Kingdom Hearts: The Untold Stories

By: Wolf E. Urameshi

Started: 2005-10-01

Finished: -

Disclaimer: All Kingdom Hearts and Disney elements portrayed in this story are property of Square Enix and the aforementioned company; no infringement of the law is meant in any way. Also, all original characters are property of their owners and used with permission, when applicable. This fanfic may also be posted soon in Fan Corner section as well as the Gargoyles Fanfiction Archive at the Gargoyles Fans Website, I have not decided yet.

Author's Note: Hello to all of you! My name is Wolf E. Urameshi. I am a fanfic writer and this is officially the first Kingdom Hearts fanfic I write. However, this is the only entry I will post right now, since I am also currently working in three different fanfics; however, I will try my very best to finish them soon so I can continue this. This prologue's supposed to bring some 'premonitions' of what's to come. This fanfic takes place right after the first Kingdom Hearts but a short while before Chain of Memories. The Disney 'worlds' to be included here are still to be determined (except for the Disney cartoon Gargoyles, which I have reserved especially for the ending.) It is composed of three chapters or 'books' that explain Sora's 'untold stories' that have not yet been revealed (at least in my universe.) For a final note, even though I am writing three fanfics, please be on standby, I will not abandon this one. I just need to finish those before I can work on this. I sincerely hope you enjoy this prologue! By the way, this is not a script; the following are quotes about the future portions of this fic. Please note that they are original quotes, they are not featured in any KH game, however, any quotes featured here that were also in one of the games is entirely coincidential.

Prologue: Kingdom Hearts: The Untold Stories

"I am... Someone; just a small speck in one of many places. My name has no significance. At least, that's what I thought... Until I met him. Such a young boy, with a weapon in hands and a fierce spirit burning within him. I could not possibly fathom at his sense of right and wrong."

"This boy's name is Sora. And these... Are his Untold Stories."

"Your inner spirit... It is strong!"

"He left us forty years ago! Why must I be his friend?"

"Your Majesty, no!"

"If only I could release my darkness..."

"Why are you doing this...?"

"The darkness is your place."

"No! I won't give in!"

"My strengths are my friends!"

"The darkness is calling you..."

"I hate you!"

"Please stop! Stop it!"

"Nostrum lux lucis est spes!"

"I won't let you hurt my friends!"

"Thank you."

"You're playing with fire."

"Beware of her, Riku. She is dangerous."


"You were the one. And still are."

"Sora is my friend! You're the enemy!"

"Our duty is to aid His Majesty!"

"Our journey is limitless..."

"Sora, let's seal the Keyhole... Together!"

"Our Keybladeswillnever be the same."

"I am darkness itself!"

"Lightis about hope!"

"Our beliefs are within us and the people!"

"How could you?"

"Tempus Fugit... Time flies."

"Your journey is just beginning, Sora..."

"Who are you...? Why are you telling me this?"

"I'm telling you, because you are the one. And I am... A friend, just like Goofy and Donald."

"How do you know their names?"

"I don't know. I just do."

"Is that not your wish?"

"Yeah... I want to be the way I was again."

"You cannot destroy the darkness within you, Riku."

"What? Why?"

"Because everyone has it. Without it and the light, there would be no balance, and we would not even stand."

"Our lives are intertwined, you know that..."

"If you say so, where was Goliath then?"

"You still don't understand, because your hatred is blinding you."

"What are you trying to tell me?"

"That I don't think you'll understand. You probably never will, Brooklyn."

"Beware of that woman. She is dangerous, my friends."

"How dangerous?"

"Dangerous in the term that she could end your crusade, which is a brave one."

"Your ideals cannot prevail, robot!"

"What proof do you have?"

"Your darkness and lusts, you robotic menace!"

"This is your last chance! Either stop and be forgiven or continue and be destroyed!"

Kingdom Hearts: The Untold Stories

Book 1: "Heavenly Premonition"

Book 2: "Dual Strenghts"

Book 3: "Tempus Fugit"

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By: Wolf E. Urameshi

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