Kindness. Loyalty. The Bird of Paradise granted these qualities to Raimundo and Kimiko, respectively.

It makes sense, if you think about it. Raimundo has always been kind to his friends, especially to Kimiko.

Kimiko was always been loyal to her friends, never turning to the dark side, except during that showdown against Wuya for the Moby Morpher. Also, Kimiko has remained loyal towards her feelings for Raimundo.

We see these traits today, during the Chinese New Year.

Fireworks burst, filling the sky with reds, blues and greens. Dojo, as much as he wanted to, avoided flying around in the sky.

Clay walked slowly, to avoid Omi, who was running around the Dragon of Earth's feet.

"Slow down there, partner!" Clay said, carrying stacks of wrapped parcels in his arms.

"But Clay, I am most eager to open my presents! Even if I have no family..."

"We're your family, Omi." reminded Kimiko, sitting on a wooden railing.

Omi smiled. "Of course! You and Raimundo are the parents..."

Rai, who was doing handstands again, slipped and fell on his face.

"Clay is the kind older brother," continued Omi. "And I..."

"Am the annoying little brother?" finished Rai, rubbing his head as Kimiko helped him up.

Omi shrugged, the fireworks reflecting off his head. "I guess."

"Ya know, I never get tired of New Years." said Dojo, shaking a present addressed to him, trying to determine its contents.

Kimiko looked up at Rai. "I'm tired of these fireworks."

"Well, here." Rai tossed her the Star Hannabi.

"What's this for?" Kimiko asked as Rai pulled out the Sword of the Storm.

"Guess." Rai said with a wink, leading her over to the grassy field.

Like the pieces of a puzzle, Kimiko realized what Rai wanted to do. "Star Hannabi FIRE!" From the red jewel encased in the golden star, a column of white-hot fire shot into the sky.

"Sword of the Storm WIND!"

Wind & Fire collided, and the fire burst into a giant explosion in the shape of a heart.

Clay chuckled. "Well, that's one way o' puttin' it..."

Omi smiled. "Teamwork...love...I do not think there is a difference for Kimiko and Raimundo."

But Kimiko & Rai didn't even hear the words of their friends. Too busy crossing the borderline between Wind and Fire; their lips.