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Merger of Cursed Words

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: The Merger Occurs

It was night at the place known as Jusenkyo. It was quiet until the screams of someone can be heard. It was the Jusenkyo Guide… no one knows his name but that's what everyone called him. In his hut a large man was holding a strange device.

"If you take that then danger will befall worlds" said the Jusenkyo Guide.

"I don't care, I plan to get the Devil Fruit to increases my strength then I will the strength in two worlds not just one!" said the strange man.

"No take!" said the Jusenkyo Guide.

However the man left before the Jusenkyo Guide could stop him.

Later the man put in a fruit salad into the machine he stole. He pressed the button and it began to glow.

"Soon the worlds will merge and I'll have absolute power!" laughed the man.

And though out both worlds people who have been cursed by Jusenkyo and people who have eaten the Devil Fruit saw the events in the dream. Barely anyone gave a thought on what it was about, but 4 people cursed by Jusenkyo and 3 "people" who are the devil fruit would truly understand what happened.

The next day in Nerima it was a quiet morning… which is very rare and kind of scary. Ranma got up to eat his breakfast, he thought it was going to be a quiet day. He got to the table to find that breakfast wasn't ready yet. He noticed Akane wasn't at the table with Genma, Soun and Nabiki. He began to get a chill.

"Where's Akane?" asked Ranma.

"She cooking your breakfast today" said Nabiki with a somewhat evil smile.

His hopes for a quiet day disappeared like that.

A few minutes later Akane and Kasumi came into the room with something that appeared to a mix of brown and grey. He gulped, hoping he wouldn't have to eat it. That was until a large boom and a hole in the garden wall appeared. Shampoo came out the hole.

"Shampoo come give husband breakfast!" said Shampoo

Shampoo glomped Ranma. Akane got mad and the usual chase began. Akane pushed Ranma into the pond with Shampoo sill on him. The now girl Ranma runs away from Shampoo who is still glomping him and Akane gives chase. She looses Shampoo along the way but she chases him. She runs into Mousse, Mousse yells at telephone polls thinking it's Ranma. Ranma kicks Mousse and tells him top put on his glasses. They begin to fight until a woman splashes mousse with cold water on accident. Ranma sees Shampoo who is still a cat and she runs for her life. Shampoo ran passed mousse fallowed by Akane. Mousse begins to chase Ranma too. Kuno comes out of now where and hugs Ranma, she kicks him into the air and he lands right where Akane happened to be. He attempts to hug her but she punches him and counties to chase Ranma. Somewhere along the way Shampoo gets a kettle, she turns back to human. She finds Ranma and turns her back to a guy then glomps him again, right in front of Ucchan's Okonomiyaki. Ukyo happens upon this and gets angry Shampoo and Ukyo begin to fight, Kodachi shows up almost out of nowhere and joins the fight. Akane shows up and Ranma runs away. All four girls chase him while still fighting. Mousse who managed to become human along the way began to chase Ranma along with Kuno. It was just your average morning in Nerima. Ranma couldn't help to wonder why Ryoga wasn't around even with his sense of direction he usually shows up with these chases.

Suddenly an earthquake occurred and this stopped the almost daily chase.

Meanwhile in a forest near Nerima, Ryoga yelled out "Where am I now?" fallowed by "Curse You Saotome!" Then an earthquake struck. The ground beneath him disappeared as well as the tree. In fact water just appeared from nowhere. Ryoga was now a pig due to the cold water.

"Bwink bink?" said Ryoga (translation: Okay what just happened?)

Meanwhile in the world of the Devil Fruits, it was a nice sunny day where the Going Merry or the Merry Go… whatever the ship's name is! Anyways it was a nice day on the ship, Usopp was telling Chopper one of his lies, Nami sunbathed, Zoro slept, Robin read a book, Sanji was smoking and looking at Nami and Luffy sat on the head. But something was off, Luffy was deep in thought. He couldn't get the dream that he had the night before out of his. It wasn't like his usual dreams, which almost always involves meat in way, shape or form. Waves began to get very rough, all the straw hats stopped what they were doing. The waves stopped as they started.

"What was that?" cried Usopp

"I think it was an earth quake" said Nami.

Luffy saw something floating in the water, it was small, black and moving.

"What's that!" he yelled out in normally goofy way.

Everyone went to where Luffy was and saw it.

"It looks like a pig" said Sanji.

The pig, who was in fact Ryoga looked up and saw the ship.

"Biwinki…" cried Ryoga (Translation: Great…)

And so Sanki fished the pig out of the water. Luffy looked at it.

"Can have for lunch?" he asked with goofy smile.

"Sure what ever" said Sanji "We'll be lucky if any of us gets one bite" he thought due to Luffy's eating habits.

"Bwinki…" cried Ryoga (translation: Not again…)

Not long later Sanji was preparing Ryoga, he tried to get his bandana off but like on of those magic tricks, one kept on coming back. After about the 50th time he decided to cook him with the bandana anyways. Fortunately for Ryoga, Sanji was planning to boil him. He tossed in the pig/ person in the boiling pot. However what happened next would shock him. Ryoga turned back into a human, she screamed in pain because of the water. Then Sanji screamed at what happened.

Out on deck Nami pulled something out of the water, it was Ryoga's clothes and back pack.

"What's that?" asked Luffy.

"It looked like someone's back pack and clothes, I wonder what they were doing out here?" said Nami.

They heard the screams from the Galley and all of the other Straw Hats but Usopp, who hid went to see what happened. What saw was Sanji staring with his mouth hanging open at the naked Ryoga who was covering his… area with his hands.

No one knew what to say, until Luffy yelled out "Where's the pig?"

Sanji pointed at Ryoga "the pig turned into him" he said still in shock.

"So does that mean we can't eat him?" said Luffy.

"Of course you can't eat me!" yelled Ryoga at the idiot captain.

He sighed and pointed at Nami, who was still holding his clothes. "Can I have my clothes back first?"

After he got dressed he began to tell his story.

Back in Nerima Cologne knew what the earth quake meant "So it has begun…" she said. She left the cat Café and searched for her Grand daughter.

Back with Ranma and the mob they saw something that wasn't supposed to be there… the ocean just two blocks away.

"That's not suppose be there!" cried Ranma.

"Your right! It's not…" said Cologne appearing almost out of nowhere.

"It's the old hag" said Ranma.

"Excuse me, Son in law, Shampoo, Mousse?" said Cologne.

"Ayia? What is it?" asked Shampoo.

"Did you have any strange dreams last night?" asked Cologne.

All thought of meant and then remembered the strange dream involving Jusenkyo.

"I did…" said Ranma.

"Shampoo did too" said Shampoo.

"So did I." said Mousse.

"I think all of you should come with me" she said.

Not long later everyone, even the Kunos were that the Cat Café, although they were knocked in the head not too long before they got there and were unconscious

"Last night the World Merger was stolen from the Jusenkyo Guides house last night." said Cologne.

"World Merger?" asked Ranma.

"It machine that can merge two worlds, very bad and dangerous" said Shampoo.

"Yes there are many different dimensions in the universe it mergers two of these dimensions into one all of the dangers of both worlds are doubled." said Cologne, "The person stole it used it and used it to merge this world with the world of the Devil Fruits."

"World of the devil fruits?" asked Akane.

"Yes, in that world there are fruits that are similar to Jusenkyo. It gives you powers but it causes you to lose the ability to swim, many worlds have items similar to Jusenkyo. The world of the devil fruits it said to be most dangerous of them all. A words where there are 4 oceans and pirates rule." said Cologne.

"So what's going to happen?" asked Ukyo.

"Well it said that many years ago the World Merger was banished to this world in hopes no one would ever use it again. However… only two people who have been affected by the items can destroy. I think son in law can handle it" said Cologne.

"What?" yelled Ranma.

"Fine if you don't go then how about you stay marry Shampoo and protect the café from Pirates." said Cologne with a grin.

Ranma began to think, he then looked at Akane, she began to angry. He knew what he had to do "Okay, okay. I'll do it!" yelled Ranma.

"You agreeing upon it is just half. You must find someone who has eaten the devil fruit and have them agree upon it" said Cologne.

"I'll make agree" said Ranma fluxing his muscles.

"Shampoo want to go to." said Shampoo.

"I'm coming too!" said Ukyo.

"If Shampoo is going I will go to too" said Mousse.

Akane turned away angrily "I mind as well come to" she said.

"Oh I will come with Akane Tendo!" said Kuno waking up.

"I don't want to be parted with Ranma Darling!" said Kodachi waking up.

"When did they wake up?" said Ranma confused.

"I'll come too" said a voice in the door way.

They all turned around and saw Nabiki.

"What are you doing here?" asked Akane.

"Dad and Kasumi got worried after the beach showed up a few blocks away from the house. They wanted me to check up on you, I heard all the stuff about the pirates" said Nabiki.

They all knew why Nabiki wanted to come, Pirates have treasure, Nabiki wants to be rich, Nabiki plus treasure equals one happy Nabiki.

"Why do I get a bad feeling about this?" asked Ranma.

"You should go to a beach, and see if there's a ship. Hopefully chances are good you'll run into someone who has eaten a Devil Fruit." said Cologne.

Back on the Merry Go Ryoga finished his story. It took longer than excepted as Luffy kept playing with his curse. Everyone else just stared at him, manly because the whole thing with Ranma… well was a little obsessive.

"Well that's my story." said Ryoga.

"I think you should stop blaming Ranma" said Zoro.

"It's his fault that I fell in Jusenkyo in the first place!" yelled Ryoga.

Ryoga had forgot mention that the where he fell was Jusenkyo. Luffy, Chopper and Robin were surprised when they heard this.

"Did you say Jusenkyo?" asked Chopper.

"Yes, I forgot to mention that what the springs are called. Have you heard of it?" said Ryoga.

"I had a dream about it last night…" said Luffy very seriously.

"Wow he had a dream that wasn't about meat" said Nami sarcastically.

Ryoga didn't know why but Nami reminded him of someone but didn't know who.

"You had the dream too?" asked Chopper and Robin at the same time.

Meanwhile Usopp didn't hear any fighting or anything so he came out of his hiding place. He went into the Galley to find some guy talking to the rest of the straw hats. He was about to lie when he noticed that Luffy looked pretty serous.

"What's going on?" asked Usopp.

And so they told a shorter version of the story to Usopp.

Back in at the small Island that was once Nerima. They waited on a newly formed beach for a ship to come, they were unsure what to do. But they knew when they found someone who had eaten the Devil Fruit to take him or her to Cat Café so that Conge can give a better explanation.

"I think a see ship in the distance." said Akane.

There was indeed a ship, the Merry Go in fact.

"I hope they have a least one of those people on." said Ranma.

Back on the Merry Go Ryoga finished his story again. So they got back the matter at hand. The dream.

"It was some guy stealing something from this fat guy and putting fruit salad into whatever he stole." said Luffy.

"I had the same dream last night too!" said Ryoga.

"This is getting weird." said Usopp.

Nami looked out the window and saw an island, she was shocked, there weren't any islands for miles.

"Uhhh… guys I think that's not our only problem" said Nami.

"What is it Nami?" said Sanji in his usual way.

"That island's not supposed to be there. There's not record of it." Said Nami

They all went out on deck except for Ryoga who somehow managed to get lost in the galley.

"He really has no sense of direction." said Zoro staring at Ryoga trying to get out.

Ryoga finally managed to get out and saw the island. As they got closer he saw him.

"Ranma!" yelled Ryoga.

All the straw hats began to stare at the angry lost boy. When the ship landed he began to fight Ranma, everyone on land acted like it was nothing new.

"How did Ryoga get on a ship?" asked Ukyo.

"We really need to ask?" said Nabiki.

The straw hats just stared at the fight… well except for one. Sanji stared at Akane. He jumped down and began to do flirt with her.

"Not again…" said Nami.

"Oh my you are such a lovely beauty!" said Sanji with hearts in his eyes.

Poor fool didn't know what hit him. Because less then a second later Akane got mad and pulled out her interdemensional mallet and launched him high into lower obit. All of the straw hats were surprised, of course it's not everyday they see someone with a giant mallet launch someone else into the air. What surprised them more is that Ranma and Ryoga continued to fight.

"This is so cool!" said Luffy.

Meanwhile Cologne was still at the Cat Café thinking, "I hope son in law can pull this off." She said to herself.

Suddenly there was a crash and Sanji fell though the roof. He was unconscious just for a little bit but woke and saw Cologne.

"Hey witch where the heck am I?" yelled Sanji.

Cologne figured what happened, he angered Akane. "You angered a girl with short dark blue hair, am I correct?" said Cologne.

The last thing Sanji could remember was flirting with the girl with short dark blue hair.

"So you did." said Cologne.

"All I did was tell her she a beautiful, you old witch!" yelled Sanji.

"That's why, if you meet her again be careful." said Cologne.

"Yeah right!" said Sanji lighting a cigarette.

He began to head out the door, "Before you go, have you or do you know anyone who has eaten a devil fruit?" asked Cologne.

"Why would you think that?" said Sanji.

"Well I know for a fact you not from my world…" said Cologne.

"What are you talking about?" yelled Sanji.

Cologne began to tell him the story.

Back at the beach Ranma and Ryoga continued to fight, Akane had gotten tired of it.

"Ranma you idiot!" screamed Akane as she stopped the fight. She hit him with her mallet, he went into lower obit.

"That was so cool!" yelled Luffy.

"She's really strong…" said Zoro.

"I'd hate to get her angry." said Usopp.

Akane turned to the straw hats no longer angry, "Um… do you know anyone who has eaten a devil fruit" she asked.

"Why do you ask?" said Luffy.

"Well…" said Akane.

Back at the Cat Café Cologne finished her story. Sanji had also told her that Luffy, Chopper and Robin had eaten Devil Fruit.

There was a crash and Ranma fell though the hole that was made by Sanji. Sanji stared that the martial artist.

"That Tomboy…" said Ranma getting up.

"Ranma, I have great news…" said Cologne.

Back at the beach Akane finished her story.

"In other words, we need someone with Devil fruit powers to help Ranma get things back together." said Akane.

"Then why did you launch him like that?" asked Usopp.

"She does it all the time." said Nabiki.

"It's true…" said Ukyo.

The Straw hats stared at the girl, except for Luffy who yelled out "I'll do it!" All the other straw hats sighed; they figured he'd do that.

"That's great!" said Akane.

"We go to Cat Café to get more information." said Shampoo.

"Will there be meat?" asked Luffy.

"Why would there meat!" yelled Nami.

"Yes, meat there." said Shampoo.

And so the two groups headed to the Cat Café.

Back at the Cat Café Ranma, Sanji and Cologne talked.

"So what makes you think that your captain will help out?" asked Ranma.

"I know my captain… he's an idiot." said Sanji.

The doors to the café opened, it was the two groups. Luffy saw Cologne "It's a mummy" he shouted.

Cologne shot a glare at Luffy, "See what I mean." said Sanji to Ranma.

After a few minutes and everyone were in the café and Luffy was fixed up with some meat Cologne explained everything, even the things that left out earlier.

"Hundreds of years ago someone from another world, not from ether ours created a device, it was a device that can merge worlds. The crater merged more and more worlds including these two. All the worlds had something common; they had items that give people powers. However, with each merge the danger from each world doubled, evils became greater. So the creator discovered a way to return things the way things were. Someone from each world must launch an attack at the device and the person must be affected that worlds item. However the last person must grab the device and it would be sealed in that world. The person who did that was from my world since it was considered the safest. The device was put under the protection of both the Amazons and the Jusenkyo Guide. However someone stole it last night and used to cause our tow worlds to merge. There is good news… those whop have eaten the devil fruits and those who have fallen in Jusenkyo can sense when it's close." said Cologne.

"What d you mean?" asked Nami.

"There was a spell put onto it by someone from another world so that if someone merges two worlds together then people affected by Jusenkyo and the other worlds item can find it, they can feel where it is. The more people affected by these items the less time it will take to find it." said Cologne.

There was a silence until Luffy said "Is there anymore meat?"

"Luffy, Son in law… you two have volunteered to destroy it, and I hope the others will still agree to do it." said Cologne knowing full well that her grand daughter will go on the voyage as well as Mousse.

"Of course Shampoo come." said Shampoo.

"If Shampoo goes I will too!" said Mousse.

"I'll go." said Ryoga.

"I'm pretty sure you'll agree by taking your ship?" said Cologne to Luffy.

"Of course!" said Luffy.

"Now are you still going too?" asked Cologne to the non Jusenkyo cursed people.

"Of course! If Ranma-Honey's going!" said Ukyo.

"I will go with Ranma Darling… even though I don't know what you are talking about!" said Kodachi.

Both Kodachi and Ukyo went over to Ranma, Shampoo did too.

"Ranma..." said Akane eagerly.

"Does that mean your not coming?" asked Ukyo.

"Well I…" said Akane.

"Than that mean Shampoo get Ranma" said Shampoo.

"I'm coming!" yelled Akane.

"Oh if Akane Tendo will come then I shall come too!" said Kuno hugging Akane.

All the Straw Hats other than Luffy stared.

"Is that normal?" asked Nami.

"Yes." said Nabiki.

Both looked at each other, they felt something… something strange from each other like they were almost the same. For that reason both Ranma and Zoro got a strange chill.

"What's wrong?" asked Luffy noticing this.

"Nothing!" said Ranma and Zoro at the same time.

"Well, maybe we should introduce ourselves…" said Ukyo.

"But of course I will go first!" said Kuno, "I'm the rising star of Furinkan High Kendo Team Tatewaki Kuno, the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High!" he said then he hugged Akane "Oh come here my sweet Akane Tendo!"

Akane kick him in the face and he fainted.

"Just ignore him he's full of himself" said Ranma.

"I shall go next, I'm Kodachi "The Black Rose" Kuno!" said Kodachi. She began to laugh it was very painful.

"My ears!" cried Luffy.

Kodachi went over to Ranma but Ukyo hit her in the head with her giant spatula and she was knocked out like her brother.

"Ju8st ignore she's insane…" said Ranma.

"They stupid, they no know about Jeukenyo9 curse" said Shampoo.

"Then why are they here?" asked Usopp.

Everyone looked around and shrugged.

"I'm Ukyo Kuonji, Ranma honey's cute fiancé!" said Ukyo.

"No spatula, Ranma is Shampoo's husband!" said Shampoo glomping Ranma.

Akane got angry so she splashed Ranma and Shampoo with cold water. Ranma turned into a girl and Shampoo into a cat. She ran away with Shampoo still on her.

"He'll be back!" said Akane angrily.

"I think we should stop this is getting weird." said Nami.

"No kidding" said Zoro.

Ryoga deiced to tell everyone their names since he was the only one who knew both groups. After it was all done and explained Ranma's fear they went to look for Ranma and Shampoo.

"I can't believe his dad did that to him!" said Zoro.

"That's nothing, his dad often sold him, that's how Ukyo became his fiancé" said Nabiki.

"That's not how it went!" said Ukyo.

"Cat! Cat!" screamed a voice.

The rather large group turned a corner and found Ranma hugging telephone poll and Shampoo at the base. Ranma was crying. Akane poured hot water on Shampoo, however someone forgot to bring her clothes, let's just say Ryoga and Sanji fainted from blood loss.

"This is so cool!" said Luffy.

"Oh my pigtailed goddess!" yelled Kuno.

"Remembered what we said about those two not knowing…" said Ukyo.

A young boy who looked about 11 or 12 walked up to the group, he wore a blue cap and had lavender hair.

"You should get to the ship, the chapter feels like it's been dragged out." said the boy.

"What?" said Akane confused.

"Who are you?" asked Ukyo.

"Just a character that was created by the author for another fanfic, who often breaks the 4th wall. I was brought here just to point that out." said the boy, "Look Ash! I'm in another fanfic" said the boy as if he was on TV.

The boy walked away and disappeared.

"That was weird…" said Nami.

"Even for this neighborhood." said Akane.

And so the groups got organized, and the next day they went out to search for the man who stole the device. Cologne, Soun, Genma and Kasumi watch the boat leave.

"I'm worried about them" said Kasumi.

"I don't they should be ones you should be worried about, poor pirates won't know what hit them." said Cologne.

Next Time: Some of the NWC and Straw Hats aren't getting along, so much fights break out! It Kuno VS Zoro, Kodachi VS Robin and Akane, Ukyo and Shampoo VS Sanji! Two of these fights are heavily one sided, can you guess which two? Place your bets now (Note: much to the distain of Nabiki and Nami no actual bets will be placed) Also despite the fight a partnership will form between one of the NWC and Straw hats but who? (Hint: Read above note)

A/N: Okay, I should explain the "boy" that broke the 4th wall. He or should I say she is a character from my first (and still on going) fanfic series called Pokemon Angels (I have yet to put up on this site). I won't bother with the story but I will say her name's Sammy, she has the hots for Ash Ketchum (which explains why she said "Hi Ash! I'm in another fanfic") and she's tomboy who dresses up like a boy. She does have a habit of breaking the 4th wall a lot.