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Syaoran fell forwards onto the cold floor as blood flowed from the cuts on his wrists and old re-opened wounds. He lay there panting for a few moments before crawling towards the glass wall and his cherry blossom.

That place in my mind
Is that space that you call mine
That place in my mind
Is that space that you call mine

"It…it…hurt…s…so…much…" Sakura mumbled out before collapsing on the blood-covered floor.

"SAKURA!" Syaoran shouted out as she fell to the floor.

I won't let you walk away
Without hearing what I have to say
Without hearing what I have to say
Without hearing what I have to say

+ Chapter five - Breaking Through +

Syaoran used all the force all, all the energy left in his body – well that which was left over from his recent escape from the chains – and started to slam into the glass wall with his shoulder repeatedly. A cobweb pattern began to spread from where his shoulder smashed into the glass. After repeating this a couple more times – more like 50 more times – a piece of glass fell through onto Sakura's unmoving body. The shard of glass was no larger than his thumb yet it was progress – so he continued ignoring the pain and screaming protests from his body.

+Five hours later +

The hole in the wall had now grown to the size were Syaoran's arm was able to fit through it – just. So he continued to hack away at it but he changed shoulders.

+ Another couple of hours later +

A large hole was now made after much pain from Syaoran. Bits of glass embedded themselves into his shoulder, cheek and arm.

"Sakura" he croaked out from his dry throat. A soft and almost non-existant moan escaped her soft pink lips. It only made Syaoran work harder to get to her. He could already smell her cherry blossom scent enveloping him.

+ Many hours later +

Sakura awoke and snuggled towards the warmth and comforting smell surrounding her – ignoring (or at least trying to) the pain in her back.

She inhaled, deeply, the smell of warm autumn evenings and spicy aftershave.

She knew where she was. She was safe. Never mind where they were – as long as she was in his arms she was safe and loved. Cocooned in her loves arms and warmth not caring where they were, she fell into a deep and peaceful slumber – one she had not had in a very long time…

+ Three days later +

Sakura and Syaoran were still wrapped up in each others arms and had slept for three days straight – only waking up to curl in closer to each other and places kisses upon the others body.

"Ah I see you are finally awake…I admit that I am impressed you managed to break through the wall I made…but then again I didn't expect anything less from you Syaoran." Justin said.

"Get away from us!" Syaoran roared as he stood up in front of Sakura.

"Why would I ever do that? I was just coming here to transport you two to a more…comfortable area" a creepy grin began to cover Justin's face causing Sakura to get shivers up and down her back.

"GET AWAY!" Syaoran screamed at the men whom where, slowly, entering the room.

"Calm down now….I'll keep you two together if you are good for me…" Justin left his threat hanging in the silence of the room.

"Ok…only if Sakura is not harmed…" Syaoran submitted.

"But Syao-" Syaoran clamped a hand over Sakura's mouth to stop her protests and was rewarded with a glare.

"That's my boy" Justin said as the men fired darts at Syaoran and Sakura.

+ Later +(sorry about these….)

Syaoran woke up only to find his head on Sakura's lap and her playing with his hair.

"Where…" when Syaoran went to glance around the room all he could see was a wall of golden brown. Sakura's wings.

"Why did you…?"

"To stop them from looking at us." Sakura replyed. Syaoran's eyes grew wide

"…your voice…" Sakura blushed deeply.

"They changed it…part of the 'improvements'" She said answering his question as to why her voice had become lighter sounding a bit more like Tomoyo's. Syaoran's frown deepened.

"You should go back to sleep" she said.

"So should you"

"I've been asleep for a while. I just woke up a minute ago."

"Hm…I can't see how I would sleep here anyway…"

"Angel?" a man asked – his voice muffled by her wings.

"Yes?" Syaoran growled, he was the only one allowed to call her that.

"We need to see if any…'real' damage was done to your vocal chords when we altered them…and that will be the last of our tests for tonight."

"Ok…" she replied before Syaoran got a chance to. "The sooner this is done the sooner they leave us alone" she whispered into his ear.

"You may begin"

"Just sing anything?" she asked

"Yes yes. Start when you are ready"

"And we can run
From the backdrop of these gears and scalpels.
At every hour
Goes the tick tick bang of monitors as
They stared us down
When we met in the emergency room
And in our beds
I could hear you breath with help from cold machines

Every hour
On the hour
They drew blood
Well I felt I couldn't take
Another day inside this place
From silent dreams we never wake
And in this promise that we'll make
Starless eyes for Heaven's sake
But I hear you anyway

Well I thought I heard you say I like you
We can get out
We don't have to stay
Stay inside this place
This day
We kept falling down
This day

Set the Ferris wheel ablaze
You left my heart
And open wound
And I love you for
This day
We kept falling down
This day
All we had to keep us safe
And if
We never sleep again
It would never end

Well I thought I heard you say to me
We'll go so far
Far as we can
And I just can't stay
One day we'll run away"

Everyone looked at Sakura with awe in their eyes, mostly Syaoran. He could tell that that song was about them – how they met and what they longed to do – run away.

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