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Chapter 1: Ron's B-Day

Ron jumped out of bed. It was his birthday. He was so happy, on count of this would be his first birthday in which Kim was his girlfriend. He received his first birthday greeting from his pet naked mole rat, Rufus.

"Happy birthday!" Rufus shouted.

"Thanks, buddy," Ron said, "Better get ready."

Ron started to get dressed. His wardrobe had changed a bit since last year. He still wore the colors he liked, but more of the styles that Kim said looked good on him. Ron was keen to listen to whatever Kim said when it came to fashion. Another reason it changed was because of Ron's newfound muscles. He found himself capable of ripping his old shirts. Two months of hard work at the gym (and enduring Dom's sever training) had paid off, and Kim was very pleased with the results. Ron flexed his muscles in his mirror. Rufus started laughing at him.

"Oh, cut it out," Ron said, donning his shirt.

He went downstairs with his little mole rat buddy. His parents were waiting for him, and so was Kim.

"Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad. Hey, KP."

"Morning, Ronald.""Happy Birthday, sweety.""Hi, Ron." They all said at once.

"Morning, guys," Ron said, giving Kim a kiss.

"Now you be sure to come strait home after school, Ron," his mother told him.

"Like I'd want to miss getting my presents," Ron retorted as he shoved his cereal into his mouth.

It seemed like no time before he was walking to school arm-in-arm with his girlfriend. She was warring a pink crop top and beige pants. Ron was warring a red short-sleeved shirt and slightly darker pants than Kim's. For the first time, Ron had noticed that Kim's chest had "advanced" too. She had gotten to be even more hot than she was. Ron shook his head to stop himself from what he knew was coming.

"What's the sitch?" Kim asked.


"Don't lie to me, Ron. I can read you like an open book."

"All right, then you guess what I was doing!"

Kim paused and said, "You were thinking about touching me, weren't you?"

Ron turned crimson and replied, "Can you blame me?"

"No," Kim said, "But you do know that I'll let you, if you really want to."

"Yeah, but if your dad–"

"Why are you always worried about my dad, Ronald?"

Now Ron was in trouble. Kim only called him "Ronald" when she was really upset. Kim was always more aggressive about their "intimacy" than Ron was. That worried him a bit. She said that she didn't like having Josh paw her when they were dating. Why was it so different with him?

"Kim, aren't you worried that we might be going a bit fast?"

"What? Why?"

"Kim, you've been my best friend since before I started actually liking girls. This is so weird to me, even after 4 months. I'm trying to adjust. I don't want to hurt our relationship by going to fast. Do you?"

Kim sighed. She had to admit, he had a point. After all, she did want a man that could take charge. She was just so used to Ron doing what she told him to do.

"No. You're right. I just...I don't know...maybe I just need to convince myself that we're not just best friends anymore. I thought sex might do that."

"It certainly would. Believe me, I'd love to...er...share that with you as soon as possible, but I think that it'll be better if we wait until we're married. Okay?" Ron said.

"Okay," Kim replied, but thought, If you take to long to pop the question, I will!

"Glad that's over with," they said at the exact same time.

"Jynx! You both owe me sodas!"

"Dom, it only works if you say the same thing as the person your jynxing at the same time they do," Kim explained.

"What?" Dom asked.

"Were you dropped on your head when you were little?" Kim asked in return.

"How'd you know?" Dom said.

"Lucky guess," Ron said.

"Are you two as psyched as I am?" Dom shouted.

"Probably not," Kim replied.

"Do you realize what we are this year?" he continued.

"DOM," Ron shouted, "You've given us this speech every time we've gone to school ever since it started this year. When will you stop?"

"Probably around the second coming of Jesus," Dom replied.

This was how Dom was normally (for him, at least). Kim had given up trying to understand him. He was an old friend of Ron's from Camp Wannaweep. He moved to Middleton during the Summer. He had wavy, brown hair and blue-green eyes. He was a little taller than Ron. His attire was just a odd as he was. Actually, if you took away the climbing harness that he wore, he wore normal clothes.

–Later that day in class–

Miss Whysp walked between the rows in Trigonometry class to hand back the homework. Ron had not done quite well enough to get into this class. So Kim was sitting next to Dom. Fortunately, she had the rest of her day with Ron, so it was no big.

"Dominic," Miss Whysp said.

"Ack, just "Dom". All right, Miss Whysp?" Dom answered.

Miss Whysp glared at him. Dom was apparently Miss Whysp's least favorite student. It was widely known. Dom wasn't exactly a model student either. He had his feet propped on his desk. Kim didn't think Dom was very smart to push Miss Whysp the way he did.

"So is there a grade higher than an "A+", or are you just going to make one up for me?" He said.

Kim remembered Ron saying that once. He got away with it because he was usually a decent student. Dom, on the other hand...

"Feet off your desk, Dominic," Miss Whysp said, "And I'd like to speak with you about your behavior."

"Uh oh," Dom said.

"Serves you right," Kim murmured.

–Meanwhile in Spanish Class–

Not exactly Ron's dream class. But with how much he traveled around the world with Kim, it'd be necessary. He was starting to get the hang of it. It actually was easier than he thought.

"El trabajo muy bueno, Ronald," Miss Martin said after he had successfully translated what no one else could.


The bell rang, and Miss Martin gave them their homework assignments. Ron packed away, feeling quite happy.

"Hola, Ron," Penny said slowly, "¿Cómo usted es?"

"Fantástico¿Y usted?"

"Slow down, Ron. I can't speak Spanish that fast."

"Awwwwww. Bebé pobre."

"Stop it, will you? I'm not doing well."

"Your Spanish sounds fine to me."

"Yeah, but I know I can do better. Think you can help me out?"

You do mean in Spanish, right? Ron thought.

"I mean, if you can...say Friday," she continued.

"Penny, you're asking me out. You know I'm with Kim. I gave you a chance and you threw it away months ago. El día bueno a usted."

Ron marched off. This was ridiculous. Girls had been gawking at him ever since he started his Senior year. None of them were with him when people used to push him in the mud. None of them stood up for him when Bonnie said he was a looser. Only Kim did that.

"Maldiga," Ron said, "Mugriento...pequeño..."

"What's the sitch, Ron?" a melodious voice said.

"Hey, KP," Ron said, "Sorry for my language."

"What? Was one of those words a curse?" Kim asked.


Kim sighed and said, "Ron..."

"I know. I know," Ron said, "Just got frustrated. That's all."

be-beep beep beep

"¿Qué es la sitch, Wade?"

"Cut that out, Ron," the twelve-year-old said, "There are some robberies going on. They don't seem all that big, but I've made a connection to them all."

"What's that?" Kim asked.

"They're all laser components," he explained, "All the thief is missing is a charger and a focusing diamond."

"Keep us posted," Kim said.

"I wonder who it is," Ron said.

"Probably, Dementor."

"I don't know about that. He usually invents his own stuff."

"It's called "outsourcing", guys," Dom said.

"So, Dom," Kim said, "How much detention did Miss Whysp give you?"

Dom turned red and shouted, "That's none of your business!"

"Wow," Ron said, "That much?"

–Later that day–

Ron was having a great time. He got a new N-container 202° from Felix, "Zombie Mayhem V: The Grand Slaughtering" for the said system from Monique, "The Ultimate Fortress" for the N-con from Tara, and "Grand Tourism Racing III: Unloaded" (also for the N-con) from Dom. All that was left were the gifts from Kim and his parents.

"All right," Ron said, "This is getting better and better. What's next?"

"Well, Ron," Ron's mom said, "Your father and I pulled money together with Kimberly to get you something. Kim."

Kim pulled out a set of papers. Ron looked at them. He was confused.

"KP, mom, dad, these are insurance forms," Ron said.

"For a years-worth of insurance," Ron's dad said.

Kim got up to open the curtains and said, "Which will go great with your new car!"

Ron was awestruck. He looked at the black '97 Firebird in his driveway. This was amazing. Ron gave Kim and his mother each kisses, and hugged his dad.

"This...is...AWESOME," Ron shouted as he ran outside, "It...I...wow!"

"Is he always this articulate?" a male voice coming from the car said.

"Woah! Back up," Dom said, "The car talks?"

"Oo-oo-oo," the car said sarcastically, "Someone's on the Honor-role."

"I asked Dr. Freeman to add the system he put into SADIE into this car," Kim said, "No big."

"No big?" the car said, "Listen to her. Okay, Ronster–can I call you "Ronster"? I'm the Automatic Driving-Licensed Artificial Intelligence. Call me "Adlai"."

"Adlai?" Dom said, "That's a real name. Convenient."

Ron sat in the driver's seat and asked, "Can I call you "Ad"?"


"Did Doc Freeman have to install attitude?" Ron asked Kim from behind his hand.

"I heard that," Adlai said.

"Well, you can reach back here," Kim said, reaching behind a non-standard panel on the dashboard, "And..."

"Hey," Adlai said, "What are you–VRT!"

"...You'll shut him off," Felix finished.

"Is that a Jynx?" Dom asked.

"No, Dom," Kim said.

A familiar beeping sounded from the Adlai's dashboard. It was Ron's cell-tone.

"That's Wade," Kim said, "He must have a lead on our thief."

Kim pressed a button on the dash that activated a screen. Wade was on it.

"Hey, Ron," Wade said, "I see you've seen Adlai. I made a few adjustments myself. You like him?"

"This car hurricane rocks, Wade," Ron replied.

"What's the sitch, Wade," Dom said, "Sorry, Kim. I just had to try it."

"Yeah," Kim said, "Got the downlow on our thief?"

"Yeah," Wade said, "I can stream you the video."

"Please and thank-you," Kim said.

They saw a room with a laser charger in the center.

"That's a Xenothium power core," Dom said, "So-o-o-o-o-o last season."

"Dom, shut it," Monique said.

A blond haired girl jumped into the room. She sent some sort of shockwave at the camera and the picture went black.

"Rewind and freeze, Wade," Kim said (although Wade was already doing it).

"Who is she?" Ron asked.

"What does she want?" Kim asked.

"And is she seeing anyone?" Dom added, which gained him several stares, "What? That was funny."

"That's just wrong, Dom," Tara said.

Stay tuned next time for "Stonewall Wallace".

Hope you like this one and Dom. I've worked hard on that character.