Just let me Fall

Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns all.

Harry silently and slowly followed Prof. McGonagall towards the steps of the castle. The still forms of Ron and Hermione beside her… this was all… his… fault.

"Professor… I must speak with Dumbledore." He finally spoke.

"NO, Potter. You are hurt. You must come to the Hospital Wing." came the stern reply.

"I'm Fine… I really need to speak to him."

"NO Potter."

"But… Professor…"

"Not another word, Potter. I'm surprised you are still sane… it's a wonder I am…" Harry looked at her sideways, then silently slipped away, back the way he came. He saw Dumbledore and Sirius down a ways talking together, and trying to restore order. He approached silently, and swiftly, cloak billowing behind him. His hair blew sideways and revealed his scar, which was still an open wound. He watched as everyone but the teachers remaining tried to calm down people. He saw Snape, and, though he and Snape had become friends, he looked menacing.

Dumbledore turned, suddenly facing Harry, who was right beside him.

"Professor… I…" he said, dropping to one knee in respect.

"Deliberately disobeyed my orders as a mentor and friend."

"Yes and I…" he was again interrupted.

"Should be ashamed at yourself." He looked into Dumbledore's eyes. They were full of fury and pain… had he caused it?

"Professor… I know what I did was wrong, but I did it…"

"Not here, Harry. Dumbledore… your office, maybe?" suggested Sirius.

"Yes…" they all apparated (Harry side) to his office. Many of the trinkets Harry had shattered last year had been repaired.

"Professor, I…" Harry sighed, and took a deep breath. It was time to grow up. "I know what I did was disobedient and dishonoring to you, but I did it…"

"Out of love." Said Dumbledore. Harry met his eyes. The anger had gone. "I know how much you care for Ron and Hermione Harry…"

"You care for them as much as we do for you." Said Sirius.

"Y-you know why I did it then?" He inquired.

"Yes. And I understand fully. Though I am not angry at you for what you did, you did disobey me… I shall be forced to send you to your head of house and let her determine punishment." Head of… MCGONAGALL!

"Y-yes, sir." He stuttered.

"Sirius, see him to the hospital wing, would you. He looks hurt." Sirius nodded and escorted him out of the room. As they walked, Harry decided to see what Vol--- you-know-who, was up to. He shut his eyes, having the hallways memorized, and concentrated. He saw only blurred shapes for a moment, but Voldemort and some death eaters stood around a fire. Voldemort was sitting in a throne, surrounded by silver serpents engraved on the candelabras and on the throne.

Everyone was in a horrible mood, it seemed, because they were all mumbling under their breaths. Voldemort was growling and when he suddenly stood up, Harry stopped walking down the hallway of Hogwarts. Voldemort shot a crucio curse at one of the death eaters, but Harry FELT it. He sank to his knees on the cold Hogwarts floor, Sirius yelling his name, but he did not answer. He just grimaced and winced as the pain shot through him, finally screaming STOP! As the death eater was.

"HARRY!" His eyes shot open. Sirius was there.

"Sirius… no… he'll kill you… just like he killed my father… my mother… He'll kill you all… no… get away from me." Sirius helped him up by the arm.

"You, Harry, are one troubled young man… I have never see-"

"GET AWAY FROM ME! I DON'T WANT TO LOSE YOU! NOT AGAIN… I CAN'T HANDLE IT AGAIN!" he yelled at the man. Sirius gaped at him.
"Harry, nothing is going to happen to me! Come… we have to get you to the hospital wing!" He grabbed his arm, but Harry jerked away, backing into the wall as though someone meant to hex him and he didn't have his wand.


"Harry… no one is going to hurt Ron, or Hermione… or me. We are fine. We need you."

"No…" Harry whispered. "It would have been better if I never knew you. Any of you." Sirius looked hurt.

"Harry… I…" Harry shook his head, then ran down the hall. He ran right into Dumbledore, who was coming out of his office.

"I'm sorry sir." He said quickly, before running again. But… he wasn't moving. His legs were moving… HE should have been moving.

"Harry, wait."

"Dumbledore, let me go!" he begged.

"No, Harry. If you have not realized, you are suspended above a fifty foot staircase. You would be killed."

"GOOD! Please Dumbledore! Let me fall! Just let me die! It would be better that way! Let me fall!" The old man stared at him in astonishment.

"Let me fall." Said Harry, a tear falling down his cheek before he passed into unconsciousness from the exhaustion of it all.