Kingdom Hearts: The Untold Stories

-Book One: Heavenly Premonition-

By: Wolf E. Urameshi

Disclaimer: All Kingdom Hearts, Disney and Final Fantasy characters and elements are property of Square Enix and Disney; no infringement of the law is meant in any way. Also, all original characters are property of their original owners and used with permission, when applicable.

Started: 2006, January 14th, 2006

Finished: -

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-Book One: 'Heavenly Premonition', Part B-

"The darkness is calling you... You just can't see it. Why do you continue...? And... Must I continue this farce...?" The same mysterious figure that talked Sora before stood behind a tree as he talked to his friends. The person could not understand Sora's intentions.

"What is the matter, brother? Is something troubling you, Kenichi?" Kenichi turned around quickly and saw a blonde woman with blue eyes and a diadem in a black coat, just like him.

"Celes! Where have you been?"

"I've been... Around. I was still looking for him."

"You mean that fool, Kefka? Please, he couldn't even build a house if he wanted to!" The name of Kefka truly gave him fear. Kefka was one of the Thirteenth Order's most insidious supporters. However, he destroyed nearly half of it and went off on a crusade for power. Those events still sounded in his mind...


Unknown Place

"Hee hee! I am darkness itself!"

"No! Why are you doing this...? This isn't what we planned, Kefka!"

"That's because it isn't what we were planning? My ultimate goal is to destroy the worlds and make them all for me! Now then, will you serve me, Kenichi?"

"Not a damn chance! I'll stop you here and now!"

"Really? Well, let me tell you something... The darkness is your place."

"No! Can I really be as dark and malevolent and threatening to the universe as he is? If only I could release my darkness..." That said and done, Kefka turned, and aimed the palm of his hand towards a nearby village. It started to glow with dark radiance and flew from the hand. The small village that had been standing there was turned into a darker version of what it was, as flames and Heartless did their job with the hearts of the innocent people on the place, draining their hearts with no remorse or shame.

"Please stop! Stop it!"

"Silence! You're next!"

"Never! I will destroy you!"

"Come if you dare! Hee hee hee!"


Present Day

"Kenichi, it wasn't your fault. You tried your hardest to stop him. There was nothing you could have done." Celes tried to comfort him, but Kenichi wouldn't have it as he turned and ran.

"No! You're wrong!" Kenichi disappeared behind some houses, and Celes sighed in pure sadness. She still wondered why he couldn't put the past behind him.

Meanwhile, Sora and his friends were walking down the road to the Mall (which was already looming on the horizon) talking excitedly about the Heartless and their plans to stop them and Drakken. "So, let me see if I got it right. The Heartless are beings that drain the hearts of people? And they are weak to the light?" Kim asked as Sora nodded and Ron just cowered behind Kim.

"Man, who would want to meet them in Bueno Nacho?"

"Ron, cut it out! Now's not the time for this—Eeek!" Sora's hand flew to the Keyblade once he saw what was going on: Heartless had appeared in front of them, ready to strike. But the bad thing about it was that some of the monkey-looking ones were there.

"Gyyyaaahh! Bad monkey Heartless! Aaaahh!" This was Ron's cue to run, and he did so as his naked mole rat Rufus frowned in his pockets. Sora knew this wouldn't be an easy adventure.


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