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Chapter 11 Sad Goodbye

Robin stood motionlessly on the train platform in the poring rain. His team stood around him with umbrellas and depressed looks on their faces. Batman watched his son closely with his face emotionless as ever. Robin was having a hard time doing this.

For the fifth time that evening, Robin ran a gloved hand through his wet laden hair while letting out a long sigh. Only a week after the taking down of Susan Miller the kids had to leave. Bruce had to sit Richard down and tell him that he didn't plan Robin to do so well so they were scheduled to leave soon. Now the boy was standing with them at the train station and waiting with them till it came.

Susan Miller had committed suicide two days after her capture. The secrete identity of the boy she tried to kill would never be told to another person now, so the anxiety in the house had died down because of that known fact. But the nervousness had quickly been replaced with depression and gloominess. Soon the house would be back to its normal self.

"There it is!" Amelia cried when spotting the train in the distance. She then fell silent when realizing that this would be the end for her team. Things would be so different now.

"When will we see you again, Robin?" Josh asked his leader while craning his neck to look up at the teen.

Robin gave them all a weak smile while bending down to their eye level. "Don't know, Josh," he answered the kid truthfully. "But it would be nice if we all kept in touch." He tried to smile at them, but he stopped when seeing them all look to the wet ground with sadness in their eyes.

"Hey, why the long faces?" he asked them while coming closer to them.

"I don't know," Lilly answered him with a sigh. "I didn't have fun at all and I hated you and these guys for most of the time here in this smelly city, but…I…I guess I'll miss everything. You know?"

"Dido," Alex muttered quietly.

Robin opened his mouth to say something, but then Lilly cut him off. "You knew that your dad wouldn't let you keep us or let you be a leader, Robin," she said sharply. "Why did you keep pushing it? It was stupid!"

"Yeah," Josh spoke up for his friend suddenly. The other two nodded while frowning deeply at their old leader. Robin looked to the ground to search for the right words. They all waited silently for him to answer. The train came to a screeching stop behind him and people piled in to get out of the rain. But the kids still waited for their answer.

"I guess," Robin answered quietly. His voice was barely above the raindrops splattering around their feet. "I guess I just really wanted to be the leader of something. That wasn't my main goal at first. It was more to prove my father wrong. But it kept going because I saw suddenly that I was a good leader and seeing my team progress like it did made me have this kind of feeling. I sound pretty stupid right now, don't I?" he asked them with a small chuckle.

"Well, yeah, you do sound like the idiot you are," Lilly answered with a nod. The others glared at her until she smiled and said, "But you're our idiot leader and we don't care what you sound like." They all laughed then gave each other a group-hug of good bye.

They all then started to pile onto the train while waving to their leader the whole time. Josh tried to hide his sensitive tears even though everyone knew he was crying. It only made Robin smile. "Don't kill each other!" he called after them. He then let out a sad laugh.

Suddenly Alex ran back out of train. "I don't want to leave!" he cried while wrapping his arms around Robin's waist and sobbed into his stomach. Robin was in complete shock at first. Alex didn't ever show emotions as strong of these unless it was anger. But right now he needed Robin more than ever.

"Alex, it will be okay," Robin said while bending down again and holding onto the boy's shoulders.

"No, it won't!" Alex said with a small sniff. "I won't fit in Public School. I'm too different! They hate me and so does my parents! Please don't make me go back there. I don't want to go."

"I…I don't want you to, either," Robin stumbled on his words. Boy, he loved these kids too much. This was just so hard to say to this boy in particular. "I wish you could stay, but I have orders. I…I'm sorry." They both then hugged each other as Robin said to him, "Keep in touch with me, okay? You'll be okay. Trust me. Now, go."

Alex nodded while slowly walking back to the train. Robin bit his lower lip as he was flooded with emotions. But he stayed strong as he stood back up and watched the train start to leave. He suddenly felt a hand touch his shoulder. He looked up to see Batman there next to him.

"I'm sorry, Richard," he whispered down to his son while squeezing his shoulder.

-Years Later-

"Nice work, guys!" Robin said to his team. The Teen Titans all collapsed onto their leather couch in the living room of Titans Tower. The leader gulped down his water while hearing his team talk to each other about the battle they just won with the H.I.V.E. Five.

"Hey, y'all!" Cyborg yelled to them suddenly from where he was at the kitchen counter. "The mail came in while we were gone!"

Robin sat down with a sigh as Cyborg named off some fan mail, bills, and other junk mail. Usually they didn't get stuff that was special, but today was a bit different for one of them. The leader leaned back in his chair while closing his eyes. There was too much to think about, mail wasn't important to him.

"From an Alex Martin," Cyborg said as if it was fan mail. Robin suddenly flung himself out of his seat and snatched the letter out of his friend's hand with a small thanks. He then sprinted out the door of the Tower with a grin on his face. His teammates looked at each other with confusion at their leader's actions. He had never done that before!

Robin bounded down the hillside of their island. The hot summer air instantly made the boy start to sweat, but he didn't care. He slid to a stop on the grassy hillside and sat down to read his prize. He laughed at his childish actions back in the Tower and knew he had his friends puzzled by now, but he felt like he needed to be left alone to read this. He almost felt 13 again and it made him smile to himself.

The teen ripped the envelope open and quickly unfolded the letter with some care. He laid down on the hill while reading. It said…

Dear Robin,

Sorry I haven't written to you in what seems like forever. The training school on the moon you told me about doesn't let anyone send letters to earth, but I'm on earth now for a little visit. But I love life at my new school. Did you know that Amelia signed up as well and she is in some of my classes? She is just as preppy and cheerleaderish as ever. No surprise there. But thanks for the application to the school. I like the school a lot. But I visited Josh and Lilly just a few days ago with Amelia. Josh is now playing town hero once in a while. He likes school better than being a superhero, but he also likes to help others. So of course his indecisiveness made him split the jobs. And Lilly quit the superhero thing all together. She created a band in her town and became an instant hit there. I bought you a ticket for one of her showings. I want you to go see her. She would like it a lot. Her band's name is surprisingly Shadow Demon. So please write back to me and good luck with the Titans. I've heard so much about them.

Your old teammate,


Robin looked at the ticket stapled to the paper and saw the date. His eyes went wide when he saw that her show was only two days! He would have to take a plane out to where she lived or something along those lines. He would have to pack right away. But he knew it would be worth it.

The teen sat back up and read the letter again to himself. It had been such a long time ago when he last saw them get on that train and leave, but he could have sworn it was only a few months ago. Time could fly. He missed his other team, but he was happy with the one he was with now. The Titans were his family and pretty much his life. He would never want to go back to his old one, but he could still miss them now and then.

And then he realized that if it wasn't for his old team he wouldn't have quit at being sidekick and hadn't gone to Jump City to form the Teen Titans. It was funny how fate just played out so smoothly. The leader gave a sigh as he thought back to the old days with Batman. He had grown so much since then.

It made the teen actually laugh out loud when he realized that his small dream of being leader back then was gone. He was now fulfilling the dream and doing a pretty good job at it. He wasn't known as Robin the sidekick of Batman anymore. He was now Robin: Leader of the Teen Titans. And he planned on keeping that title for a very long time.

The End

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