A/N: In my opinion, The Truman Show was a great movie, but the ending was a bit of a letdown. This doesn't remedy that (as I'm not sure how I'd end it, myself), but it does expand on the ending a little. Reviews are appreciated!


"Good afternoon, good evening, and good night," I say.

I turn to the door, listening to the silence that pervades the place in the absence of my voice.

And, for a split second, I hesitate.

No longer am I smiling – I'm thinking. Wondering what it's like out there, and at the same time expecting that it's a lot like it is in here. Knowing that, either way, if I leave, I can't come back.

Asking myself how I was fooled for so long. Concluding that that was the idea – that I never notice my world is just a little off. And guessing that no one else would have thought to notice, either, that their neighbors and friends were only actors.

That the god they've been praying to for a lifetime is a director.

And that the silence is not silence, but dead air.

I consider my choices – the familiarity of predictability, and the lure of the unknown.

I make my decision.

And I step through the doorway, closing the door behind me –

And basking in the real, unscripted silence.