I do not own CSI. Only in my dreams. I do own the little girl though.

She ran as fast as she could, splashing through mud and rain water in the streets. If he caught he would kill her for running away. She knew she very little chance to get clean away, but she had to try. If not for her, than for her mother who died trying to save her from the life she now had.

Nick stokes walked over to where Grissom knelled over the body of a man in his late thirties early forties, with balding blonde hair and dead blue eyes staring out at the world.

"Can you give me a ball park TOD David?' He heard Grissom ask as he came closer.

"Hey Gris sorry I'm late traffic was killer." Nick explained slipping his hands into a pair of latex gloves.

"Yeah, well hopefully we can catch his." Grissom replied, Nick shook his head chucked. Leave it to Grissom to make a morbid pun. Nick canvased the area photographing anything and everything. Blood patterns on the sidewalk around the body, and then the body its self.

She ran on forever it seemed until the lights of the Vegas strip reached her and she became lost in the crowds that milled the sidewalks. She slowed to walk and looked a round at the different people, some where celebrating that one in a life time jackpot, while other stood around in envy. Most of the people came out of one casino and right into another hoping to find that lucky machine, and strike it rich.

"There she is grab her Mikey!" A voice yelled from behind her, she toke a split second glance behind to see two man coming through the crowds towards her, and bolted through massive throng of people.

'God help me tonight' her little mind prayed as she ran bumping and stumbling. until she reached a barricade of police tape. she stopped to look on in wonder at the people on the inside of the tape as they walked around looking a this, snapping pictures of that, and bagging odds and ends. Her eyes fell on one man in particular, he was tall, and young, may her older brothers age, with short hair, dark eyes and a vest the read N. Stokes CSI. She'd heard these people on the news at night, they looked for the evidence that out most bad men behind bars.

"Hey get back here you!" Mikey yelled reaching out for her. Not stopping to think about she ducked under the tape and ran to the dark haired man who was knelt down writing on a label of a baggy in his hands.

"HELP!" She screamed taking a fling leap into his arm. Nick had to drop the pen and bag in order to keep the little girl from falling girl cement.

"Whoa there, you can't be over here." Nick smiled down at the distraught girl in his arms.

"There trying to hurt me please don';t them." She begged him curling closer into arms and taking up fistful's of his vest. Nick felt his insides turn, and he held her closer standing with her in his arms he turned to look for Grissom.

"Nicky who's your friend?" Grissom asked smiling at the child in question she buried her face in Nicks shoulder.

"I don't know she just ran into my arm's said some man where trying ti hurt her." Nick explained. Grissom frowned his brows furrowed and he looked her, she could be no older than eight, long blonde hair spilled down her back, her bright blue eyes, dull and sad. He notice her shiver and both men noticed for the first time that all she wore of a dirty nightgown and socks n her feet.

"Why don't you take her to Dessert palm and have checked out there, maybe we can find her something to cover up with she must be freezing." Grissom said looking around, like he expected to see something to use. Nick walked with her in arms back to his Truck and opening the back pulled out a thick blanket.

"This should do for now." He told her. he tried to move her around so he could wrap her in it, but she had death grip on his vest.

"hey it alright I'm going to set you down for ano minute okay, just so i can wrap this blanket around you." Nick explained she let go fo his vest and he set down on the truck wrapped the blanket around her and picked her up again.

"There now isn't that better?' He asked her and felt her head move up and down against his chest he smiled and walked back to taped off area.

"Hey I'm off Gris I'll call when i find out anything." Grissom nodded and waved the child who gave him a small smile in return. Nick bundled her in the back seat and then climbed in the front and they were off. She looked out the Window the See Mikey and his cohort raging at the retreating vehicle she smiled and turned back to look at her hero.

This just came to me as I was laying in bed, and I thought I would type it up. More to come I Promise.