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Chapter III: A New Member of the Team

"Got anything on thing on a Professor Wallace Greenwall, Wade?" Kim asked as Wade tried to figure out were the two villains went.

"Wallace Greenwall?" Dom said, "He needs a better more super-villainy name."

"Super-villainy?" Adlai said.

"Wallace Greenwall was widely regarded as the greatest chemist in the world," Wade said.

"Figures," Kim said.

"How'd you find out so quickly?" Ron asked.

"He's a genius," Adlai said, "What more do you need to know?"

"I've been reading a lot of his articles," Wade explained, "Let me do a little more searching."

"Well, whoever he is, he's tough," Kim said, sitting down in the car and rubbing her foot, "Kicking him was like kicking a brick wall."

"Brick wall," Dom said, "Hmmmm."

"Shut up, Dom," Kim said as Ron removed her shoe and started massaging her foot, "Mmmmm. That feels good."

"Thanks," Ron said.

"Got it," Wade said, "He was the victim of a lab explosion that made his skeleton and joints super-adhesive."

"Obviously," Ron said, "But if I didn't know what that meant, what would you say?"

"He's nearly invulnerable," Dom said.

"Alright," Kim said, "But where is he, and what does he want with the diamond?"

"I got it," Dom said, snapping his fingers.

"Spill," Kim said.

"Stone-wall Wallace," he said, "That's what we'll call him."

"Catchy," Ron said, earning him a glare from Kim, "What?"

"I think we should focus on where he's going," Kim bit out.

"Oh that," Dom said, "He's heading for the Rockies."

"How did you—never mind," Kim said, "Why didn't you tell us earlier?"

"I thought it was obvious."

—Later, somewhere over the Rocky Mountains—

"Thanks for the lift, guys," Kim said.

"Are you kidding, Kim?" Robbie said.

"After the way Ron helped us realize that we could do something for ourselves," Nicky-Nick said, slapping Ron on the back, "It's the least we could do."

"Oh, I'm sure it was no big," Kim said, "Right, Ron?"

"I'm going to have to agree with them, KP."

"Is it true?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah," Dexter added, "Are you two dating?"

"Yeah," Kim said, smiling at the looks she and Ron were getting.

"Awesome," Nicky-Nick said, high-fiving Ron.

"Nice work, buddy," Robbie said.

"I feel like I'm seeing part 2 of an episode I didn't see," Dom said, "One that just got renewed for a fourth season to air in 2006. And funs of the show that heard the news are all like: 'BOOYAH'. And I'm all like: 'Awesome!'"

"Dom," Kim said.



beep beep be-beep

"Go, Wade," Kim said.

"Stone-wall Wallace's lair should be just below you," Wade said.

"See," Dom said, "It's catching on."

"Shut up and jump," Kim said, throwing a parachute to him.

"What? We're going to jump?" Dom asked.

"Yeah," Kim said, "Now get it over with, Dom. I don't want to have to—"

"YAHOO," Dom shouted as he jumped out of the plane.

"Push you?" Ron said while jumping himself.

Kim and Ron landed gracefully. Ron's landing was a bit unstable, but he stayed on his feet. Dom on the other hand, landed in a thorn bush.

"OW," Dom shouted, "I…meant to do that."

Kim rolled her eyes. Maybe Dom wouldn't be a good addition to the team. However, he did remind her of how Ron was when they started their missions.

"Let's go, KP," Ron said.

"Right," Kim said, pushing her memories back.

"BTW," Dom said to Ron, "What's with you the pretty, evil girl?"

"Her name is Sammie," Ron whispered, "I met her in the third grade. She was close to Kim and me. She moved away when she turned ten. I have no idea why she's doing this."

"Well, let's try to find out," Dom said.

Dom sounded different. There must have been more to him than Kim thought. He seemed to be taking things seriously. Kim was sure that wouldn't last. They snuck up to a ventilation shaft. It was on the other side of a ten-foot deep gorge. Kim used her grappling hook to crate a line to the opening. She made her way along the line.

"Careful, KP," Ron said.

"Yeah," Dom added, "One slip will be your last. I couldn't come up with a better pun? That's sad. After you, Ron."

As Ron made his way across, Kim worked on the cover to the vent. She pried it off with a screwdriver. Sometimes, even with the best gadgets in the world, the best thing for a job is severely low-tech. Kim threw the cover to Dom. He caught it and put it on the ground. Once all three of them were in the shaft, Kim cut the line.

"That'll keep anyone from noticing for a while," Kim said, "Let's go."

"Lucky for us these shafts are so wide," Dom said.

"Nice butt, Ron," Kim whispered just to watch him turn red.

In about ten minutes, they reached the main area. It was a wide room with only one ten-foot long, five-foot wide opening in the upper right corner. This opening was obviously for the laser canon. That must have been what Wallace needed the diamond for. Wallace and Sammie were working on the finishing touches on the canon. Looked like they were almost finished.

"No air vents near the laser," Ron said while looking through the grate.

"I think we can shut it off if we can get close to it," Kim said.

"Maybe," Ron said, "but we'll need a distraction."

They both looked at Dom.

"Now, all we need to do is wait for it to charge," Sammie said, double checking the manual.

"And how long do they say that will take?" Wallace asked.

"Anywhere from 2 minutes to…3 days."

"What? That doesn't even make sense!"


"Sorry," said a familiar voice, "Don't worry. It didn't look expensive."

"You," Wallace said, "You're that kid that was with Kim Possible!"

"Dom Butchkowski."

"Butchkowski?" Samantha said, "You're last name is Butchkowski?"

"Surrender, Stone-wall Wallace," Dom said.

"Hey, that sounded good," Wallace said, "I could use that."


"But as for the surrender thing," Wallace said, "I'd have to say, 'no', Butchowsi."


"Whatever. Samantha."

"On it," Samantha said.

"So, Sam—can I call you Sam?" Dom said.


"So what's your super villain name?"

"I don't have one."

"What? Nothing? Come on."

"All the good ones are taken."

"What about Shockwave?"





"That's pretty good, but no."

"Samantha!" Wallace said, "I pay you to kick people down, not talk with them about nick-names!"

"You talked with him about it," Samantha said.

"For five seconds!"

"Actually, closer to eight," Dom said.

"Shut up," Samantha and Wallace said in unison.

"Jynx! You owe me a soda," Samantha said.

"Blast you and your jinxes," Wallace said, "Hold on."

Wallace pushed the laser canon out of the way and punched Ron Stoppable in the face.

"He was only a distraction. Take care of Possible!"

"On it, boss," Samantha said, kicking Dom as she did.

"Ow," Ron said, "Not so hard."

"Oh, com on," Wallace said, "Like I would—OUF!"

Ron kicked him hard in the slide. He seemed a bit tougher than Possible. There was one way Wallace could find out. He sent punches and kicks left and right. Stoppable dodged them elegantly. He wasn't just tough; he was fast. Stoppable punched him in the chest. Wallace took it without a scratch. Stoppable's hand, on the other hand (no pun intended), looked like it would be bruising.

"Been fun, Stoppable," Wallace said when he heard a chime, "but I've got a laser to use."

He threw Ron into Kim and tied them up quick as a flash. He prepared to use the laser on them.

"Farwell, Kim Possible. Farwell, Ron Stoppable. Or not," Wallace said, "You see. I said, 'Or not'. Because, if I use this laser on you, you won't "fare well". HA HA HA."

"That's a lame joke," Dom said.

"You're too late Buttowskee," Wallace said.


"Whatever," Wallace said, "Possible, Stoppable, prepare to be reduced to atoms."

He hit the firing switch. Nothing happened. He hit it again. Nothing happened.

"Why aren't they being reduced to atoms?" Wallace said, "SAMANTHA, you screwed up again."

"Again?" Samantha said, "When did I screw up before?"

"I think you'll need this," Dom said, holding up the diamond.

"Why you little—Ah!"

"What was that?" Samantha said, after getting up from the vibration.

"I also set the self destruct to go off it two minutes," Dom said, looking at his watch, "Actually, on minute and forty-five seconds. Forty-four. Forty-three. Forty-one."

"Shut up," Wallace shouted.

"Let's go," Samantha said, grabbing Wallace and running for an escape pod.

"This isn't over," Wallace said, "I'll get you for this, Butshowfy!"


—Later, back in Middleton—

"Nice work, Dom," Kim said.

"Aw, no big," Dom said, "That felt so cool to say."

"You know," Kim said, "I think we could use a third member to the team."

"You mean it? Me? A member of Team Possible!"

"Is that a yes?" Ron asked.

"SHABANG!" Dom shouted, "This is the best day of my life!"

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