Wanna Go Fishing?

STATUS: Completed 10-1-05



AUTHORS NOTE: Written for the September 30th Jackfic drabble word 'Doohickey'.

Damn! How the Hell does a big guy, who can't leave the base alone and has a gold tattoo on his forehead disappear so quickly. I've checked the entire base and no one has seen Teal'c. Geez, you'd think he was avoiding me or something.

I know where Carter is.

I walk down to her lab and look in. Yup, there she is playing with another doohickey.

"Hi, Carter." I walk over to the table, hands in pocket. See Carter, no touchy. "Wanna go fishing with me?"

"Sorry sir. I have to finish this for SG-4 by 1500 tomorrow. Rain check?"

She always says that. Someday I will get her to go fishing with me. She's the only one who hasn't.

Oh well, I'll go ask Daniel.

Sam waited until she was sure the colonel was gone then said, "Ok, Teal'c, coast is clear. You can come out now."