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Author's Note: July 18, 2006; Version 2 as my response to Challenge 45 'Some things are better left unsaid' and/or word 'Shadows'. As always, any and all mistakes are my own. I hope you enjoy the story.

Guy Talk

"So, friends, Jack?"

"Daniel, some things are better left unsaid. It's enough for now."

"Teal'c, will you talk to him!"

"Daniel, I said drop it!"

"Roses don't bloom in the shadows, Jack!"

"That's enough, 'Oma'! Teal'c, will you help me, please!"

"Perhaps, "my heart is as full as a thousand oceans, my love as endless as the universe and my loyalty to you foreshadows all others.""

"Oh, right! Carter would sooooo kick my ass."

Suddenly a hand grasped his shoulder and Jack froze beneath Sam's touch.

"Very nice, Teal'c but not the General's style."


"No, Sir. Just try, 'Com'ere'."