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Screaming filled Serenity's ears as she raced out to the balcony. With difficulty she managed to close the heavy wooden doors and shoved the sword Venus had forced upon her through the handles. A sob escaped her lips as she thought of Venus, her greatest protector and dear friend, who had remained on the other side of the doors to hold off the monstrous soldiers who had shattered the Moon's defences and penetrated its inner most sanctuary, the Moon Palace itself. The violent wind swirled around her, causing her golden pig-tails to make battle with each other as if mimicking the current circumstance.

"What is the point!" Serenity shrieked, angry at her friends for sacrificing themselves for a worthless cause: a few more moments of her life.

"FOR LOVE AND JUSTICE AND SERENITY!" She heard Venus yell in defiance, the sound of her golden chain whistling as it sliced through flesh, "FOR SERE--" The words were cut off with a choking gasp and for a moment there was silence before a pounding began on the heavy doors.

Serenity collapsed to her knees. Blood seeped under the doors, dying her once ivory dress scarlet. Crystal tears flowed down her face as her mind grew numb from pain. How many more deaths would she be forced to bear before her own end?

"Ah, Princess. At last."

Serenity looked up from the ground and into the beautifully cruel face of Queen Beryl. Her hair too was being ripped about by the wind, and it surrounded her head like flames. Hatred and pride forced the exhausted princess to her feet. She could already see her death in Beryl's onyx eyes, but she refused to show her fear. Serenity refused to give the hag the satisfaction.

"I will make this quick," the witch sneered raised her skeletal arms into the air, "I have a Universe to control."

Prepared as she was, Serenity could not help but shut her eyes, but pain did not come. She felt instead the softness of a cape and the strength of an armoured arm around her waist. The smell of leather and iron filled her senses, a familiar and comforting scent. If this was death, it was not so terrible. Serenity opened her eyes.

"So, this is your choice, Endymion," Beryl screeched, her eyes wide with a madness, spittle flying from her bloody lips, "You would choose this wench over your own people!"

Endymion swept back his cape, stepping out in front of Serenity, "She has always been my choice, witch! The only one betraying my people on this day is you!" He raised his sword to attack but Beryl had the advantage. She did not care who she attacked, while Endymion was focused on ensuring Serenity's safety. Beryl saw this, and it enraged her all the more.

With her furious cry, the wind suddenly reached tornado strength and it pulled Endymion from the balcony, ripping his sword from his hands, it slid across the marble balcony to stop at Serenity's feet.

"My Generals thought the same as you at first," Beryl shouted over the gale, her eyes on the Prince as he continued to struggle, trying to make his way back to the balcony and his love, "But you too will be made to see the truth, one way or--"

Beryl choked, looking down in shock at the diamond blade protruding from her stomach. Serenity pulled the sword from the other woman's body, and Beryl gave a long, unbelieving gasp, turning to face the pale princess.

"You cannot have him," Serenity stated, her voice wavering from the shock of what she had done.

Beryl's face transformed into almost a smile, "Neither can you."

With a last burst of strength, she caused the winds to grow even greater, blasting the struggling Endymion farther away. Serenity did not hesitate. She did not watch as Beryl's body fell to the ground. She did not hear the shouts of those who were still fighting. All she could see was Endymion, his eyes locked on hers. All she could hear was him calling her name in warning as he realized a moment before what she was intending. She leapt from the balcony, fingers straining.



The tips of their fingers brushed, and then they managed to grip hands. For a moment, Serenity with tears in her eyes felt whole again, but then a bolt of dark lightning shot from the ground, hitting the couple. Together they screamed in pain, and as one, they were silent.


"That hurt, lump head. Are you trying to give me lumps too?"

Usagi spun around, her eyes widening at the handsome sunglasses wearing teen clutching the balled up test she had just tossed away. Her face grew red as his words sunk in.

"These aren't lumps!" She protested, gripping her hair buns, and practically tearing them from her head, "They're called odangoes! Odango!"

The teen seemingly ignored her outburst, casually smoothed the paper and studied it for a moment before raising an eyebrow, "Thirty points..." He looked up at her, and she could feel his eyes on her even though she couldn't see them through the tinted lenses of his glasses, "I think you should go study, Odango Atama."

Somehow, her already flushed face managed to deepen in hue, "Mind your own freakin' business!" She yelled, snatching at the paper.

As she did so, her fingers brushed against his and she had the sudden urge to grasp on to his hand and never let go. The teen too was frozen as if he had received a shock. Just as quickly as the feeling arrived, it passed, and Usagi pulled her hand away, glaring at the youth accusingly.

Wordlessly she turned on a heel and stalked away, but not without one last look at him over her shoulder. He was not looking at her, his eyes seemingly focussed on Naru's mother's jewellery store. She wrinkled her nose, which, strangely, tingled with the scent of leather and iron, hoping that she would never run into that conceited jerk again.

Mamoru pulled his sunglasses from his face and turned his sapphire gaze on the unusual girl marching away, stretching his fingers as if checking to see if they still functioned, unconsciously anticipating another encounter.

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