He thought it was Kikyou's naked form that crawled on top of him, though honestly he could no longer tell. Thick, dark locks spilled forward as she leaned over him on hands and knees between his open legs. He couldn't get over the sight of her breasts, milky and supple where they hung free in the cool morning air. He wanted to knead them with his hands, feel their soft texture against his palms and other things. He groaned, eyes involuntarily sliding shut as his back arched under her sudden touch. She ran her hand the entire length of him several times over the thick fabric of his pants before busying herself with the strings around his waist.

"Don't do this."

His protest sounded pathetic even to him by this point.

"You will surrender your body to me."

She was sure, confident and perfectly in control. It quickened his pace and added to his excitement at the same time silencing any further protest. And then he felt himself spill from the front of his pants as she peeled them away. He was straining almost painfully, but couldn't bring himself to beg for her touch. If anything, he was stubborn. She was staring at him, drinking in the sight of him with those carnal, dark eyes, and he looked away shamefully.

He jerked when he felt cool fingers brush the soft skin of his tip and bit back a whine, fighting to control the reactions of his body.

"You're hot to the touch." Her voice was breathy as she spoke, and when he didn't respond she added sensually, "Don't pretend like you don't want it."

He didn't want it to be like this, in front of the other one—whoever she may be. He opened his mouth to protest, but she took that moment to swallow him, and he choked.

She was slow and skillful, beginning with long deliberate strokes of her tongue before sucking every inch of his soft skin, teasing his tip with light flicks before engulfing him completely, carefully working her mouth down the length of him. Had he been thinking at all, he would have wondered where she learned such techniques. Instead he was drowning in the sensation of it all.

No sooner had she wet him than she was straddling his hips, carefully guiding the length of him as she lowered herself slowly. He cried out as she suddenly forced him inside of her, but was cut off abruptly by a pair of lips smothering his own. He tried to pull away but felt slender fingers digging into his cheeks, holding his chin in place. He could have broken her hold but relented at her insistence, instead opening himself to her kiss at the scent of her excitement. Kikyou slid down to his hilt and rocked her hips experimentally, causing his body to involuntarily buck against her, while simultaneously the kiss deepened. He felt trapped in every way, embarrassed at how the thought of it made him burn hotter. Finally the kiss was broken, and he found himself staring into decadent, brown eyes.

"Is this what you really want, Kagome?"

He couldn't explain how he knew that it was her, but he needed to hear her answer.

"I want you." He shuddered at her words and intense gaze, added to the brush of her fingertips where she circled his left nipple playfully. She leaned closer to him languidly and added, "I want you to pleasure me, Inuyasha."

Subconsciously his hands jerked against their bindings at her words and he felt a look of confusion cross his face. "How—"

A moan ripped from his chest as Kikyou began sliding on and off of him, her hands gripping his hips to steady her movements as her speed increased. Kagome was already climbing on top of him on hands and knees, not bothering to explain. She was facing Kikyou, her knees at either side of his face, and he peered up in amazement at the front of her. At this proximity her scent was intoxicating.

"If you come before I do, you'll be in trouble," she announced, leaning forward to pinch his nipple pointedly.

He moaned his acknowledgment, and she lowered herself eagerly, stretching herself farther across his body to cup Kikyou's breast with one hand while she supported herself with the other. It was nearly impossible to use self-control, but he found himself working harder and harder to elicit Kagome's pleased whines which sounded nothing like Kikyou's throaty moans. The scent and taste of her drove him wild as her thighs trembled and she panted his name with each stroke of his tongue.

Kikyou's hand covered Kagome's where it gripped her breast and she leaned forward, catching the back of Kagome's neck with her other hand, drawing the girl closer as she captured her lips in a kiss. Kagome cried out loudly as Kikyou's muscles clenched around Inuyasha, and it was then that he felt himself empty into her uncontrollably.