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My Little Sunflower

Rated: M

"Beauty is not only skin deep. It can be seen in your eyes... in your hair... in your BLOOD..." - - Machi

Uchiha Sasuke was not one who liked flowers.

In fact, if he could, he would always make sure to stay far away from flowers, as much as possible. Not that he was allergic to them or anything... no... never. He just never liked them. They were too bright, too loud in flavor.


Twenty-three-year-old Uchiha Sasuke sat passively on his couch as he did every evening, curled up in the corner as the sun tried in vain to light up the world at the end of dusk, more darkness than light in the air that made the sky a beautiful blue hue. It was at the end of April... 8:10 pm... and the young man sat in silence, his dark eyes staring out the barely parted white blinds of his kitchen window, which he could see from the living room.

Small beams of light lit up his pale face, and Sasuke pulled his knees closer to him. Clad in all black, only his face, neck, and hands were visible against his black leather couch, as well as the empty can of ginger ale that sat raggedly on the other side in the cushion next to him, as if the two could never get along and had to be separated.

Sasuke sat like this every night.

Sasuke was waiting... waiting for something to change. Something to change his life for the better.

But Sasuke had been waiting for sixteen years for something to change... and nothing so far had come along... nothing his way.

Thin fingers slid up his face, and then into raven black hair. Brushing the bangs from his forehead, the twenty-three-year-old leaned back and closed his eyes, letting his endless cycle of a life sink in.

It will never end...

It will never cease...

It will keep on going...

...Until I die...

"Kill me." Sasuke sank deeper into his couch, his stomach crushed and his cheeks damp with beautiful tears. "Someone, kill me."


o.o.o.o.MY LITTLE SUNFLOWER.o.o.o.o


An orange and white U-Haul parked in front of his house a few weeks later.

Sasuke looked up slowly from his sink, the water from the faucet still going. It was parked in front of the opposite house from him, a pink-bricked house with a white picket fence, overgrown with wild flowers of all types. An older man with blonde hair jumped out of the vehicle, and stared up at the house with pride.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed. Oh great. A friendly neighborhood goody-two-shoes. He already had his share of them. They seemed to pollute the area.

At least it was quiet. When they weren't having barbeques or mowing their lawns at ungodly hours of the morning on a Saturday.

He watched as the man began to glance around the neighborhood from his spot. Sasuke caught his wild blonde hair and pleasing look. Hmm. He was pretty easy on the eyes. Sasuke subconsciously licked his lips and wondered to himself if he was single.

Then the man's gaze landed on him. Sasuke nearly dropped the plate he was cleaning in shock and felt his face flush pink. The man grinned brightly and waved. Sasuke waved back hesitantly. Oh shit. Sasuke's dark eyes stayed level as the man turned away and walked back to the U-Haul, opening the passengers' seat. Sasuke nearly snorted. He should of known the wholesome looking man already had a wife.

The blonde reached in and pulled out a miniature version of himself, setting down the small child on the roadside. Sasuke's dark eyes wandered over the little boy, who had to be at least eight or so. Oh, great. And kids too. Sasuke waited for the sunny, beautiful trophy wife to step out of the U-Haul… and was met with the tall blonde closing the passengers' seat door.

Dead, probably… Sasuke thought to himself as the tall man bent down, ruffling the small child's wild blonde hair. The sunlight was kind to the two blondes: it made them shine like a forbidden treasure. Letting out a sigh, the young Uchiha turned off the faucet, pulling away from the dishes as he dried his hands off with a dishrag. The family of two had already spotted him: if he didn't go out and say hello now, they'd hound after him endlessly later.

And frankly, Sasuke liked his peace.

Stepping out his wooden door and into the bright soon-to-be-summer sun, Sasuke walked down the sidewalk from his door, heading over to the parked U-Haul. Lifting a slender hand up to shield his eyes, he let out a sigh as he got near.

"Hello there," Sasuke said softly, but it was loud enough for the taller blonde to hear. The man greeted him with a dazzling smile, his sapphire eyes lighting up as he made his way over. Sasuke had to fight the blush crawling up his face, and did battle successfully. By the time the man made his way over, Sasuke's calm expression shone through once more.

"Hi there!" The man chirped, waving cheerfully with one hand while the other held his son's hand. Sasuke tried to sneak a glance at the kid, but the boy was behind his father, the only thing visible his hand that held tightly onto his father's. Sasuke looked back up at his neighbor. Oh, this man was beautiful. Hot. Gorgeous. Sasuke took a breath to steady himself. Holy shit, was he getting worked up over the man's face? His eyes ran over the blonde's body quickly before looking back up to meet those sapphires. It looked toned. Nice. Sasuke could see them fucking. Without a woman holding him back, Sasuke could move in for the kill.

"Hi." Sasuke's voice didn't betray him, however. "My name is Uchiha Sasuke."

"Sasuke? Nice name…" The blonde grinned in approval. It was a smile Sasuke didn't get sick of seeing. He held out his hand. "Live here long?"

"A few years…" Sasuke said softly, holding out his hand for the man to take it. They shook, and Sasuke had to fight the impatience in the back of his mind. Now tell me what your name is, you beautiful fuck.

"Really? Wow! That's cool. That means you know the area?" The blonde released his hand, and Sasuke grimaced quickly before fighting it back. Yes, that was what it meant. But who cares? Sasuke took a deep breath, steadying himself.

Relax… relax… relax…

The tall blonde grinned happily. Sasuke wondered briefly if he wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, or if he was just overly cheerful. It didn't matter.

Just give me your name, give me ten minutes, drop off your kid, give him cookies and milk, and then get to my house so I can fuck you senseless. It wasn't that Sasuke was a pervert horny freak: but the prospect of sex always gave him instant relief from his worries and thoughts. The motions left him shaking, and so tired he couldn't think straight… which was what he needed. Sasuke bit his lower lip as the man rubbed the back of his head, a blush flushing over his cheeks.

"Oh, pardon me. Rude that I didn't even give you my name!"

Finally! Sasuke looked up, feigning indifference. "Oh, yeah. What is it?"

The blonde smiled. "Uzumaki- -"

"Tou-chan!" Came a loud squeal from behind. Sasuke visibly twitched as his gorgeous blonde glanced back, his annoying little brat of a child shaking his pants leg vigorously. Laughing, the man turned away, patting his son on the head.

"Uzumaki…?" Sasuke continued.

He laughed. "Hold up." He turned to his little look-alike, who was pouting and on the verge of tears. Sasuke caught a glimpse of the boy again, whose sapphire eyes were even brighter than his father's. The man sighed. "There, there…" He chided, patting his son's golden hair. "No need to get all upset. Tou-chan is just making new friends, Naruto."

Naruto puffed out his cheeks. Sasuke noticed the smooth, flawless, creamy skin the small child had. Rolling his eyes, he took a step back as the boy whined, "But Tou-chan, I'm hungry and tired! And Kyuubi's hungry too!" The boy held up his plush stuffed animal… in the shape of a button-eyed fox with multiple tails. As his father laughed, Naruto glanced over at Sasuke before glaring. "And Tou-chan, I don't like him."

Sasuke was taken aback. Giving the child a smirk, he rubbed the back of his head, running fingers through his raven hair. "Oh? I don't see why not."

"Cause you're icky." Naruto supplied, and proceeded to stick out his tongue.

His father laughed. "Naru-chan, stop that!" He picked up the little boy, who clutched his fox doll tightly in one hand as he jammed his other hand into his mouth, nibbling on his pinky. He turned to Sasuke, who stood quietly before him. "Sorry about that. Naruto's never taken kindly to new people. He'll get used to you eventually."

"I see." Sasuke eyed the boy, who was giving him his fiercest glare. It reminded him of… well… him, when he was the boy's age. Sasuke gave the two a tight-lipped smile. "Well, hopefully he'll be able to stand me. He'll have to deal with it, considering my house is within earshot." Sasuke turned around, waving. "It was nice meeting you, Uzumaki-san."

Naruto's father smiled. "You too, Sasuke!" He watched as the boy disappeared inside his house before chuckling. "Nice kid. A bit on the dreary side, but nice kid." He turned around and walked over to his new house.

Naruto glared over at Sasuke's doorway. His eyes wandered over to the kitchen window, where the pale man had come back into view and continued to wash his dishes. Naruto narrowed his sapphire eyes. "Tou-chan?"

"Hm?" The older Uzumaki inquired.

The seven-year-old closed his eyes, nuzzling into his father's shoulder. "Uchiha-san looks like one of the monsters I saw in one of my books."

"Oh? Maybe that's why you're so scared of him." He felt Naruto nod, and he smiled, patting the boy's back. "What did the monster do?"

The boy pouted slightly. "He went into the girl's garden in the story and ate up all her flowers."

His father had to keep from laughing. "Naru-chan…" He said softly, glancing over to the right. He saw another neighbor walk out with his wife, and the two men waved as he began over. "I don't think you'll have to worry about Sasuke eating up our flowers, okay?"

Naruto let out a sigh. He glanced up to see Sasuke looking out the window over at them. Sticking out his tongue, he nearly bit it when his dad set him down to the floor, his neighbor's wife bending down to hand him a cookie. He took it and smiled at her before taking a bite. He didn't have to worry?

I sure hope so…


o.o.o.o.MY LITTLE SUNFLOWER.o.o.o.o


Sasuke leaned against his bedroom wall, staring blankly at the wall across from him. The blood was dried, and had been, for years. The white wall was splattered in many different shades of red, and even some whitish-gray streaks, which, in Sasuke's opinion, were only mere highlights in the mural, the work of art crafted into his wall. There was some of his blood… some of his mother's blood… his father's… and then, there was the blood of that pretty teenage girl he invited over after that Christmas party a few years back… that delicious redheaded boy he met at the bar on his twenty-first birthday… that cat that fucking pissed him off with all it meowing at ungodly hours of the night…

It's a mural.

It's a beautiful mural.

Sasuke chuckled, pulling his sheets closer to him as he stared up at the wall. Of course, all works of true art have their flaws… such as the fact that there were droplets of blood on some of the other walls. He had meant to keep them clean, but, some of them just wouldn't give in without a fight. He had told them to be still. Scream all you want… but keep still.

Sasuke stood. He walked over to the wall, letting the sheets around him drop and pool around his feet so he was beautifully naked. He lifted up his arms, staring down at the tinted pink skin. He hadn't had a real bath in a long time. He could almost wear summer clothes without drawing suspicion.

The twenty-three-year-old closed his eyes as he pressed himself against his blood mural. It was cold now… it was a shame how it would quickly become so… even though the human body was so viciously hot inside. Sasuke took in a deep breath, thinking about all that had happened that day.

Uzumaki-san is quite the beautiful thing… Sasuke thought to himself, letting his mind wander to the light blonde hair and shining sapphire eyes. Like finding a precious gem amongst all the FILTH that's here… He allowed, just for once, the simple pleasure of possible happiness… or at least sexual pleasantries. Sasuke rolled about in the thought of him and the older man fucking each other senseless… moaning, creaking mattress springs, sweat and frantic gasping… momentarily reliving the love Uzumaki-san lost and the love Sasuke never had. Sasuke promised himself that by the end of the week, he and that undeniably fuckable blonde would be in each other arms. This one looked good enough for at least four tries before he became a part of Sasuke's mural.

And what of his kid…? Sasuke thought as he calmed himself down. His thoughts slowly lulled over to the annoying seven-year-old, with his blonde hair more gold than that of his father's, and eyes more blue than the brightest of skies. Well, at least the child had one thing going for him: he would be even more desirable than his father once he came of age. Sasuke licked his lips at the prospect. Even more desirable…? Sasuke frowned slightly before closing his eyes. Alright, so, he had a goal. Make sure that he and Uzumaki-san had sex. Right. And the best way to get on his good side…

"Is to get along with the kid." Sasuke paused for a moment, sifting in the thought. After a moment, he let out a dry chuckle, sinking to the floor. "I wonder if this will be more trouble than it's worth…"

The next day, when he walked outside to take a breath of fresh air, he glanced up to see Uzumaki-san walk out the front door, dressed in charcoal gray slacks and an undone white button up shirt, crinkled beautifully to fit the curves of his body, and his pale blonde hair ruffled… still suffering from bed-head. Sasuke shivered in delight as the wholesomely handsome blonde bent down at his porch, and scooped up his morning newspaper. Ah yes. Sasuke glanced down at his own porch, where the rolled up paper lay, suffocating in its transparent pink plastic wrap. It was Sunday. As he bent down to get it, the dark-haired man vaguely wondered if his neighbors went to church.

"G'morning…" Uzumaki-san called out, his greeting drowned out by a loud yawn. Sasuke glanced up, running his hands through his dark hair again as the older man continued, "You usually up this early in the morning?"

Sasuke nodded, walking over to where the sidewalk ended. Naruto's father did the same, walking over until only the dark gray street separated them. Sasuke looked down at his paper, holding it delicately in his hands while Uzumaki-san slowly spun it by its plastic bag up in the air. Shaking his head, the twenty-three-year-old inquired, "Why? Are you usually up this early, as well?" The more information he could get on the blonde, the better. That was Sasuke's approach, at least.

Pearly whites glistened over at Sasuke in a grin. He wondered if the man had ever blinded anyone by doing so. "Nahhh… I'm usually one of those guys that sleeps in." He yawned afterwards, as if trying to prove his point. "The only reason I'm up so early is so I can work on the house. I'd feel bad if Naruto woke up to such a sad excuse for one, especially since I already pulled him out of his school and all…" He continued to ramble on: as if Sasuke really cared what was coming out of his mouth.

Well, unless, he was coming… then Uzumaki-san's mouth would be appreciated…

"Nnh…" Sasuke bit the inside of his lip. Oh God, he was beginning to get imagery with that thought. Sasuke shifted before he interrupted Uzumaki-san's rant, but not impolitely. "Um, excuse me, Uzumaki-san, but…" Sasuke smiled weakly, trying to hide the fluttering, pulsating motion that was welling up between his crotch and navel. "After you finish up, would you like to come over? I could make us some tea…" There. Sasuke had taken the plunge. Now came the question: would the blonde take the bait, or back away?

Uzumaki-san paused thoughtfully. "Mmm… I don't know if I'd be done in time." He frowned, before his blue eyes lit up. He snapped his fingers. "I've got a good idea, Sasuke. How about this afternoon you come over to my house? And I'll make you tea." And he smiled- -that devilishly handsome smile- -over at Sasuke, as if pleased with the suggestion.

But Sasuke was far from pleased. Did he see him as the true artist he was? Did the man catch him at a standstill in the prime in his… artistic discoveries? Is he on to me? The question rang through the Uchiha's head. But then again… was he even clever enough to figure him out so soon? Maybe he was just more comfortable in his own dwelling: after all he had just moved here. It was just him and his little son, what was his name…? Ah, Naruto. Yes, Naruto.

Sasuke pondered it. "Alright. I'll come over."

Uzumaki-san smiled. "At three then."

Sasuke nodded. "Alright. At three."

And it was set. Sasuke would meet the man at three p.m. At his house. In a place that was safe, warm, welcoming… and blood-free.

Sasuke chuckled as he wandered back inside his own house. He had been questioning before if it would be worth it? Then oh yes.

It was worth it.

Very much indeed.

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