Chapter One


Ayame cupped her hands and submerged them into the little stream flowing before her, she splashed it onto her beautiful face, letting all the coldness of it make her feel a thousand times better. Her white wolves sat behind her, watching in concern.

She had been running, running after Kouga, trying to catch up to the man she loved ever so much. But he was too fast; his whirlwind was out of sight within minutes. But she kept running, kept running the full five miles, wanted to see him again. See his handsome face outlined by perfect black hair tied up into a ponytail. But he left her there, not caring about what demon may come her way, not caring about the state she was in.

Ayame began to cry silently.

"How could he be so mean?" she asked herself, still sitting crouched over the stream. "I am the right one for him, I am a wolf demon, he even promised to marry me."

She sighed, sitting down in a normal position, looking ahead into the forest on the other side of the stream.

"But he cares more for that wench Kagome," she continued, gripping the grass beneath her, glaring her teeth, "he loves a human girl in love with a half demon more than me, his rightful mate."

She stood, clenching her fist as they lay to her side, her teeth still glared looking ahead into the forest. "I will prove I am worthy, I will win his love, and Kagome will suffer."

She turned around and began to walk, her wolves clearing the way for their leader, she began to walk the opposite way as to where Kouga ran.

"The female wolf bitch is headed this way," Kagura said to Naraku, leaning on the doorframe, watching as he sat silently in his room. Her eyes were full of hatred for him and everything else, but mostly him.

Naraku grinned, "very well then, do it."

Kagura sighed annoyingly and flashed her fan in front of her face, "very well then, Lord Naraku," and with that she turned and left, following out her much hated master's orders.

Naraku grinned evilly once again.

Ayame kept walking, looking across the beautiful land, there was a huge hill with the few occasional trees and was flooded with daisies, a couple irises could be seen too. Seeing these Ayame smiled and walked towards them, crouching down and lightly sniffing in their scent.

Such beautiful purple flowers, she was so happy her name meant iris. She stood back up and began to walk again, gently rubbing the iris she kept in her hair.


Ayame quickly spun around, her eyes serious, getting ready for anything. And there she saw a woman in a white and burgundy kimono; she held a fan and wore pretty earrings.

She held her little white feathers between her index and middle fingers and held it in front of her face, a grin playing on it evilly, she loved introducing herself, "I am Kagura of the Wind."

Ayame's wolves began to growl, walking beside Ayame to protect her. Ayame herself knew this was not a good person.

"What are you here for?" she demanded, trying to stay as bald looking as she could.

Kagura grinned again, she raised her fan to her face, "for THIS!" and with one swift movement, Ayame was knocked out.

Kagura walked over to her and picked her up, making her feather big, she dropped her on it and began to fly away, leaving all of the white wolves to lay there unconscious and some dead.

Vampire Punk Princess:

Well this was a short chapter but I have been playing with this idea for a story in my mind for a long time now. I was gonna go on with the chapter, but it just didn't seem to fit in so I decided to cut it there and see what you thought about the first chapter. (R & R)

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