Written for the "Colors" themed drabble challenge at the YahooPharaoh's Hikari ML

Though Yuugi was neither high-born nor influential, Atemu was certain that he had been crafted by the gods. Atemu was not one to speak of unnatural eye color, however his partner's were exquisite in their uniqueness. Veiled behind thick, jet lashes were sparkling crystals that were not nearly blue and not quite violet. With eyes of radiant indigo, the color of the pharaohs, the boy—to Atemu—was royalty for certain.

Whether the gods had fashioned Yuugi's features to mock him or to reward him, Atemu did not know. Yet, as he gazed down on the damp, pastel skin as it became flushed with desire, he praised and cursed whatever decision the gods had made. For why would they send down such a priceless gem of a savior to love a murderer such as him?

Yuugi seemed like a multifaceted gemstone that reflected all precious colors. Atemu was left breathless each time the golden facet shown, draped across soft and slick, milky contours, immovable except when brushed aside by agile fingers. The gold never dulled either, but remained eternally brilliant and dazzling.

Despite his queries, Atemu wouldn't stop loving his partner. Not when those indigo orbs could endlessly draw him in. Not when he could palm his hands across plains of fair, silky skin. Not when shimmering gold would lay slick over moist skin. And most definitely not when he could bring the alluring source of those colors to a completion that could have been known only to the gods.

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Yuugiou © Kazuki Takahashi