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They called it the walk of shame for a reason.

And up until now she finally understood why. Creeping out of someone's apartment at four in the morning in the still damp clothes you wore the night before, wasn't the shameful part the clothes were just a reminder of why your were creeping out of someone apartment at four in the morning in the clothes you wore the night before. It was like waving a sign over your head "Heyyyy look what i did! And guess who with!!!!"

Rory wrapped her coat tighter around her shoulders as she leaned her head against the bus window. Watching the scenery go past in a blur. She played back the last few hours over in her head repeatedly. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly. Shame. Shame of cheating, shame of sleeping with someone then leaving them without a word. Shame of simultaneously hurting two people she loved in one night, Loved. She should be allowed to get married now, or even be allowed to come home.

She was glad that Logan had gone back in England for the week last night before, so she could slip into the apartment and make a shady getaway, for the time being. The walk up to the apartment seemed dismal. Quiet, gloomy and grey as the early morning fog hovered through the streets. Quietly opening the door and setting the keys down, she tried to ignore the blinking red light on the answering machine.

Slipping off her shoes and placing her coat on the rack she argued with herself weather to just delete the messages or suck it up and listen. Rory took a deep breath and pressed the play button. She was relieved to hear her mothers voice out of the speaker for the first five messages. Saying things like about how Luke broke a cellphone, things that happened at the inn, and the like. And a couple from and how her grandmother wanted to go to lunch.

She shuffled to the bathroom and turned on the shower, a familiar voice stopped her dead in the hall. She backed up and inched slowly toward the answering machine. it was Logan. "Hey ace. hoped to catch you but i guess your busy doing you stuff. Just calling, miss you. cant wait to come home and make you my wife. ah that was corny crap, heh well I'll call you later, love you"

she stood there for a long moment. Staring at the answering machine trying to catch her breath. Tears pricked at Rory's eyes and her throat tightened. The muffled ringer and vibration of her phone in her pocket startled her making her jump. Rory stood still while the phone vibrated and hummed desperately then stopped. Hands shaking she took out her phone and looked at the small screen. It began beeping and she jumped again dropping the sidekick on the carpet. the screen lit up telling her she had a new voice mail. Rory took a deep breath and picked up the phone. Playing back the new voice mail, her heart pounded expecting to hear Logan's bright voice again, but this time it wasn't Logan. The voice was low and deep.

"hey um....well.....ya know what never mind....later..." Rory froze wide eyed, it was Jess. The phone slipped from her hand and back on the floor. Rory fell to her knees and broke down. it all came flooding back 100 times worse. Shame.

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