Return of the Wild Gang: Chapter 14

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"…guilty. I hereby sentence Mr. Hirutani to eight years in prison," the judge banged her gavel. "Case dismissed!"

"Ahh! We did it!" shrieked Mai, jumping up and down. Joey hugged her, and Tea hugged Yugi, causing him to blush. As they walked out of the courthouse that Wednesday afternoon, Serenity said

"I'm so happy for you, Mai! You stood up for women's rights. I'm going to be a great independent woman just like you. After all, you are like a sister to me." Mai smiled.

"Good for you, Serenity. If you want, I could give you a few tips on dueling if you need them."

"Does she ever!" said Duke, elbowing Tristan in the side.

"Shut it, Dice-Boy!" he snapped. Tristan was very protective of Serenity. He was notheartbroken by her lack of interest in him, but he still felt the need to be beside her. Duke had a thing for Serenity, and Tristan wanted to make sure Duke didn't put the moves on her. In all honesty, he wanted Serenity to be happy, so he thought to back off and see if she even liked Duke. So far it did not look like it.

"What should we do to celebrate?" asked Yugi.

"Why don't we pool our money and go out to dinner at a nice restaurant?" suggested Tristan.

"Actually…I can't," said Tea. "I have to get home. My mom and dad are throwing me a 'good-luck-in-New York' party, and since I'm kind-of the guest of honor…" Everyone's faces fell.

"Oh," sighed Yugi. "When do you leave for America?"

"This Saturday," said Tea.

"That's so soon!" yelled Tristan. "But…congratulations."

"Yeah, we'll miss you," said Joey.

"Well, I'd better get home. I'll see you later!" Tea yelled as she left. Yugi then turned back to Joey.

"Say Joey, next year I'll be at college so I won't be able to help Grandpa at the shop. I'm sure he'd love it if you came to work for him," said Yugi.

"You mean it, Yug'?" asked Joey.

"Well, I'll have to ask him, but you're like family to us, Joey. And you need a job anyway."

"Yeah. Aw Yug', thanks!" said Joey, embracing his friend.

"Well guys, I'm going home. I really appreciate you helping me through all this," said Mai.

"What are friends for?" said Duke.

"I'll walk with you," said Joey. The sun was setting as Joey and Mai walked arm-in-arm down the street. Now it was just Yugi, Tristan, Duke and Serenity.

"I've got to get home, too," said Tristan. "Devlin, would you mind taking Serenity to the train station?"

"Not at all. I'll get her there safely," said Duke. "Come on, Serenity, let's go before dark." He and Serenity got in his car. Tristan was happy to see that Duke was a gentleman, and held the car door for her.

"Bye, guys!" she waved. Tristan walked home after that, and now it was just Yugi…and Yami.

"So, you're all going separate ways?" said Yami.

"Yep! Tristan and I are going to be roommates, and you and I will still have each other." After a little mental-conversation with Yami, Yugi also walked home. When he arrived, he asked his grandpa if Joey could have a job at the game shop once the summer was over, and Solomon said yes.


"I hope you have a safe trip, Serenity," said Duke as they parked at the station.

"Thanks. It was nice of you to drive me," she answered.

"No problem. Oh, and Serenity?"


"Here," he handed her a piece of paper with his e-mail address on it. "Let's keep in touch," he said.

"Oh, just a sec!" she got out a candy wrapper from her pocket and wrote her e-mail address on it and gave it to Duke.

"Thank you. I'll miss you. I know we only met a year ago, but…well…I really like you," said Duke. Serenity blushed.

"Well, you do make me feel special," she said. "I kind-of like you, two." Duke's face lit up.

"Alright. So…next time you're in town want to go on a date?"

"Why do we have to wait 'til my next visit?" she said. Before Duke could answer, Serenity stood up on her toes and placed a little kiss on his lips. Then she got on the train. Duke waved.


That Saturday, Tea got on the plane to New York. She was nervous, but really exited. Her parents were going with her to help her movein, so she wouldn't be alone for the flight. Sadly, everyone showed up to day goodbye- except Yugi. She was heartbroken.

"Bye Tea," they all said as they hugged her goodbye. She held back tears in front of Joey, Mai, Tristan and Duke.

"Um, good luck to you two," she said awkwardly to Joey and Mai.

"You too," smiled Mai. "Girl Power!" she help up a fist and Tea punched it.

"Girl Power."

"I wonder where Yugi is," grumbled Joey.

"Yeah, how could he miss this?" added Tristan.

"It's okay, guys. Maybe it was just too painful for him." But Tea was not okay. Yugi was her oldest friend. She didn't even care if Yami showed up, she just wanted to see Yugi.

"Um, well, we've got to go," said Duke.

"Yeah, um, smell ya latuh!" said Joey.

"Buh-bye, Hon'," said Mai.

"Stay cool," said Tristan, making the rock-n-roll sign with his hand. Tea swallowed, then rolled her suitcase and tried to catch up in the line with her parents.

"Hey, wait!" yelled someone. Tea searched around, but couldn't see who she thought it was.

Probably just my imagination, she thought.

"Tea!" the voice called again. It was Yugi.

"Yugi! You came!" she cried.

"I wouldn't miss this, Tea," he panted. "I'm sorry I'm late. I was wrapping this present…" he handed Tea a small box.

"Oh, thank you, Yugi."

"Don't open it yet. Wait until you're on the plane," said Yugi.

"Okay," there was a small pause between them. "Thanks for coming," she said.

"I'm really going to miss you, Tea…" said Yugi. "I know you don't feel the same…but I like you, and I always have."

"Oh Yugi," she threw her arms around him."I've always liked you too," she whispered. They looked into each other's eyes and slowly, their lips met in their first kiss. Yugi's heart fluttered. (A/N: I know, corny and lame.) "Goodbye," she said.

"Bye," they waved and then Tea disappeared into the crowd of passengers.

On the plane, she opened the gift. It was a heart-shaped locket, with a picture of Yugi and Yami inside. There was also a Dark Magician Girl card for her, and finally, a note.

"Good luck, Tea. I'll be waiting for you.

Love Yugi."

Tea hugged the note to her chest as the plane took off to the west.