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Chapter 6: Quick rescue

Midnight came and the two teams easily made to the grounds and on one side of the tower. Crouching low, they quickly assessed the situation.

"Alright, we have a fifteen minute window as the guards change. Luckily, Temari is correct, most of them are a bit sleepy and no summons are being deployed yet." Sasuke said. "Time to split up; see you guys at our rendezvous point."

Team Kitsune nodded at Team Sharingan. Gaara quickly made two floating platforms of sand; one quickly took them to a window on the third floor and the other to the rooftop.


Naruto, Gaara, and Temari silently crept through the window. Gaara deployed two sand eyes, one to watch behind and the other to watch around the corners. They encountered toad summon look outs, Gamakichi and his brother Gamatatsu but currently no ninja patrol. Naruto easily distracted them by throwing a scroll which unrolled in front of the toads where a note was written.

Guys, there is a huge stash, practically an enormous cupboard full of snacks, candies, chocolates and other treats at my house, all yours if you just let us pass and not alert anyone of our presence. Just pick up this scroll and you'll be transported at my kitchen, right in front of the cupboard. –your nii-chan, Naruto.

The toads grinned, waved at the corner where they saw a glimpse of the blond lurking then picked up the scroll. They vanished with a soft puff of smoke. Team Kitsune slowly made it to the stairs and cautiously went down. They quickly hid in an alcove as two jounins whose shift just ended passed by. Gaara's sand was blocking the entrance, making it look like there was no alcove and just a wall, his sand eye's watching them as the guards disappeared around a corner and into a room they presumed as a rest area. They waited as the reliever jounins, who are still very sleepy, came out and walked towards the opposite direction. Gaara made one of his sand eyes follow the two while the other went to the resting lounge to investigate.

"Alright, the jounin relievers are already in position in front of a room with double doors which may be where Kurenai-sensei is held. The other jounins are resting in cots; however there is something unusual about the resting lounge." Gaara relayed.

"What is it otouto?" Temari whispered.

"The lounge appears to be a lobby of some sort as there is also another room with double doors where the cots are positioned directly in front, blocking them. A small door is to the left which is the comfort room as I saw one of the jounins come out of before going to sleep.

'Look underneath the underneath.' Naruto thought. "Okay, I have a plan to suggest. Gaara, Temari-chan, you both go to the 'hostage room' and knock out those jounins. I will go to the 'rest lounge' and take a look. It's really fishy how that room is set up."

Gaara and Temari nodded in agreement. He quickly let his sand down and back to his gourd. They both quickly but silently went to where the jounins are standing guard. Naruto turned around the corner and approached the resting lounge.


The two jounins were standing vigilant but in the dim lighting of torches they could hardly see out as small amounts of sound trickle towards them between the cracks and seams of the floor tiles. The sand crept up the wall behind them then suddenly it erupted from behind and beneath them, bounding their hands and feet and gagging them. Before they hit the floor, Temari dashed to them, hit them on the stomach with the end of her metal battle fan then hit them behind the neck for added measure, knocking them out. They were cushioned by sand as they fell; eliminating any sound they might make hitting the floor.

Temari was about to reach out for the door knob but Gaara held her back. She looked at him questioningly.

"This is too easy." He whispered.

Temari frowned in thought but a twinkle caught her eye. "You're right, this is a decoy, probably a genjutsu with an alarm that would have been triggered if the door was touched or have other nasty effect." She whispered back then pointed towards the wall a few feet away from them.

There almost unnoticeable in the darkness was a window right along the wall where the "door" is. She caught a glimpse when she noticed the bright stars up in the sky. Gaara nodded then gestured for them to go back. They took the jounins with them as Gaara left sand bunshins that looked like the guards to avoid suspicion and buy them more time. They hid the jounins in the alcove and went after Naruto.


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