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Chapter 10: Making Things Right

The two groups looked at the severely injured Hikari. He had just relived that he had buried the World Merger some where on the island. However, only he knew where it was buried. Ranma got an idea.

"Hey Mousse do you have a metal detector somewhere in your cloak?" asked Ranma to Mousse who had since regained concusses after his fight.

"I don't know… let me check" said Mousse. He pulled out everything including a kitchen sink out of his cloak includi9eng a Metal detector. But Mousse was distanced by something else.

"So that's where I put my keys…" thought Mousse.

"I think we can split into two groups, one tries to find it with this and the other… heh heh heh." said Ranma.

"Ife donts lfie wheres dis tis goingf" said Hikari.

"So we beat him up?" said Zoro.

"That right" said Ranma.

"Frap!" said Hikari. Hikari had a decision to make get pummeled even worse or tell them… ether ways he's loose.

"U'll telf yof! U'll telf yof!" said Hikari.

"What's that about an elf?" said Ryoga.

"I think it was about meat" said Luffy.

"It wasn't about meat!" shouted everyone else.

Hikari wrote down with his foot, "I'll tell you! I'll you!" read Ranma, "Geez must be getting pretty desperate."

"He fears the great Usopp!" said Usopp.

There was an awkward silence, the wind blew and crickets chirped.

Not too long later everyone was on the way.

"How are suppose to know this isn't a trap?" said Robin.

"Because he's crying…" said Ranma.

"Whyf? Whyf?" cried Hikari.

"Do you think we went la little hard on him?" said Luffy.

There was an awaked silence.

"No…" said everyone who fought against him in a match due to his dirty tricks.

"Ipts hair" said Hikari.

"What that?" said Ranma.

"Ipts hair." said Hikari.

""I think he's saying it's here" said Akane.

Hi9kair gave a nod.

Hikari pointed to the world merger… half buried, everyone stared at him.

"He buried it alright" said Ranma.

"Did a poor job though" said Sanji.

Ranma was about to pull it out, when Akane stopped him.

"What will happen when you destroy it?" said Akane.

There was a silence, they realized Cologne never told them what would happen when they destroy it.

"So your saying don't destroy is? said Luffy.

"I don't know… it's just that we don't know what will happen…" said Akane.

"But this needs to be fixed…" said Ranma.

"That's true, I heard that some guy got the entire navy to search for some Sadam guy." said Sanji.

"And many cities are gone, due to the fact that the oceans swallowed them up" said Ukyo.

"What if something… happens to us." said Akane.

"Oh I see where she's going." said Nami.

"I'm pretty sure nothing will happen." said Ranma.

"Like you would know." said Akane.

""We have to do this." said Ranma.

Everyone nodded, Ranma pulled out of the ground. Ranma and Luffy got into position.

"Gum Gum…" said Luffy.

"Chest Nuts…" said Ranma.

"Rapid Fire!" said Luffy.

"On an Open Fire!" said Ranma.

"Punch of a Thousand Fists!" both said as hundreds of fists hit the machine, an expulsion occurred and everything went black.

On the Ship the Kuno were unconscious and Nabiki saw a bright light, everything went black, when things got light again everyone from her world were at the Cat Café, including those who joined later on, Ling-Ling, Lung-Lung and Happosai as well as Hikari. Cologne was also there.

"Good job son in law" said Cologne.

"So everything's back to normal?" asked Akane.

"Yes, the World Merger is destroyed forever and will never come back." said Cologne.

Nabiki felt something in her pocket, it was a little heavy. She checked, there were a few thousand yen and half of all the pictures of Ranma that were left. She gave an evil smile.

"Oh no, the pictures…" said Ranma.

Happosai jumped up and yelled out "Well since I'm back!"

"Oh no you don't!" said Ranma.

Happosai left the café, and Ranma gave chase.

"Well everything's back to normal" said Akane.

Lung-Lung began to cry, she crying because she would never see Sanji again.

"Lung-Lung…" said Shampoo

"I..." cried Lung-Lung.

"She's sad she's never going to see Sanji again, I'm sad too, but one day we meet new men who defeat us!" said Ling-Ling to her twin sister.

"Shampoo think so too" said Shampoo.

"Okay…" cried Lung-Lung.

Akane look down at the ground and saw a picture, one that wasn't taken… it was of everyone on the merry go, in a group shot.

"When was this taken?" asked Akane.

"I don't know, seeing as I have the only camera." said Nabiki.

"It was memento, created by the World Merger." said Cologne.

Nabiki got a good idea, a sweet idea. "How about I make copies, and I'll make a special one for Lung-Lung." said Nabiki.

Lung-Lung looked at the greedy girl, "How much?" she said.

Before the tow would get into a fight Akane asked Cologne, "So what happened to Straw Hats?"

"The same thing that happened with you, returned to the place they started from." said Cologne.

A few minutes earlier, the Straw Hats were in the dark then suddenly they were on the Merry Go.

"I guess things are back to normal." sighed Nami.

He pocket felt a little heaver, she checked her pocket it contained a few thousand more berry than earlier and half of the left over pics of Ranma. She gave a greedy smile.

"I'm glad to be rid of Lung-Lung" said Sanji.

"Well as well that ends well" said Luffy.

Luffy saw something on the ground, it was the same picture that Akane found. Everyone looked at it, surprised.

"Where did this come from?" asked Usopp.

"I don't know, but I think we should frame it" said Luffy.

The other Straw Hats agreed.

"Oh Nami." said Zoro.

"What is it?" asked Nami.

"Promise me, you never ever, ever sell embarrassing pictures of me" said Zoro.

Nami blinked "Okay I won't" said Nami.

And so the everyone in the groups regained their old lives, never forgetting the adventures that they had, the friendships they made, the money they made though some things they would rather forget. Although everyone convinced the Kunos it was dream, it did help that they were idiots and they kept getting knocked out. No matter the two groups would be friends for ever… even if Luffy never realized he was engaged.

The End.

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