"What are we having though?" Kagome asked. "You'll see." Sesshomaru smiled as he walked away.

Remember now? Sesshomaru was going to take Kagome to go feasting with him! . enjoy! GOMEN NASAI! 'bows down to say sorry to her readers'


Chapter 3: Uninvited Guest

As Kagome got dressed, Sesshomaru, on the other hand, was picking out the finest of all accessories for her to wear. She selected a black kimono with white blossoms on it. Kagome had thought she wore it the other day, and spilled or ripped it or something of the other, but she wore it anyway. (That could be a problem…)

Wakana and her brother (I totally forgot his name, but I'll remember…o yeah! It was Hayato…I think…Just keep reading…sorry!) knocked on Kagome's door. "Hai?" Wakana opened the door and came forth with a cup in her hand while her brother (Hayato) held a tea pot. "Eto…nani-desuka?" Kagome asked. "Oh, this is sakura tea. Try it. The Lord himself chose this special flower to be given to you." Hayato explained. "Ah….sou-desu…" Kagome accepted the tea and drank it. Wakana bowed down and she left with her brother to greet other council demons that were arriving.

"Wow…this actually tastes fantastic! Nothing like that back at home…!" Kagome was excited. Although it wasn't her first time drinking sakura tea, it didn't taste as fresh back at home. She set the cup down after she finished and sat down on the chair to undo her braids in her hair. Little did she know that Sesshomaru was watching her, from the balcony door. (Sly dog.) Kagome's midnight-blue hair fell upon her shoulders and as they descended on her pale face, Sesshomaru couldn't help but break the silence. "Kagome?"

Kagome turned around and saw her husband. "Eh? Whaddya want? I thought I told you about the rule of not-," She was cut off, again, by the seal of their promise. (HIS KISS) "Damn you. Why do you always have to do that!" Kagome was furious. "Because, it's funny how you get angry at me all the time whenever I do that." Sesshomaru smiled. "Sadist!" Kagome playfully slapped him. Sesshomaru, who didn't take that as a joke (Cause he can't handle a joke, obviously), growled at her. "What? You can't take jokes now? You used to, weirdo." Kagome stuck her tongue out at him. Sesshomaru did not want to start a fight, nor when it did start, he couldn't end it. So, into relieving his frustrations, he just rolled his eyes and walked out the door.

'Ha! I won that one!' Kagome chuckled to herself. Sesshomaru was waiting outside the door and heard the chuckle. 'She thinks she has won, but let's see about dinner…'

Kagome was sent into the accessories room where the servant applied on the cosmetics and such onto her face to make it even lovelier. She really looked like a princess after the servant set the jewelry on. The servant looked pleased with her work, and handed Kagome the mirror. Kagome gasped at how beautiful the servant made her, and thanked her all down to the bottom her heart. The servant bowed and led Kagome to another servant who then took her to the dining hall.

When she got there, Kagome saw a bunch of demons, and some fellow humans that she knew. "Sango-chan! Miroku-san! Kirara!" Kagome ran to her friends and greeted them with hugs and pets. "Kagome-chan! It's been a while! How have you been?" Sango embraced her. "I'm fine! Actually, great! It's really fun here! Exploring, reading, eating, playing, hanging out, going into places that I shouldn't be in, you know, the things that I always do!" Some demons murmured among themselves on the last phrase Kagome said, which was "…going into places that I shouldn't be in…" Kagome didn't notice this and kept on talking. "Miroku-san, how have you been?"

"Eh, I'm going well, thank you." Miroku patted Sango's butt. A loud smack could be heard in the room, and time went still. The high class demons looked at the monk and wasn't curious on what he done this time. Sango took Kagome by the arm and left with Kirara. Miroku was once again dumped.

Shippo and Rin ran across the yard, trying to catch the fireflies that fluttered in the sky. "Shippo-chan!" Sango called. Shippo turned his little head around and saw his beloved companion. "Sango-san!" Shippo leaped up and down and landed on Kirara's back instead of Sango's arms. Kirara had gotten a little sensitive over the past few years, but she didn't mind because it was Shippo. Rin was looking at the woman and was curious why Shippo left her for that girl. "Who are you?" Rin asked Sango. "Hi Rin-chan! It's me! Sango!" Rin cocked her head to the side a bit and recognized her. "AH! SANGO-SAN!" Rin hugged her waist. (She got a little taller…and her speech improved.) As the friends reunited with each other, someone uninvited came through the castle gates. They could hear the yell of the demon guards, and Sesshomaru's ears perked up. He ran to the gates and found a dark figure within the shadows. Sesshomaru had his perfect party ruined because of this thing. "Who are you! Show yourself!" Sesshomaru growled. "My, my. The young prince is agitated. Perhaps we shall show him who we are, Hana?"

'Hana? Who…' Sesshomaru had a flashback that took him into way back in his childhood days.

"Sesshomaru!" A little demon girl with pink, silky hair called out. Her ears were tipped with black, and her face was like a porcelain dolls, and her smile was gentle, like a flower. "Nani?" A demon boy replied with an attitude in his word. "My daddy said we could play together! Wanna go to the fields with me?" She smiled sweetly at him. Sesshomaru flung his head into the air, along with his short hair. "No, I'm too old for that." The little girl was dumbstruck. "Too old? Sesshomaru-kun isn't too old! C'mon! let's go!" The pink-haired girl tugged on his sleeve of his shirt. "Hanashte!" Sesshomaru yanked back the sleeve. The girl couldn't understand. "Doushte! Why won't you come!" Sesshomaru didn't want to lie to her any longer. "Fine, get this straight. I don't like to play with you anymore, Hana! I like to be by myself!" Sesshomaru got up from the tree's shade and walked back into the castle. Hana dropped to her knees and began to cry.

"Hana…?" Sesshomaru retracted his claws. "Of course, baka." The girl stepped out from under the fortress' shadows and revealed herself. Her body was slim, hair became redder, ears a bit more elfish now, and her eyes a more hostile look in them. Not the sweet, loving eyes as when she was a child. She was wearing a tight black suit that outlined her body. "It took you long enough to remember who I was." She looked to the yard where Kagome stood with the demon exterminator. "And now you became friends with humans?" She cocked her head to the left then looked up to the stars. "Heh. This is how pathetic you have become after you rejected me." Sesshomaru blinked and said nothing. "Why don't you say something, Mr. Silent? You just act as if you seen a ghost." Hana licked her fangs. "The past is nothing to me. And it means nothing to me, bitch." Sesshomaru didn't dare to take his eyes off of her. He knew consequences that are to be dealt with after he insults a female demon. "Nani? Now you want to pick a fight?" Hana asked, prepared to draw out her sword. "No. You started it." Sesshomaru adjusted his tail. Kirara let out a low growl while staring at the other figure in the dark. Hana seemed to have noticed it. The demon turned to her left and asked for the individual to appear. "Sesshomaru…It's been quite a while…"

'I recognize the voice…wait can it be?'