The Story of Four


"Oh, Silas!" the white queen purred. "Aren't they adorable?"

"Not as beautiful as you are, my dear," Silas smiled. "Now what shall we name them, Griddlebone? They must have strong Jellicle name."

"Two toms and two queens. Which two are magicians again?"

"The two that look like me, the tuxedos," the black and white tom replied. "Let's name the queen magician Bethany and the tom Mistoffelees."

"My turn!" Griddlebone said with a wink. "This tom looks strong." She pointed to a white kitten with black patches. "He will be Alonzo. And this white queen will be Victoria. I will teach them all to be graceful dancers."

"And I shall teach them to fight both with and without powers." Silas nuzzled his mate.

Two weeks later

"Mama! 'Lonzo hit me again!" Victoria whined. Griddlebone sighed.

"Alonzo, please be more careful. Keep practicing, dear." The kittens had gotten their sight and their parents had started their lessons. Mistoffelees and Bethany were practicing their magic, Alonzo was dodging an imaginary enemy, and Victoria was dancing.

Griddlebone smiled when she thought of her kitttens' talents. Mistoffelees was using his powers like a pro and being as small as he was could dance like a swan. Alonzo, being the oldest, threw himself into learning to fight. Dodging, clawing, and kicking, he was making wonderful progress. Victoria, having no powers or interest in fighting, concentrated on dancing. Griddlebone had never seen a more beautiful dancer. Now Bethany, being the youngest, had no one special talent. She was sort of a mix. She was slowly learning her powers, but was having trouble learning it all. Only Alonzo was quicker at dodging, but Bethany couldn't bring herself to use her claws for harm. As for dancing, she was excellent at it, but looked like a klutz next to Victoria. But Bethany was happy. She was very close to her family, especially Mistoffelees.

"Ahhh!" Alonzo's yell jerked Griddlebone back to reality. "Watch where you're aiming that thing!" Alonzo shouted.

"Stop getting in my way!" Mistoffelees shot back.

"Boys, "Griddlebone warned, "stop now before you get in trouble."

"Alonzo," Bethany said, softly, "Misto didn't mean to hit you. You just weren't looking and got in his way."

"Yeah, you're right, sis, "Alonzo said, giving his sister a smile. "Sorry, Sparkplug."

"Yeah, whatever...Cow, "Mistoffelees mumbled.



Bethany and Victoria rolled their eyes and giggled.

"Oh, Silas, where are you?" Griddlebone said.

"Right here," a husky voice behind her called.

"Macavity!" she gasped. "No!" Silas lay at Macavity's feet in a puddle of blood.

The kittens huddled together whimpering at the sight of the strange ginger cat.

"Well, Griddlebone, you have two choices. You can give me the kittens or die," Macavity sneered.

"No!" Griddlebone screamed. "You're not getting the kittens!" She whirled around and yelled, "Run, kittens, run!" The kittens gladly obeyed and Griddlebone took off after them. Macavity roared and jumped in their direction. Griddlebone looked up and screamed when she saw Macavity advancing quickly. She felt his claws at her neck.

Bethany heard her mother scream and turned around just in time to see Macavity slash her mother's neck. Griddlebone hit the sidewalk with a sickening thud. Bethany sobbed and ran to catch up to her siblings. She choked out the news as they ran around a corner.

Suddenly the kittens came to a halt. There before them stood a great big pollicle! Victoria and Bethany grabbed each other and screamed!

Alonzo called out, "Run! Go in different directions. It'll confuse him!"

The kittens scattered. Alonzo ran and ran and ran. The pollicle was closing in. Alonzo darted in an alley and hid in a trashcan.

Mistoffelees ran until his sides ached. He was looking behind him when he bumped into a leg. The man reached down and picked him up. "Where did you come from, little guy?" Mistoffelees meowed and rubbed his eyes.

Victoria stopped running when she reached the train station. She glanced behind her to see if anyone followed her. She crawled under a bench and cried herself to sleep.

Bethany was too busy watching for the pollicle that she didn't see the figure in front of her. When she looked up to see who was in her way, a sack came down over her head. She struggled to get free but wasn't strong enough.

"Boss, I got one!" she heard a voice say, excitedly.

"Take it to the lair." Bethany gasped. She knew that voice. It was Macavity! The scared kitten curled up and cried.

Author's Note

Well, much better. I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to get this stupid line! Well this was my very first fanfiction I ever wrote. Pathetic, I know. But, hey cut me some slack. Anyway this story is dedicated to Sleeping Tiger, Koishii-Kitsune-Akira, Shadowheart333, and my cousin Bridgette.