Hello, it's me. See I'm actually in the process of writing an epic and I got writers block so I tried to finish my van Helsing one but then I got frustrated, so I turned on my TV and started watching the note book, then after that I watched Gilmore girls and then and idea sorta formed from that so though I would take a stab at Gilmore girls it's a one shot so tell me what you think.

Summary: its long into the future Rory went back to Yale, and she graduating, she's dating Logan, loralai and Luke aren't married yet but still engaged, Paul anka makes an appearance (the dog) maybe, and I'm gonna bring back my fav character later, future love triangle. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't on Gilmore girls, and like other people said if we did we would be rich, so don't sue me.

Rory Gilmore lay on her white on white bed, and in under her white duvet cover the party last night had gone on longer than shed expected and she was exhausted, and the persistent thumping sound wasn't helping. She snuck a peek at her clock, 9:00 am, she groaned and pulled the white down comforter over her head in an attempt to block out the noise coming from outside her bedroom door, but it was useless. She slowly uncovered her face and squinted as she when from the darkness under her sheets to the pure white of the walls of her room that practically gave off a glare.

Everything in her room in the apartment, was mostly white, the walls her sheets, the only piece of real color was the light blue pillow on her bed. She hadn't really thought of decorating this room, she was hardly here anyway, because she usually spent more time with Logan in New York, so she kept it relatively simple, white.

She slowly sat up, pushed off her sheets and put her feet on the wood floor. Three years since she had tried to quit Yale and after half of that same year, working at the DAR with her grandma and living with her grand parents she had been so bored out of her mind she cracked and gave in to Paris' offer and moved in with her and Doyle. And now after going back to school after making up for the year she took off plus her senior year, she was now over and graduation was in just a few hours. Last night Logan had thrown her a pre-grad party, and knows he was throwing her a post- grad party in New York.

She slowly opened the door and walked into the living room to see Paris sitting on the couch looking very disgruntled and Doyle in the kitchen laying face down on the surface of the table, the hammering seemed to be coming from next door. "What's going on?" she asked over the racket. Paris just crossed her legs and began shaking her foot angrily, Doyle muffled into the table, and then the banging stopped "I'm sorry but I don't speak table." She joked.

Doyle picked his face up from the table tiredly and faced Rory. "They are renovating the room next to us." The hammering began again, he rolled his eyes and he put his head back down.

"Since when?" she asked coyly.

"6:00 AM" Paris twisted around and peeked over the back of the couch, venting into the cushions "6:00 AM! They have been hammering since 6:00 am and it driving me insane! Don't they know that other people live her too?" she turned around and turned on the TV.

"6:00, Really? I just barely heard it." Rory said pulling a chair out and sitting down across the table. The hammering suddenly stopped.

"I know it's not fair." He said grumbled into the table again, after a few seconds a power saw began buzzing through the wall.

"That's it!" Paris yelled with just those words she bolted up from her spot on the couch and threw open the door. The sound of Paris' fury could be herd through the wall.

"How many times has she told them off?" she asked him making conversation.

"I'd say this is the third time." There was the brief yelling, and then silence.

"What just happened?"

"I think Paris just committed homicide" He responded sarcastically looking towards the door as Paris walked.

Are you ok now?" Rory asked slowly. "Did you do anything that will land you us in jail? Are we going to have to go into hiding and change our names to something weird like Ann chovey and Maggie zine?"

"If they keep it up we might have to." she said closing the door.

"What did you tell them this time?" he asked her as she plopped down on the couch with a mix of agitation and faint satisfaction.

"Just that if any of they want to avoid getting anything valuable cut off to keep it down." She answered evilly.

"alright." Rory went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator "So, you guys are coming tonight right?"

"Yeah that I know of, 7:00 right?"

"Yup, at the school, now all I have to do is find something to wear, maybe go shopping later." She closed the door.

"Oh speaking of, a package came for you this morning, it's leaning against the wall by your door" he pointed over to her room then the sound of a power saw began again.

"There practically signing their own death warrant!" she got up again and flung open the door.

"Stop they gonna try to call the cops again." Doyle ran after her this time. Rory shook her head as she picked up the long white box leaning against the wall; she flipped up the card and read: ace, just a little something special for tonight, Logan. She smiled and at that moment her cell phone began to ring, she new exactly who it was "morning mom." she greeted over the racket next door.

"Hey hun." her usually cheery voice came through the phone. She was glad that they had made up months ago, she really missed her. "what's going on over there? Should I be worried?"

"No it's just Paris attempting murder." She closed the door and hopped on her bed.

"Oh cool are you going to have to change your names to something weird, like Helen zass?"

"Ha that's what I said, but no I think well be ok." She laughed.

"So graduating today, huh, excited?"

"Sure but I've graduated before remember."

"yeah but this is different, now your leaving college, your going to be a famous journalist and me and Luke can mooch off of you when were old." She switched the phone to her other ear, "so what are you gonna wear?"

"Actually I think Logan bought me something already."

"Really, is it skanky?"

"I don't know yet"

"What if it is?"

"Then tonight I'll be a skank."

"Hey I didn't raise you to be like that."

"How about a graduating sank?"

"That's my girl." She could hear the sound of Luke's angry voice on the other end.

"What going on over there?"

"Oh I'm at Luke's, Kirk's trying to get my ring back."


"He wants to give it to lulu. He's been trying to get my ring back months, long story. Oh hold on" There was muffled yelling and then loralai came back on, "listen I gotta go, Luke is starting to throw things and you remember what happened to Taylor. So I'll see you later tonight then alright?"

"Sure love you bye." She hung up and lightly tossed the phone on the bed, and slid the box onto her lap. She carefully undid the light blue ribbon and pulled off the top, pulled back the tissue and pulled out a white chiffon party dress with little pink flowers sprinkled around and a pink ribbon around the waist. She remebered the blue dress he had picked out for her before, "he does have good taste" she thought.Under the dress was another note she unfolded it and read: ace, saw this in the window and it said Rory written all over it, but it also said 150 $ written all over it too so you better like it, Logan.

She smiled placed the dress back in the box and laid on her back and stared at the ceiling, then closed her eyes. Logan was absolutely perfect. He was so good to her and her grandparents approved of him. And now that she was finally graduating her life was basically perfect.

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