How to Lose Your Ears in Ten Days

Day 10

By YaoiKitten

Soubi had a case of déjà vu on Wednesday when Ritsuka came to pick him up after work. They had not talked about it, and it was completely unplanned when he entered the classroom a few minutes before the end of class. They were in the studio this time. While the students painted Soubi walked around the room and monitored their progress.

He had met up with Ritsuka after school earlier that day and they had walked home with Yuiko and Yayoi. The four of them chatted amiably. Soubi and Ritsuka had worked out a lot of their frustration the day before so there was a calmness between them that even Yuiko picked up on. It was like a too taut string that had been stretched between them had finally snapped and all the tension had drained away. They walked with their hands comfortably interlocked.

Soubi had caught Ritsuka looking at him several times out of the corner of his eye, but whenever he turned his head the other man quickly looked away. This became a game that they played, and Soubi had been able to catch Ritsuka's eye once or twice before he could turn his head. He felt like a flirty teenager again--like they were oh-so-in-love!

And they were. Soubi didn't have to wonder how Ritsuka felt about him. He didn't have to wonder if he was pushing the other boy too far or if he was becoming tiresome. Soubi, for the first time in his life, felt secure in a relationship. He finally knew where he stood, and it was like a weight was lifted off his chest that he never knew was there.

Yayoi and Yuiko had parted from them and Soubi finished walking Ritsuka the rest of the way home. They said goodbye at the gate with a lengthy kiss. There was no mention of Ritsuka coming to see him later, and that was why Soubi was so surprised to see him show up in the classroom.

Ritsuka looked around a bit uncertainly, trying to ascertain if it was all right for him to be in the room. Soubi smiled and motioned him over. Ritsuka gratefully made his way through the forest of easels to him. He wrapped an arm around Ritsuka's waist to pull him into a little half-hug and land a kiss on the top of his head.

Ritsuka blushed as the students stared at him.

"Sensei, is this your boyfriend?" one girl asked, her eyes shining with barely contained giggles.

"This is Ritsuka," Soubi introduced. No explanation, just a name, no suffix.

Ritsuka cringed, his blush deepening as he felt the class measuring him up with their eyes. Very few of them had their ears, and Ritsuka could feel his own twitching as a constant reminder of their existence.

Soubi looked at the clock. "We are out of time, everyone put your painting on the rack and start cleaning up."

While the students cleaned up Soubi gathered his own things.

"Couldn't you have handled that a little better?" Ritsuka hissed.

"What should I have done?" Soubi asked. "You are my boyfriend, aren't you?"

Ritsuka's eyes slid to the side. Soubu sighed. They would have to work on this.

"Yes," Ritsuka finally said.

"Should I have lied? Should I have denied it?'


Soubi looked at him pointedly. "You were the one who came here, y'know."

"You were the one to kiss me."

"I was happy to see you."

"I was happy to see you too."

They stopped arguing with that.


Much to their credit, they actually managed to leisurely walk home and have dinner first before they reached Soubi's apartment. The night was bitterly cold, so they stopped at a late-night café to have some coffee and a bite to eat.

"So, what excuse did you give your mother to let you stay out this late tonight?" Soubi had asked over a cup of steaming coffee.

Ritsuka sipped at his own cup. "I told her that I am spending the night with Yayoi."

Soubi looked up at that, the surprise apparent on his face. "But you are planning on spending the night with me?" Soubi wanted to be clear on this.

"Yeah, I thought we could…" Ritsuka left the thought trailing in the air. His cheeks were red from the cold, and he looked at Soubi through lowered lashes. He was playing coy.

Soubi burst into laughter, resting his head on folded arms and laughing until tears streamed down his face.

"What's so funny?" Ritsuka asked defensively.

Soubi sat up and wiped at his eyes with a napkin. "Ritsuka, sweetheart," he said through giggles, "if you come home tomorrow without your ears, your mother is going to think that Yayoi took them!"

Ritsuka blanched at the thought. "My God…"

Soubi was still laughing, and it didn't take long for Ritsuka to join him. "What am I going to do?" he asked through his laughter.

Soubi smiled and reached out, running his fingers through Ritsuka's hair. "We'll just take things as they come, and worry about something when the time arrives."

Ritsuka wiped the tears from his eyes. "Yeah."

Soubi's apartment wasn't far from the café. They hurried into the sauna-like heat of Soubi's apartment. The lights came on and illuminated the room, the glass doors that led to the balcony were frosted with condensation. Soubi sat his things down and immediately began to get ready for bed. This was the schedule that he was used to, and he didn't see any need to alter it because Ritsuka was spending the night.

Ritsuka watched as Soubi went to the sink and started to brush his teeth. He had brought his messenger bag with his school books and had put on the clothes that he was going to wear the next day. He had thrown his toothbrush in at the last minute, and that was the only thing he had brought with him. He pulled it out and joined Soubi at the sink, standing side by side and looking at each other in the mirror as they brushed.

Soubi smiled inwardly at such a simple picture of intimacy. He realized that after Ritsuka graduated, he should probably have the boy move in with him. Ritsuka had already applied to the college where he taught, it made perfect sense to live together.

He would keep these thoughts to himself for tonight.

He finished and turned down the bed, grabbing a few extra pillows from the closet. He would learn lots of things about Ritsuka tonight--does he like one pillow or two, does he sleep on his back or his stomach, will he snore like a kitten?

When he turned around Ritsuka was standing next to the bed, his arms crossed over his stomach. His hands twisted in the hem of his shirt. Soubi couldn't help but smile.

He crossed over and wrapped his arms around Ritsuka, pulling the boy into a tight embrace. "We don't have to do that tonight if you don't want to."

Ritsuka shook his head and reached up to press a kiss against Soubi's neck, directly against the bandage he always kept there. "I want to."

That was all the encouragement Soubi needed before he was kissing him, desperately and hungrily thrusting his tongue into the boys mouth until he couldn't breathe. Ritsuka came away panting and out of breath.

Ritsuka's sweater was the first thing to come off, then Soubi's black turtleneck. They moved slowly as they undressed each other, letting their eyes wander over the other's torso--taking in all the scars between them. Ritsuka reached up and unsnapped the little butterfly clips so that Soubi's bandage was coming unraveled. Inch by inch of skin was exposed until there was nothing left and the two men stood belly to belly, kissing but not embracing.

Then their fingers began to wander; they explored the curves and planes of the other's body. Their fingers traced over hardened scar tissue and English words, creamy nipples and tightened testicles. Every inch was explored until they had imprinted an image as detailed as a lithograph in their brains.

Ritsuka's head titled back and he smiled as Soubi kissed down his neck and chest. Soubi's arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him even closer, rubbing the expanse of their bodies together. It was amazing how they fit together.

Soubi leaned into him, guiding Ritsuka to sit back on the bed while he kneeled on the floor. He lifted one of Ritsuka's legs and began to kiss down it, along the inner thigh, over the knee, and down the calf. Ritsuka's breath caught in his throat when Soubi kissed the arch of his foot, delicate little butterfly kisses that tingled more than they should.

Soubi watched as Ritsuka leaned back on his elbows and his lips parted slightly. He took the time to admire Ritsuka's aroused look, noting that he would probably never again see that face combined with those ears. He implanted this image into his brain, a photographic memory just for him.

His hand found Ritsuka's tail and stroked down it, bringing the furry appendage up to his lips. In his passion yesterday he had been unable to appreciate the fleeting beauty and sensuality of Ritsuka's ears and tail, but he wasn't about to let this last opportunity pass him tonight.

"Soubi, what are you---" Ritsuka began, watching Soubi kiss his tail and rub his cheek against the soft fur.

Soubi leaned over and pressed a kiss to the top of his head. He kissed at the velvety kitty ears, enjoying the feel of them twitching beneath his lips. His bit onto the tip of one lightly, and Ritsuka gasped.

"Soubi, stop that…"

He complied, kissing Ritsuka and running his hands up behind his head, through his hair and up to scratch at the furry ears. Ritsuka purred into his mouth, and Soubi thought that he would come right there.

He pulled away.

It was hard to appreciate the beauty of someone that you see day in and day out. Ritsuka had become such an integral part of his life that at some point he had stopped admiring the little things that made Ritsuka beautiful. In a moment like this he was able to focus on the things that his mind would typically gloss over--the exact lavender shade of Ritsuka's eyes, the little wrinkles his nose gets whenever he is confused, the newly-discovered birth mark on the back of Ritsuka's thigh, the incredibly long lashes that most girls would be envious of.

And then there was the erotic--the blush of Ritsuka's skin, the way he parted his lips just ever so slightly, the languid look that would come into his almond eyes.

Soubi wanted to treasure all of these things just as much as he wanted to be inside of him.

The younger man leaned back and pulled Soubi down with him. He settled comfortably on top of him, kissing his way down that body taut with desire at his very touch. Ritsuka strained against his kisses while leaning into them at the same time, as if his body didn't even know what it wanted, or wanted to pull away and get closer at the same time.

Soubi kissed down the boy's body, stopping around the naval to scatter kisses all over his stomach and hips. Ritsuka whimpered with each kiss, urging Soubi to continue and stop at the same time.

When Soubi finally reached the juncture between his legs, he ignored the erection in front of him in favor of the testicles and the secret patch of skin behind them. Ritsuka's hands fisted into the sheets and his hips bucked forward as Soubi kissed and licked those ignored areas. He took the opportunity to grab a pillow and shove it under Ritsuka's hips to give him easier access. Ritsuka's thighs fell open wider in compliance.

The smell of Ritsuka was intoxicating, and Soubi happily burried his face into the peach-fuzzed recesses of his sex. He couldn't see his face, but he hoped that the boy was a little embarrassed, a little over the edge, and entirely wanton in his desire for Soubi to do more.

"I'm going to have to open you up, so please bear with me. If I do this well, it will hurt a lot less."

Soubi couldn't see his nod of consent.

With his hands he exposed the cleft of Ritsuka's buttocks. The tail twitched at the sensation, brushing against his face until he tucked it aside. He was able to see the little opening there, pink and tight to the touch. He leaned forward experimentally and ran his tongue along the little bud, and heard Ritsuka gasp.

Ritsuka closed his eyes and lifted his hips off the bed a little more, allowing Soubi better access. It was so degrading, but felt amazing. Soubi had even promised him that it would help it hurt less…

His thoughts blurred into incoherency once Soubi started working on him. He could feel the intrusion and it sent shocks through his stomach and bowels. His insides felt like they were going to leap out of his skin, and his focus returned to Soubi's tongue again and again. It didn't hurt like other things did, and the mild intrusion and wetness soon had him thrusting his hips with the movement.

He opened his eyes and looked down, but all he could see was the top of Soubi's blonde head and the pre-come weeping down his own erection. He sighed and tried to relax as much as possible, letting Soubi take control of him. He could feel one finger slipping inside of him, then two.

Soubi took his time preparing him, being very careful to loosen Ritsuka up step by step. He had been reading about the best way in the book he had found on Ritsuka's nightstand, so he made sure that he had everything ready. He used generous amounts of lubrication when he fingered the boy open, scissoring to stretch him wide.

Ritsuka was whimpering, shutting his eyes tightly against the sensations. Soubi wanted to ask if he was okay, but he didn't want to break whatever reverie the boy had found himself in. If they stopped now, they probably wouldn't begin again.

Soubi took pity on him and brought his fingers together, hooking them and making small thrusting motions.

Ritsuka's eyes snapped open and he gasped. He bit his lower lip and moved his hips in time with Soubi's fingers, his face and chest flushed bright red. Soubi watched in amazement. Who was this sexually-mature man in front of him, so comfortable with the pleasures of the body? What had happened to his abrasive, resistant boy that had constantly pushed him away these last five years?

He judged Ritsuka ready and climbed on top, settling between his legs. Ritsuka's eyes were open, but he wasn't looking at him. His neck was craned towards the window.

"Soubi, look. It's snowing."

Soubi looked out the window and saw the snow falling through the glass. A thin layer of it had settled on the balcony like dust on an antique. "So it is."

Ritsuka turned to him. "Soubi…I want you."

Soubi smiled and brought the boys hand to his lips, kissing the knuckles. "You have me."

"I want more than that."

Soubi nodded his agreement. His own erection was nestled comfortably against Ritsuka's, but there was still this underlying, burning need that would not go away. "Fast or slow?"

"What will hurt worse?"

"They are about the same."

Ritsuka thought about it. "Slow."

Soubi nodded and wiped the last remains of lubricant from his fingers over the head of his penis. He hooked his arms around Ritsuka's knees, lifting the boys hips up so that he could angle himself inside. The tip of him touched that slickened opening, and he pressed forward.

Ritsuka shuddered and cried out, covering his mouth with his hands. Soubi gave him time, let him adjust. He pushed in so slowly, centimeter by centimeter before he could steal an inch.

Ritsuka's eyes were closed tightly and his hands were clamped over his mouth. Soubi moved slowly, and a couple minutes later he was halfway in. "You have to relax, Ritsuka, or I can't go any further."

Ritsuka opened his eyes and nodded, taking his hands away from his mouth to get a couple shuddering breaths. He breathed deeply.

"That's right, feel your breath moving though that area, relaxing the muscles. Good, that's good." Soubi could feel Ritsuka relaxing. He waited, then pushed.

He breached that last barrier, that final ring of muscle that kept him out. He pushed all the way and immediately felt Ritsuka tighten around him, but he didn't cry out.

"Are you all right?" Soubi asked, rocking forward to kiss Ritsuka on his open lips. "Does it still hurt?"

Ritsuka nodded, his forehead wrinkled in concentration.

Soubi gave him a minute to adjust. "I'm going to move now."

Ritsuka nodded and tried to keep his breathing even.

Soubi started by rocking against him, his hips sliding against Ritsuka's buttocks slowly. He was being so careful not to pull past that tightened barrier, only moving back an inch or two before rocking forward again. Ritsuka was arching into him, finding his own rhythm, his own special spots.

Soubi watched as the tension drained from Ritsuka's face and it was replaced with the smallest of smiles. Just a little turn of the lip and Soubi knew that they were going to be okay, that Ritsuka was going to be able to enjoy having this level of intimacy in their relationship.

Soubi leaned forward and was kissing Ritsuka's neck when he felt himself ready to come. He reached down quickly and began to stroke Ritsuka's erection in time with his thrusts. He increased the speed and the length of the movement, and Ritsuka was gasping and moaning loudly beneath him.

Ritsuka's arms wrapped around Soubi's shoulders and he rode it out, feeling every last ounce of his reserve building up and waiting to be released. "God, Soubi, I'm going to come."

Just hearing those words were enough for Soubi, and he was gone. He tensed and felt himself pouring out into that warm body beneath him. He gave a few final thrusts before he felt Ritsuka pouring over his hand, warm congealed liquid that formed webbing between his fingers.

And just like that Ritsuka was out of it. His breathing slowed and he was asleep, and Soubi knew that nothing he could do would wake him. He pulled his softening penis out of the boy and went to take a shower He pulled the comforter up over the boy, and left him alone on the bed.

He let the hot water pour over him and wash away every trace of sex. He knew that Ritsuka would be out for at least an hour, then he would wake up without his ears and tail. Soubi was going to clean up Ritsuka the best he could, then run a hot bath when he awoke. Most of all, he was going to be there when Ritsuka finally opened his eyes, and he was going to be the first thing that Ritsuka saw as an adult.

The End

And on the tenth day, Ritsuka lost his ears. Finally.