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My Little Sunflower

Rated: M

Chapter Eleven

Hoshigaki Kisame had felt only one other night like this one. The dark-skinned man tore down the street on his motorcycle, dodging cars, evading police, and flying through the highway. Behind him, Uchiha Itachi clutched his waist tightly.

"Hurry, Kisame!" Itachi shouted, and Kisame glanced back at the beautiful man that held on tightly behind him. "Naruto must not be taken!" His dark cloak flew behind them.

Kisame nodded in agreement. Picking up speed, the wheels screeched across the pavement.

"I can feel it, Kisame!" Itachi shouted, letting out a silvery laugh. "Tonight is the night! Tonight is the night to end all nights!" He squeezed his partner's waist again. "Can you feel it, Kisame?"

There was silence.

"Kisame?" Itachi repeated.

"Yes," Kisame said softly, dark eyes roaming up towards the sky. "I can feel it."


o.o.o.o.MY LITTLE SUNFLOWER.o.o.o.o


Chiyo looked outside of her bedroom window, up at the dark sky. The old woman merely stared up at the dark, looming clouds that began swallowing up the indigo sky in a sea of musty orange.

"It's happening," Chiyo whispered, tears filling up her eyes. Oohiro walked over to her, putting his hand on Chiyo's shoulder. "It's going to happen again! That poor little boy. Poor Naruto. Poor Sasuke."

Oohiro's eyes narrowed. "Chiyo, there's nothing that we can do about it now. We couldn't stop it then. What makes you think this time will be any different?"

At that, Chiyo spun on her husband. "How can you say that?! It is different this time. This is Sasuke! He is not his brother! He's not!"

"Get a hold of yourself!" Oohiro grasped his wife's shoulders, shaking her, shaking her as if he could stir out the madness that seemed to possess her. "Sasuke is too far gone, Chiyo. He is like his brother now! He kills like his brother! He is evil, like his brother!"

"NO!" Chiyo screeched, refusing to believe it.

And then, there was a knock at the door.

The elderly couple froze in place. Oohiro released his wife's trembling shoulders, heading out of the bedroom.

"Who could it be...?" Chiyo whispered, her voice trembling.

Oohiro walked towards the front door, a chill running down his spine as he made it to the wooden slab. Taking a shaky breath, the old man reached forward, unlocking the door. Bony fingers grasped the handle, and Oohiro turned the knob, opening the door.

Behind a flimsy shield of their screen door, Asato stared back.

"Oohiro-san?" The blond let out.

Oohiro jerked back a little in surprise. What was Asato doing out at this hour? "Asato-kun? What are you doing here?"

Chiyo, who was walking slowly towards the door, visibly relaxed when she saw the dumbfounded blond staring back.

"I was wondering..." Asato began, Oohiro letting him inside. Oohiro glanced at Asato, and then across the street towards Sasuke's house before closing the door shut.


o.o.o.o.MY LITTLE SUNFLOWER.o.o.o.o


A few years ago...

Sakura's heavy panting filled the still, cold air. Sasuke sat quietly across the room on his couch, his eyes locked on Matoko's still body. Outside, thunder had begun to rumble five minutes ago, storm clouds rolling in.

The Uchiha's eyes never left the still body of the blond

What have I done...?

A knock at the door caused the two to jump nervously. Haruno Sakura scrambled to her feet, boots squeaking with the sound of PVC as she headed to the door. "They're here."

"Who...?" Sasuke barely managed to say, vision still hypnotized by his evil deed.

The rain was pouring heavily, and it's sound only increased as Sakura opened the front door to let in their "assistance". Only quiet prevailed, but finally, a few heavy footsteps to his side broke Sasuke out of his stupor.

An eerily calm voice began to speak.

"What have you done... little brother?"

"Ah!" Sasuke's head snapped to his eyes, eyes widening, insides going cold and his body become frigid. There stood his older brother, Uchiha Itachi, dark hair in clothes drenched in rain, a metallic blue motorcycle helmet tucked underneath his arm, with what looked like shark teeth painted on it. Itachi liked sharks...? "A-aniki..."

"Who's that outside? On the motorcycle?" Sakura inquired, door still partially opened. Outside sat the loyal Hoshigaki Kisame, soaking wet as he sat patiently in the rain on his motorcycle, waiting for the younger man to return.

"My associate." Itachi stated coldly, eyes not leaving Matoko. "Leave him be. He has been instructed to wait outside. Close the door."

Sakura was quick to obey, not even sparing a second glance at the dark-skinned man outside.

"Uzumaki Matoko," Itachi stated promptly, walking over to the body. He kicked the flower pot to the side, turning Matoko's crushed head by the chin with the tip of his boot. "Kindergarten teacher, praised community service holder, faithful wife. My my Sasuke, you certainly did a number this time... it's too bad you forgot halfway through the rule wasn't to kill them." He pulled his foot away, Matoko's head making a sickeningly thick squish back onto Sasuke's blood-soaked carpet. "Fool."

Thunder struck. Itachi's red eyes lit up in the room, and Sasuke found himself drawn to them, drawn to his brother like a moth to a flame.

"You don't have to worry about this one." Itachi put his hands together is if in prayer, nodding towards the dead woman. "I will bring her back to life for you, Sasuke. After all, it must be hard for a woman, not being able to watch after her handsome husband and loving son."

"She has..." Sasuke managed, eyes locked on his elegant brother.

"A family? Why yes, Sasuke. A family, and a wonderful one, at that. After all, Matoko and I... would be acquaintances, shall we say...?"

Asato's rock-hard cock pounded deeply into Itachi's body, the raven-haired man letting out a soft groan as he latched onto the blonde's back, nails digging deep into his flesh as the older man fucked him into utter senselessness.

"I know how to show you a good time, Uzumaki-san," Itachi had said only months before, a coy smile on his face. "And no one has to know... no matter how many times we fuck."

How many times indeed...

Itachi smiled as his little brother, Sasuke wondering exactly how he came to knew the woman he had slain that night.

"Perhaps, Sasuke, you could go to your room? I have work to do." He glanced over at Sakura, who's look brightened at the crimson eyes that settled on her. "Sakura, would you help me?"

"Yes," The two stated in unison, Sasuke managing to drag himself out of the room as Sakura rushed forward to help him.

As Sasuke left, Itachi reached into the motorcycle helmet, pulling out a small, plastic bag from the corner store. He tossed it to Sakura, who scrambled with it before clutching the bag in her grip. The pink-haired girl looked down at it.

"What's this, Itachi-kun...?" Sakura let out, reaching into the bag.

"A very vital ingredient to my master plan, Sakura," Itachi stated, heading into the kitchen to gather some needed supplied.

When Sakura pulled it out, she was rather surprised to see what Itachi had needed.

A small fox plush with purple button eyes stared back.


o.o.o.o.MY LITTLE SUNFLOWER.o.o.o.o


Asato stared blankly at the gravestone in front of him, his right hand clutching Naruto's own in its firm grip.

The two were quite the sight. Asato and Naruto were in matching black suits, blond hair standing out brightly against the overcast day, and blue eyes locked on the slab of rock that symbolized the most important woman in their lives.

Tears ran slowly down Asato's face. Naruto was still too young to understand the situation, but he knew his mother was gone, and he would not see her again.

"'Tou-chan?" Naruto said softly, looking up at him.

Asato didn't answer.

But someone else did.

"He's sad, Naruto-chan," Itachi spoke from behind them, walking up towards the grave. The two blonds turned to look at him.

A bouquet of white roses were in his arms. The young man was wearing a black turtleneck sweater and black slacks, his hair in it's usual low-ponytail. Behind him stood Kisame, who looked out of place with his dark skin and blue hair, black suit and overcoat, and sunglasses. Asato wondered briefly if they were in the Yakuza.

"I-Itachi-kun," Asato let out, looking a little bit relieved. "I... I didn't think you'd come."

"I suppose I surprised you, then." Itachi glanced over at Naruto, giving the small boy a smile.

Naruto scooted behind his father's legs. Itachi walked over, setting the flowers down on the grave, bent down at Naruto's level. He looked over, red eyes staring at the young boy, who only shrank back more.

"You know," Itachi stated, gesturing to the roses. "You're mother was like a flower, Naruto-chan. Beautiful, fragile, and pure. Do you like flowers, Naruto-chan?"

The small boy nodded, slowly showing himself to Itachi, who was smiling at him softly. From behind, Kisame's eyes narrowed behind his sunglasses.

"Yes," Naruto answered, nodding his head.

Itachi chuckled. "Good. Because your mother's like one. Who know what else likes flowers? I do. So doesn't your father, and that big guy over there." The dark-haired man gestured towards Kisame, who waved lazily over at them. "And so do animals. Like the fox." t was then Itachi pulled out the stuffed plush. It was bright orange, with shiny purple buttons for eyes and nine-tails, just like the fox of lore.

"Wooooow..." Naruto said, taking it from Itachi. He stared at the stuffed animal before looking at Itachi. "Thank you, um... Itachi-san."

"Be a good boy for your mother. She'll make you a flower someday, just like her." Itachi pondered before stating, "I think you'll be like a sunflower. A little sunflower, which are bright and can grow strong if given the chance. Will you be like a sunflower, Naruto-chan?"

The boy nodded.

"Good." Itachi stood, looking at the two before smiling at Asato. "Good luck, Uzumaki-kun."

Asato watched as Itachi walked off. He had only seen the boy a few times, but as he watched the pair walked off, he had a feeling he would never seen him again.

If only he had been so lucky.


o.o.o.o.MY LITTLE SUNFLOWER.o.o.o.o


It was shaping to be like that day, or so Sasuke thought. However, this time would be different.

He would succeed where his brother failed. And then...

"Nii-sama will be mine. He will want me again." Sasuke's hand was busy running through the bathtub, the cold blood sitting there, it's odor almost unbearable to the senses. However, Sasuke would not be deterred from his ultimate goal: to claim Naruto's innocence for himself.

"Naruto-chan," Sasuke replied in almost a sing-song voice, wandering into the bedroom. Naruto sat on the bed, now naked, wrists and ankles bound to one another, forcing the seven-year-old into a ball. The small blond looked up slowly, face stained red due to blood, tears, and his own flushing face. A sock was stuffed into his mouth to keep him silenced, though now, Sasuke doubted he would scream for help. "It's almost time for your bath. However, I need to tell you a story first. Would you like to hear a story?"

Of course, the child could not answer.

"Good," Sasuke stated, beaming as he reached into his bedside table and grabbed a hard-backed journal. "I thought you would."

Sasuke sat on the bed, hands running through the pages, heart pounding in excitement. This was it. He was finally going to achieve his goal, and from there, all of his dreams would come true.

"We begin here." Sasuke looked around the room, making sure all the candles he had lit previously were still going. He cleared his throat.

"I hereby cast this circle

In the name of the Dark Lord

And here on out

He and I shall be

Unified like brothers

Like lovers.

Come and receive

My Lord, your sacrifice.

The innocence you left behind

Will now become mine.

And what's mine

Is yours."

And Itachi's. Sasuke couldn't help but add in his head, closing the book.

Naruto watched the dark-haired man as he stood, setting down the book on the bed. Reaching forward, Sasuke pulled the sock out of Naruto's mouth.

The seven-year-old panted softly, looking up at the Uchiha who was staring at him curiously.

"Sasuke-san," Naruto whispered softly, causing the man to reach forward and pet his cheek, almost in pity. "What are you going to do with me...?"

From there, Sasuke began to remove his clothes.

"We're going to take a bath, Naruto-chan." Sasuke stated, exposing his chest. He began to take of his pants, letting the fabric all down to his knees. "A blood bath."


o.o.o.o.MY LITTLE SUNFLOWER.o.o.o.o


Several years ago...

Sasuke darted home down the sidewalk, expression filled with joy. Tomorrow was Saturday, and Itachi had promised to take him to the park and play with him, so he was excited to get home and confirm that their arrangement was indeed happening.

Besides, it was about to rain, and Sasuke didn't want to get caught in the storm.

However, a bigger one awaited him at home.

"Kaa-san! Otou-san! NII-SAN! I'm hoooommmeee!" Sasuke shouted, bursting through the front door of his house on Melody Oaks, expression open.

The rain began to pour just as he took his first step inside.

Sasuke's face dropped. His blood ran cold and his little heart pounded deeply in his chest. Everything seemed to go numb, and his schoolbooks slipped from his clammy fingers and hit the wooden entrance way to their small house.

In front of him, his parents lay.


"...O...otou-san...?" Sasuke took a timid step forward, and thunder crashed, making the small boy nearly jump out of his skin. Another deep breath, and the Uchiha child stumbled forward, getting on his hands and knees slowly.


Sasuke screeched when the body shifted slightly to the right, his dad's body falling off of his mom's. The child continued screeching wildly, scrambling back up to the doorway as he stared at his father in horror.

His face...

A carved out hole remained where his father's face was. Blood was still freely pouring out, and the cavern was so dark, Sasuke wondered if there was truly an end to it.

"O...Otou-san...!" Sasuke stammered, now frozen to the floor. He briefly glanced at his mother's body, her own position face-down. He decided to keep it that way.

"...Nii-chan!" If his parents were dead then...! "Nii-chan? NII-CHAN!!" Sasuke leaped to his feet, tearing upstairs to their shared bedroom. "Aniki?! Itachi!!"

Soft chanting began to fill his ears as he dragged his body up the stairs, weighted down by fear and misery. Upon reaching the doorway, Sasuke paused, a feeling of dread washing over him.

Perhaps he shouldn't go inside.

Perhaps he should call the police.

But this was the moment where Sasuke's life truly changed. More concerned about where his brother was, he grasped the handle and opened the door to his and Itachi's bedroom.

He immediately wished he didn't.

There were six people present, all wearing matching black clothing and chanting softly in a circle. There were several candles placed about the room, and a pillow and knife right in between them: the center of the circle.

Itachi was the first to look up. His black eyes narrowed at the sight of his little brother.

"Do not break your concentration. Keep chanting," Itachi ordered, rising to his feet. "It's almost time, my brothers."

Face frozen in shock, Sasuke was nearly welded to the floor and doorway of his and Itachi's room. In black cloak, his brother seemed to slowly drift forward, an ivory hand reaching for Sasuke's cheek, and, it slowly rested on his face.

It was then Sasuke was broken out of his stupor. "N-nii-chan! Kaa-san... Otou-san...!"

"Are sleeping," The teenager said softly, leading his little brother into the room. Itachi squeezed his shoulder, whispering softly into his ear, "You've had a bad dream, Sasuke. A bad, horrible little dream. It's time to go to sleep, little brother. Time to sleep and dream..." Itachi gestured towards the pillow that lay on the floor, the knife glinting in the candlelight.

"A dream." Sasuke whispered. His head was clouded, and he felt to tired and distressed, it was easy enough for Itachi to con him into the center of the circle, and the little Sasuke crumpled to the floor, laying his head on the pillow.

The smalled black figure of the group looked up, sea-foam green eyes locked on the boy her age in front of her curiously.

Itachi returned to his spot, joining in with the others:

"I hereby cast this circle

In the name of the Dark Lord

And here on out

He and I shall be

Unified like brothers

Like lovers.

Come and receive

My Lord, your sacrifice.

The innocence you left behind

Will now become mine.

And what's mine

Is yours."

Over and over again. Over and over and over and over and

Sasuke woke up in a jolt, and his eyes took in a sharp pain, and soon, all he saw was red.

"Ahh..." The room shook violently. He was cold, and wet, and sticky, and everything around his was white, and black, and red... very red. The walls were dinged orange due to the red liquid that lined the walls, and the dim, shoddy light that flickered in the bathroom.

The bathtub. His parent's bathtub.

And blood...

Sasuke managed to focus his eyes to his left. There, was a throbbing, shaking assembly of five individuals dressed in robes, all watching patiently, eagerly.

Sasuke's ebony gaze settled on the one in front.

A young Haruno Sakura stared back.

"Sasuke." The softness and close proximity of his brother's voice caused Sasuke to moan out in dread. Itachi's hot breath poured into his ear. A buzzing noise filled his head.

"Aniki?" Sasuke managed.

"Sshh." Itachi was in the stickiness with him. In the tub of blood. The smell invaded Sasuke's senses; it was so strong the small boy was sure he would throw up the entire contents of his stomach, so putrid he wished he could die. He lifted his hand to cover his nose, but the smell only grew stronger, and he gagged, slamming his hand back into the blood, where it barely rippled due it its thickness.

Itachi ran his hand up Sasuke's chest.

It was then Sasuke realized he and his brother were naked.

"I need your innocence, Sasuke," Itachi said softly, gesturing to the crowd of people who now stared in awe. "We need it. You enter the world of our Dark Lord, to stand beside him, to be allowed a taste of his might power. Hatred, lust, greed... and your innocence, Sasuke... corrupting your innocence and making it mine is our ticket, our ticket to the Prince of Darkness himself. He shall see out wonderful deed. And he in turn, shall reward us in death."

"Itachi," Sasuke whispered, and Itachi's hands slowly pushed down on his shoulders. "No... nii-chan, no...!"

Sasuke's senses were engulfed in blood.

He was drowning. The taste make his throw up, but he could only swallow more of the thick, salty red liquid. His nostrils filled, and Sasuke screamed, bubbles boiling at the surface, but absolutely no sound.

And as Sasuke's head filled with the liquid of death, another sense was invaded.

Sasuke screamed as Itachi's hand found its way into his little entrance. And then...

He died.

Sasuke cough violently as he was yanked back into cold air. Blood poured out of his nose, his mouth, his ears... and behind him, Itachi was screaming.

"He's tainted!" Itachi screeched, enraged, throwing Sasuke forward, the small child hitting the tile wall.

Deidara, who was standing in the corner, stared in shock. "Wh-what...?"

"Tainted! Filth!" Itachi grabbed Sasuke, spinning him around in the bathtub. Blood spilled over the sides as he shook the boy's shoulders, outraged. "Tell me, Sasuke! TELL ME WHO DID THIS?!"

And the little boy coughed.


Itachi's grip loosened.

"...I see." The teenager stood, staring at Sasuke before stepping out of the tub.

"Sasori, towel. Now." Itachi snapped.

Sasori scrambled to get it, wrapping it around Itachi's body.

Sakura's parents were staring at Sasuke in shock. They turned to Itachi, looking angry.

"Now what, Uchiha? You PROMISED US we'd be able to finally join Satan!" Sakura's mother shrieked, eyes wide and in a frenzy.

"The boy was tainted by my father. I had no idea. It would have worked, we would have succeeded!" Itachi yelled back.

"Uchiha, we're getting so old..." Sakura's father stammered, squeezing his daughter's shoulder. "Soon... we'll be so old... Satan... Satan only desires the beautiful... soon..."

"Then deal with it, you old bags," Itachi snapped, clearly not in the mood to deal with them. He stormed past the group, commanding loudly, "We need to get out, now! NOW! We don't need to deal with the boy.

"I don't need him anymore."

And Sasuke sat.

He sat until there was no more noise in the house.

Only his own heart pounding.

And his own soul dying.


o.o.o.o.MY LITTLE SUNFLOWER.o.o.o.o


"He's been missing... he's not in the house... I can't find him..."

Chiyo and Oohiro stared at Asato as he talked.

It was the same...

It was exactly the same...

"Sasuke-kun! What happened to you?"

Chiyo stared down at Sasuke, who was stained red with blood from sitting in the tub for almost an entire day. His hands were pruny, and he looked sick. Chiyo swooped down, taking his small shoulders in her arms.

"Sasuke-kun, tell me, what happened? Do we need to call the police? Do we...?"

"Kaa-san and Tou-san are dead."

Chiyo's heart froze.

"Itachi killed them."

"Oh... oh goodness... I'll call the po--"


Thunder crashed in the sky overhead. Chiyo looked at Sasuke, who slowly raised his head.

His black eyes pierced deeply into the old woman's.

Chiyo froze. Sasuke slowly spoke.

"I've already burnt them. I've hidden everything. I just need one thing from you." The boy smiled very slowly. Lips curling maniacally. "I need you to take care of my body while my soul is away. Would you take care...

"To keep my little secret?"

The room lit up as thunder boomed.

"Now don't panic, Uzumaki-kun," Oohiro stated slowly, however, his own heart was hammering for the fate of his boy. "Have you checked everywhere?"

"Yes, everywhere... the house, the front yard, the backyard, my car... the field by the house, and the creek... and here and..." Asato's eyes seemed to become relieved.

"I haven't checked Sasuke-kun's house. Naru-chan likes him."

"..." Chiyo and Oohiro looked at one another.

Who to save?

Perhaps the boy and his father, if they weren't already too late?

...Or just the father?

Asato opened his mouth to speak, but was stopped short. "Ah... hey..." he looked around the couch. "Have you seen Kyuubi-sama?"

"Hm? You mean Naru-chan's toy?" Chiyo asked, looking confused.

"Well yes, I..." Asato laughed nervously. "I... I just had it with me... Naruto left it behind, and I thought it was odd..." he stood, looking down at the couch where he sat. "...Now... now where could that thing have gone...?"

The front door closed shut softly.

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