Author's Note – A while back I polled my Yahoo group and, as a hypothetical, asked what kind of follow-up they'd like to see to Dragons, Demons, and . . . One of the three possibilities was a Kyle Rayner/Carol Ferris (aka Green Lantern/Star Sapphire) short story. Definitely the dark horse of the three, since neither character had even APPEARED in the previous stories. Plus it's GL Hal Jordan that Ferris has always been linked to, but the only two Green Lanterns to appear in the animated DC universe are Kyle Rayner (Superman:TAS) and John Stewart (JL/JLU). So this story, had it been written, would have been forced to write Hal out of the equation.

This drabble (just as a formality, that's a story that is exactly 100 words long) has been sitting on my hard drive for a few months. It's not so much a story as it is a fragment from the story I considered writing, which would have been titled One More Star in the Sky. I probably won't now, but you never know . . .

Title: One More Star in the Sky (1/1)

Author: Allaine

Email: All characters belong to DC Comics and Cartoon Network.

Spoilers: Takes place after Dragons, Demons, and Other Wonders of the Heart.

"Batman and Catwoman? Man, I never saw that one coming," Kyle said.

"Me neither," John admitted. "In fact, after you left, I heard people talking about they always expected a hero and a purple-clad villainess to hook up. Just not those two."

"Don't say it."

"Any truth about you and - ?"

"Aw, come on! Me and Star Sapphire? Green and purple stopped going together long before the Joker."

"That's not a denial."

"She – kinda had a thing for Lanterns," Kyle mumbled.

"Really? She hates MY guts."

"Look, nothing happened!" Kyle said.

The Lantern doth protest too much, John thought.

The End.