hung low.

"What the hell were you thinking that you did those things to your teammate!" Tsunade exploded.

I-I d-didn't know what came over me. I d-didn't mean to." She weakly replied, her tone a mix of fear, regret and sorrow.

"I'm disappointed in you Sakura. Of all the things Naruto did for you, you couldn't even give him a little respect. I thought you learned something from the bell exercise I made you do being the smartest one," Kakashi said, his visible eye closed. "I should have failed."

Sakura gasped. She never expected this from her sensei. She slowly looked around. No emotion can be seen from his face while the other jounin-senseis' faces showed disappointment. Tsunade was frowning, anger obviously shown. Sakura looked back down.

"So how will we punish her Kakashi?" Tsunade asked trying to sound impassive.

"I don't want to do this Sakura but you give me no choice. Even though you're already accepted as one of Hokage-sama's apprentice I'm withdrawing my reccomendation for you and on top of this I'm disbanding team seven." He said with finality. "The rest will be up to you Hokage-sama."

Sakura gasped in shock and began to sob quietly, tears falling down her face.

"In line with Kakashi's decision, it only reinforces the decision I already made. Regardless that Naruto asked me for this favor to train you and Hinata, you are suspended indefinitely as my apprentice. Neither Shizune nor I will continue your training. You are also banned from the hospital except to visit anyone who are confined there and absolutely none of the medical staff will be teaching you. That is all, you may go."

Sakura continued sobbing but meekly bowed to the Hokage and the jounin-senseis. Once she was out of the office, she ran home crying openly.

Tsunade sighed and rubbed her temple. The stress is giving her a headache. Her secretary knocked on the door and announced Jiraiya then ushered him in.

"How is my otouto Jiraiya? He left before I can treat his wound. What is his condition?" she asked worriedly.

"Relax Tsunade. He's fine now but I was scared when I found him. He was almost lifeless. He lost some blood due to a gaping hole on his chest. Luckily, whatever he was hit with missed his heart. I have a pretty good idea of what hit him but I want to be sure."

"I'm afraid I know what it is definitely." Kakashi spoke up. "I'm afraid it was made by the chidori. I got a glimpse of the wound plus Naruto and Sasuke had a fight before he was brought back."

"NANI! THAT TRAITOR TRIED TO KILL NARUTO?" Tsunade yelled and slammed her fist on the table causing the thick oak to crack.

"Hai, I'm afraid to think of the reason he wanted to kill Naruto." Kakashi whispered.

"I know." Jiraiya sighed as Tsunade composed herself, struggling to keep her anger. "In order to obtain the Magenkyou Sharingan like Itachi, Sasuke must kill his best friend and Naruto is the only one that best fits that category. Where is Sasuke held by the way?"

Tsunade shook as she held on to contain her fury. "He is currently under hospital arrest in one of our secret facility but he won't be released soon even after he recovers. I'm still thinking on the best course of action for him. I want him to be executed as a traitor but I can't put all the blame on him. Unfortunately, Orochimaru's cursed seal might be affecting him." She sighed once more.

"Alright, Asuma, Gai, Kurenai, your teams are on stand by status for now since most have incapacitated members and I need the jounins for missions. You might be getting more missions than usual. They may still be called for mission but I'll make it so that the remaining active genins work together to make up for missing members. Kakashi you'll be working with the anbu assigned to Sasuke on top of your missions. Perhaps, we may be able to help him sooner with you there. You may go."

"Hai, Hokage-sama." The four responded and bowed to her and Jiraiya then went out of the office.

"I'm officially making Naruto my apprentice Tsunade. I'm teaching him everything I taught the fourth, I'm not holding anything back with his training." Jiraiya said slowly getting up his chair.

"Hai, I was about to ask you the same thing. How much has this affected him? Do he still want to come back?" Tsunade looked at him, eyes tearing up.

"Don't worry. After he recovered from his wounds, he was basically back to his former self but won't be coming back soon. He wants to become stronger before he returns but he definitely still wants to come back. So I'm taking him around a bit to other countries for training." Jiraiya walked towards the window and looked out to the Hokage monument.

"Alright, I think it's time," Tsunade said, which quickly got Jiraiya's attention. "Take this scroll. I found it among the scrolls Sarutobi-sensei left for the next Hokage with instructions from him. I guess he foresaw that either one of us will be the next. You must tell Naruto everything about his parents, this scroll will help since Yondaime left it for Naruto before he fought Kyuubi. Perhaps it's also time for him to go to the Sanctuary but it will be up to you when to bring him there."

"Hai, I think you're right. It is time." He said then bid good-bye after Tsunade recounted what was discussed in the meeting and went back to the town where he left Naruto.


"Damn ero-sennin! Leaving me here just like that. Get used to the weight quickly he says but don't train yet. Bah, what's that about." He complained to no one. "At least he left me enough money for food and some supplies. Must be painful for him to be the one giving the money instead of taking it from gama-chan." He patted his pocket where his bulging frog wallet were.

"Oi, Gaki, I see you have gotten a bit more used to the weight. Good thing too that you changed your shinobi outfit. Orange just screams 'kill me' to your enemies." Jiraiya looked at him his right hand massaging his chin as if in serious contemplation.

"Well, I suddenly grew tired of it and I saw this and thought I'll look cool in it. Tell me, ero-sennin, I do look cooler than Sasuke-bastard right?" he said as he made his version of his nice guy pose.

He has decided to become a 'new' Naruto as he also becomes stronger. Under the vest, he wore a black short-sleeved judo-gi with the sleeve's edges purposely a bit torn and ripped, adding a rugged look to Naruto. His pants are loose and also black held up by a black sash as a belt (think typical Karate uniform except all black). His weights complimented the outfit but he opted to wear the leg bracers with the pant legs completely covering them. He also changed his footwear from the typical shinobi sandal to black, not too high cut combat boots. He also wore comfortable black socks, thick enough to keep his feet warm but not too thick for hot days.

"Well it's definitely an improvement to your previous image." Jiraiya teased and laughed a bit.

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" Naruto pouted. Jiraiya stopped and looked at him seriously.

"Follow me Naruto. There is something you need to know." And he walked towards the forest where Naruto first trained with the rasengan. It's late afternoon and sun is about to set in less than two hours. Once they settled on a secluded spot he began.

"I'm here to tell you about your parents. First, you must understand that although it hurts that it has been kept a secret from you, it was done to keep you safe. You're parents died in the fight against Kyuubi no Kitsune this much you know. But furthermore, your father is the main person that saved the village and you look just like him in that age." Jiraiya calmly said.

Naruto looked at him with a bit confused when it slowly clicked in place, 'But furthermore, your father is the main person that saved the village and you look just like him in that age' as Jiraiya's words sink in. "The Fourth… Yondaime… was my dad." He said, voice trembling, tears welling up.

"Hai. He left this for you." Jiraiya gave him the scroll and sat back down remaining quiet as Naruto opened the scroll, the seals keeping it closed reacted and glowed when it was placed on his hand, acknowledging him as the rightful owner of the scroll.

Dearest Naruto,

I'm sorry my son, as you are reading this I have definitely died in the battle against Kyuubi. I sincerely hope that at least your mother will still be there with you but also as a shinobi, she will fulfill her duties to her last.

I'm sure you are wondering, my name is Kazama Arashi and your mother is Uzumaki Motoko. We are both the last of our clan, which hailed even before Konoha was founded. Your lineage will be explained later. I'm sorry that I resorted to sealing Kyuubi in you but I firmly believed in your strength to be his vessel. I hoped for the village to see you as a hero but I'm also aware that they may not thus I asked Sarutobi-sama to keep you safe and do whatever he deemed necessary. If the opposite of what I hoped did occur, I wish that you have remained strong and did not resent us. Hopefully, my sensei Jiraiya also looked after you. Learn from him but don't become a pervert. Your mother would certainly not approve. I hope in time, you'll forgive us for this.

Contained in this scroll are the instructions for the Kazama bloodline limit Shunshin no jutsu and Hiraishin no Jutsu and the Uzumaki Taijutsu. The bloodline limit will allow you to gain hyper speed movement which earned me the title of the Yellow Flash of Konoha and used together with your Mother's taijutsu will deal devastating blow to the enemy. If Jiraiya is with you, he can greatly help you with them.

Lastly, about your lineage. Both of our clans came from the first well-known shinobi village before any of the present villages were founded. They are called the Hokage ninjas. The title of Hokage in Konoha was used to honor them as they are firstly known for their expertise in using fire. The leader is called as flame master. As far as any historians can tell, all elemental countries originated from them but only two clans were the most prominent, which was ours. As far as your mother and I can tell is that you're the last in line as flame master and is a direct descendant although neither you nor your mother had the time to become one. I used this scroll to write my last will in for the most important reason. This scroll has been handed down since the beginning of the Hokage. At the end of the scroll is the symbol of the village. Smear your blood on it and you will be taken to the sanctuary, you will find more answers there. We have only told three persons about this and that is Jiraiya, Tsunade, and the Third. If you wish to bring anyone, just have them hold on to you and will be transported together with you. The next paragraph will be from your mother.

My son, I have wished that both of us were still with you today. Be safe Naruto-kun, always know and keep deep in your heart that we are proud of you no matter what. Be strong and we love you.

Arashi and Motoko.

Naruto wiped away the tears freely falling down his face and put the scroll down. "Jiraiya-sensei, did you know both of them well?"

"Hai, they are both the strongest ninjas of the village. Your mom is a very strong willed and beautiful kunoichi while your dad is like you, hyper active and overly happy and also firm in his ninja way. He even loves ramen as much as you do." Jiraiya laughed as he reminisced. "He was my best student besides you. Now Naruto, are you ready to go?"

"Hai but before that, how is everything in the village?" he asked and listened well as Jiraiya recounted everything Tsunade told him.

"I forgive Sakura but it will be awhile before I trust her again. Please tell Tsunade to accept her again. The village will need every able shinobi and kunoichi." He then began to pack all the supplies he bought in the town.

"Alright, I'll send her a word." Jiraiya placed a hand on his shoulder and Naruto smeared some blood on the symbol and they are transported to the sanctuary.


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