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Chapter Two

After Duncan had been assigned to take care of Fiona and Klaus in their fainted positions, Violet, Quigley, Sunny, and Isadora ran over to Violet's lab.

"I'm going to make us all superheroes!" Violet said excitedly.

"Ungpadioditadonna?" asked Sunny excitedly, which meant something along the lines of "With little capes and everything?"

"Yeah!" said Violet. "Here we are!"

"I love little capes!" screamed Duncan.

Everyone stared at him.

"Will everyone please just ignore what I just said?" Duncan pleaded.

Violet opened the door to the secret lab. It was one of her favourite places. There were many machines, cages for Sunny's snakes, and more doughnuts than 36 people could eat in a year.

"Okay, I will work on the superhero formula on this computer. Quigley, do you and Duncan want to get started on the costumes? Sunny can just crawl around."

"Hotographickelback?" shrieked Sunny, which probably meant something along the lines of "What about ME? How come I never get to do anything?"

Violet ignored her and turned on the supercomputer. "The file I am about to open is very important. It will turn us all into superheroes."

A small grey window appeared on the screen. Violet began to hit the mouse, not noticing Sunny crawling away sadly.

"Uh, Violet? That's Minesweeper," said Duncan.

"Of course it is! Aw crud, I just clicked on a bomb."

Meanwhile, Sunny was crawling over to the incredibly deadly viper's cage.

"Hiss!" it said.

"Rettyegasnxs," Sunny sighed, which meant something along the lines of "They don't understand me."

The snake hissed. It leaned over and bit her gently, softly. Sunny felt an electrocuting sensation pulsing through her and screamed. The snake pulled back suddenly, shocked and confused. Sunny was bawling on the floor. Violet heard the noise and turned off Minesweeper.

"Sunny!" she cried. Sunny was levitating in the air and throwing a temper tantrum

"She's flying! Whee!" said Duncan, excitedly.

"The snake just bit her, I think," Quigley said.

Violet reached up to grab Sunny, who gave a cry of rage and bit Violet. She screamed as the electrocution raced through her. She fell to the floor and lay there listlessly.

Quigley stared at Violet. All of a sudden there was a strange voice speaking, which sounded an awful lot like his. But he wasn't talking, and neither was Duncan. It seemed to be coming from Violet.

"She looks pretty cute wiped out." Violet said, sounding identical to Quigley.

Quigley froze. Thoughts raced through his mind. Violet spoke in the odd voice once more.

"How does she know what I'm thinking? Oh no. Oh dear no. Don't think about the snow scout trip. Wouldn't want Duncan to know about that, would I? Oh no. She's saying it. I can't think about that time we made out on Mount Fraught, oh no, oh no…" Violet rambled Quigley's thoughts.

"I never knew you two made out on Mount Fraught! Wait 'till Izzy gets a load of this!" Duncan chortled, pulling a cell phone out of his pocket. He dialled the number and waited on the line. All of a sudden Violet stood up and blinked 6 times. Sunny fell in a pile of doughnuts and stopped crying.

"Oseourselfminem," muttered Sunny, meaning something along the lines of "That was strange. Violet was saying everything Quigley was thinking."

"Was I? I don't remember," Violet said, rubbing her forehead. "Ouch."

"Hey! The battery on my phone is dead!" Duncan hollered to nobody in particular. "Darn, and I didn't tell Izzy about Violet and Quigley were making out on Mount Fraught."

"Duncan!" Quigley hissed.

"Is THAT what I was saying?" Violet said, horrified.

"Yes. You were saying everything I was thinking, while I was thinking it."

Violet's jaw dropped and she pointed to the ceiling.

"Look, Sunny's flying!"

Sunny was careening around and eating doughnuts. She swung down to grab a few more and continued to soar around.

"I think when the snake bit Sunny it gave her superpowers and then when Sunny bit you it gave you telepathy," Duncan said with a dignified air.

"I highly doubt that. So if the Incredibly Deadly Viper were to bite you right now, you would get superpowers." Quigley challenged.

"Wanna bet?" Duncan asked. He furrowed his brow.

"Oh yeah."

"Ou'reeautifulameslunt!" Sunny shrieked, which meant something along the lines of "Hit it, O Incredibly Deadly one!"

The Incredibly Dead Viper uncoiled and bit Duncan on the elbow. It then slithered back to its cage to watch the action. There was none.

"Haha! I win!" Quigley hollered. "BOOYAH!"

"No fair!" pouted Duncan, crossing his arms. Just then his arms seemed to extend, twist and bend until they both touched the walls. Duncan screamed and uncrossed his arms. They spiralled in the air and whacked big holes in the ceiling. Sunny swung in and out among the falling tiles. Duncan's arms retracted to their regular size. Violet and Quigley stood shock still.

"I win." Duncan grinned.

"Well then, if the Incredibly Deadly Viper bit me I would probably get superpowers too!"

"I highly doubt that. It probably only works three times."

"Wanna bet?" Quigley asked.

"Oh yeah."

Violet shook her head in disbelief. This was a very weird day.

"Ou'reeautifulameslunt!" Sunny shrieked once more. The Incredibly Deadly Viper uncoiled tiredly, slowly slid to Quigley, and bit his ankle. It then slithered back to its cage and watched for action, if there was any. Once more, there was none.

"I win." Duncan said. "Oh goody, I've won twice now!"

"No fair!" Quigley pouted and kicked an empty Krispy-Kreme box. The box flew up into a corner faster than anyone could see it move. Quigley was immediately positioned under the box to catch it. He caught it and was positioned instantly in front of Duncan. His next movements were jerky as he moved from place to place faster than anyone could see him move.

"Aha! Superspeed! I DO win!"

Violet, Sunny and Duncan stood before him in disbelief.

"We have to tell everybody." Quigley said slowly. "In the name… of ketchup!"

The four of them dashed out, the Incredibly Deadly Viper following closely behind.