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All Star Wars references in this story are the exclusive property of Lucasfilm and George Lucas himself, all Star Trek: The Next Generation references are the exclusive property of Paramount Pictures and Gene Rodenberry. I don't own them, I'm just borrowing them for a little while, so please don't sue.

This story takes place during the seven year tour of the Enterprise D and is decidedly AU.

Not so long ago, nor so far, far away


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Chapter 1

Captains Log: Stardate 33475.9

While on routine patrol in the Epsilon sector, the Enterprise-D has found nothing more than the standard spatial anomalies. The ship and crew continue to function well despite the extended nature of this patrol tour. I think it would be safe to say that everyone looks forward to our next rest and refit at the end of this cycle.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard sat the watch with his First Officer William T. Riker sitting at his right and the ship's counselor Deanna Troi to his left. This patrol cycle, the ship's third in six months was nearly complete.

As much as Picard loved his career in Starfleet and enjoyed his command of the Enterprise, he was looking forward to the next rest and refit cycle for his ship and crew. He'd been reading up on a new archeological find over in the Annubis sector and was thinking about calling in a favor with an old friend in the Archeological Society.

The rest and refit schedule called for ninety days in dry-dock. Picard had been thinking of spending forty-five days there, on the dig, and then catching the next supply ship on the return trip back to Earth where he would still have over a month to get back up to speed with any and all changes or modifications to the Enterprise.

Picard thought about it a little longer then resolved to contact his friend in the Society after he got off duty. "Yes," he thought, "that's just what I'll do."

William T. Riker, First Officer, was busily planning out the shift rotations for the upcoming rest and refit period on his terminal at his seat next to Captain Picard. He thought to himself: "Trying to give over nine hundred adult sentient beings a fair portion of time off during a rest and refit is never easy, but then if I wanted easy, I would never have signed up for Starfleet in the first place."

Riker continued his train of thought as he worked: "Let's see, we usually run three shifts of eight hours apiece for a total of twenty-four hours in a day. We only need a third of each shift onboard at any one time during the refit so that leaves two thirds of each shift that can take shore leave, not to mention the usual permanent change of station crew turnovers."

He looked over the change of station list, saw what he expected and said to himself: "As usual, we have more requests for transfers to the ship than from it. I'll let the department heads cull the lists first then forward them to me at which point I can take them to the Captain. I think I'll take a break from this before my eyes fall out of my head."

Counselor Deanna Troi was working on her own terminal next to the Captain as she went over her counseling schedule for the next week. She said to herself: "I'm not surprised that my schedule is a little fuller than last week's. What with this being our third patrol insixmonths and all. Hmm . . . mostly from people on their first tour aboard a starship, a couple of marital disputes, and . . . well, that's a pleasant surprise, no appointments with Reggie this week. That's good."

Lieutenant Worf stood at his console going over the results of his latest round of security drills and Tactical reports. He said to himself: "Good. Team Two has sped up their response time by thirty seconds but the last round of phaser bank diagnostics is still unsatisfactory. It looks like it will stay that way until the rest and refit is done. This is not good. If we should go into battle, this could . . . no, on second thought, it won't really affect overall efficiency after all. As much as I dislike the situation, I guess I'll have to settle for five microns off target for now."

Worf's console indicated something on long range scan. The relative peace on the bridge caused all three people sitting just below his station to look over at him as the Captain said: "Find something Mr. Worf?"

Worf said: "Captain, long range scans have just detected a small object coming in this direction, at bearing 113, mark 8." Picard, never one to hesitate said: "Helm, adjust course to intercept, Mr. Worf, perform a detailed scan as soon as we're in range, time to intercept?"

The Navigation officer consulted his display and said: "Approximately six minutes at current speed, sir." Picard said: "Very well." The six minutes were barely noticed when Worf said: "In range now Captain, scanning." Picard said: "Onscreen please Lieutenant."

A moment later, the main viewscreen changed images from the starfield of a moment before to a shape gliding through space towards them. Riker said: "Analysis Mr. Worf?" He answered: "It's a ship, small, only 12.5 meters long and of a configuration that is not in our databanks. Sensors indicate a significant weapons payload and shielding system for a craft so small but I'm only registering a minimal level of energy in use at this time."

The screen showed a relatively narrow fuselage tapering into a snub of a nose, with some kind of wing assembly coming from the left and right sides of the craft just behind an obvious canopy with equally obvious weapon arrays extending from each wingtip as well as an engine bank of four tubes extending from behind the craft at the opposite end from the snub-nose.

Worf continued his analysis: "The weapons are not charged at this time but are not of any configuration in the databanks. Unlike our phaser banks that operate on a phased harmonic resonance frequency, these appear to use raw energy that is simply focused through the body of the weapon itself. There also appears to be a torpedo system of some kind that uses proton energy. Only six torpedoes though and they are in a rack and magazine system similar to the projectile weapons of twentieth century Earth."

Riker exclaimed: "Proton energy torpedoes and raw energy weapons? I've never heard of a ship that uses those type of systems since the original prototype Enterprise commanded by Jonathan Archer. Even then the phasers were in their prototype form."

Lieutenant Commander Data spoke from his station next to the navigator: "That is correct Commander. It was also the first Starfleet vessel to be armed with the photon torpedo, prior to that; they used a type of physical torpedo that caused damage with a combination of kinetic energy and explosive warhead."

Riker then said: "Any lifesigns?" Worf looked at his display and said: "Uncertain at this time sir. I thought I saw something a moment ago but now there's nothing showing. Performing level one diagnostic now sir. Sensors are functioning normally sir. There it is again. It was faint but now that I know what to look for, I am detecting one male human lifesign, but with a metabolic rate almost too low to register."

Picard spoke next: "Interesting; bridge to Dr. Crusher." Beverly Crusher's voice came back: "Crusher here Captain, something wrong?" Picard said: "Have you been monitoring our latest conundrum?" She answered back: "Just a moment and let me tie into your readings . . . I see it now Captain. Sickbay systems confirm the lifesign is a human male but even I'm not sure how or why the metabolic rate is so low. I'm not reading any kind of stasis system on my end, how about you?"

Worf said: "Tactical analysis concurs with yours doctor, orders Captain?" Picard thought about it a moment longer then said: "As soon as it's in range Mr. Worf, activate the tractor beam and take it into the main shuttlebay. After decontamination, have Dr. Crusher take the pilot to sickbay. He may need help." Worf said: "Aye sir. I respectfully recommend a security team be on standby."

Riker spoke next: "I agree with Mr. Worf sir. It seems like a possible first contact but in never hurts to be sure." Picard turned to Deanna and said: "Counselor, do you have an opinion?" She said: "Not as yet Captain. I can sense a life signature but it's somehow different from any I've felt before."

Picard said: "Very well Mr. Worf. Have your security team on standby. Dr. Crusher, please have your medical team on standby as well." Crusher said: "Yes Captain."