I do not own the Characters, Places, Spells, Or passages of the books That J.K. Rowling's Brilliant mind concocted

Chapter One: Harry's Nightmare

Dumbledore sped down the steps past Neville and Harry, who had no more thought of leaving. Dumbledore was already at the foot of the steps when the Death Eaters nearest realized he was there. There were yells; one of the Death Eaters ran for it, scrabbling like a monkey up the stone steps opposite. Dumbledore's spell pulled him back as easily and effortlessly as though he had hooked him with an invisible line---

Only one couple were still battling, apparently unaware of the new arrival. Harry saw Sirius duck Bellatrix's jet of red light: He was laughing at her. "Come on, you can do better than that!" he yelled, his voice echoing around the cavernous room.

The second jet of light hit him squarely on the chest.

The laughter had not quite died from his face, but his eyes widened in shock.

Harry released Neville, though he was unaware of doing so. He was jumping down the steps again, pulling out his wand, as Dumbledore turned to the dais too.

It seemed to take Sirius an age to fall. His body curved in a graceful arc as he sank back ward through the ragged veil hanging from the arch…

And Harry saw the look of mingled fear and surprise on his godfather's wasted, once- handsome face as he fell through the ancient doorway and disappeared behind the veil, which fluttered for a moment as though in a high wind and then fell back into place.

Harry heard Bellatrix Lestrange's triumphant scream, but knew it meant nothing--- Sirius had only just fallen through the archway, he would reappear from the other side any second…

But Sirius did not reappear.

"SIRIUS!" Harry yelled, "SIRIUS!"

He had reached the floor, his breath coming in searing gasps. Sirius might be just behind the curtain, he, Harry, would pull him back out again…

But as he reached the ground and sprinted toward the dais,

Lupin grabbed Harry around the chest, holding him back.

"There's nothing you can do, Harry---"

"Get him, save him, he's only just gone through!"

"It's too late, Harry—-"

"We can still reach him---"

Harry struggled hard and viciously, but Lupin would not let go….

"There's nothing you can do, Harry… nothing… He's gone."

Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix

Harry woke with a cry and found himself covered in cold sweat. He relived the moment, vowing to avenge Sirius in his mind once more.

His uncle barged through the door.

"What in blazes is going on?" he yelled, looking as though he meant to strangle Harry.

"I… nothing." He replied. His uncle wouldn't understand, so he just glared at the porky face of Vernon Dursley and waited.

"Are you lying to me boy?" he hissed with a venomous glare, taking an advancing step toward Harry.

"Maybe, Maybe not." He said with a shrug. "Whether I am or not is not your concern."

"You watch your tongue boy or I'll…" he paused and watched Harry stand up and walk over to his trunk, and pull out some parchment and a quill.

"Dear Moody, Lupin, Tonks, and Wealeys,

How are you? I…" he said out loud as he wrote, making Uncle Vernon leave with a huff and slam the door. He put the Parchement away. 'Worked every time so far' he thought, climbing back into his bed. In his dreams, he relived the death of his godfather over and over again. 'He's not dead!' he began to mumble. 'He's not! Lupin he's not! Let me go! He's not dead!'

and he was right.