Title: Whisper
Rating: PG (one curse word)
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Pairings: 1+2 (well, none really)
Warnings: ANGST, baby!
Summary: The classic question

Duo sat up, looking curiously about the dark room, glancing first at the clock. It was nearing three in the morning, and a false dawn taunted the horizon dying the room in a deep almost blue haze. The moon hung lazily outside the window, half-full and doing little to help the lighting in the small space. What was that...? he thought pushing the thin sheet draped over down, preparing to rise.

'Don't get up,' a voice said from somewhere around the bedroom door. Duo recognized the nasally tone instantly.

'Heero..?' he asked, ignoring Heero's order and moving to rise again. 'What's the matter, it's too early for this stuff, man.'

'It's nothing, go back to sleep,' Heero said again, still not moving from the shadows. From what Duo could tell, he was standing just inside the doorway.

Duo stopped letting out a sigh. I seriously doubt the sanity of this guy, he thought shaking his head. He looked back over in Heero's direction blinking the sleep from his eyes. 'Well, you need to sleep too,' he said gesturing to the other bed in the room with his hand. 'You haven't been up since I went to bed, have you?'

'I have,' Heero said simply.

Duo rolled his eyes and let out a heavy sigh. Forget it, there is no way of getting through to this guy, he thought shaking his head slightly again. 'All right, well, g'night then,' he said laying back down.

Heero finally moved into the room, heading over to his bed and sitting down on it. Normally, Duo would have been fine and dandy with this, but he couldn't sleep with Heero's piercing gaze on him.

'Duo?' came the almost lost sounding voice.

This made Duo rise up leaning on one elbow looking concerned at Heero. Heero was visible now, even in the soft light, his face looked pained...and lost. 'Heero? What is it? What's the matter?' Duo asked quickly, concern obvious in his voice.

'It's nothing,' Heero repeated looking away from Duo, casting his face in shadows.

'Heero, don't give me that shit!' Duo said sitting up fully now. 'Talk to me, man,' he said in a softer voice as he rose and walked across the small expanse of their shared bedroom. He sat down on his knees before Heero, looking at him worriedly. 'Heero?'

'What do you want to do after the war, Duo?' Heero asked suddenly, moving to look at Duo with his dark cobalt eyes.

'I...' Duo had thought of this often, in fact, the only thing he thought of more was the war. 'I'm going to space...I'm going to...Why, Heero?' he asked, confused by why Heero was asking this, furrowing his eyebrows.

'It's not important,' Heero said hiding his face again.

'Yes it is,' Duo said giving Heero a hard look. 'Obviously it must be, I've never known you to ask unimportant questions.'

Heero looked back at him. His face had gone blank again, and Duo knew that Heero had brought back his mask. 'Heero,' Duo started slowly, rising back to his feet and looking sorrowfully back down at Heero.

Heero raised his head to meet Duo's blue-violet gaze, showing Duo clearly that this would be the only time that he would see Heero's true emotions. 'What are you going to do after the war?'