I don't remember what happened before he hung me. I was up there and everything was turning black. I could feel my soul slipping away from me. Then an image of a girl found it's way into my thoughts. It was Claire; I wanted to see her again. I wanted to hold her in my arms, take care of her, and maybe, if I had the courage, kiss her. Suddenly I felt a banging on my chest; it woke me from my daze. I felt it again; it was like I had a chance to go back to what I knew must be daylight. I felt one more thud and I choked. There was air plummeting back into me and I opened my eyes. Sawyer and Kate were kneeling over me. No, wait; it was Jack, the doctor. They kept telling me to breathe. They were laughing, laughing at me, and crying. They found this situation funny for some reason. They thought it was funny that I was having a bloody hard time bringing air into my lungs. I didn't care; all I wanted to do was see Claire. I asked them where she was, but they told me not to talk, to save my strength. So I haven't spoken since, and now I'm sitting alone on the beach, thinking and waiting for Claire.