Infernal Flames and Sorrowful Ashes

Title: Infernal Flames and Sorrowful

Rating: R

Genre: Angst/Romance

Pairings: Danny/Ember

Danny Phantom and other related characters are in copyright of Butch Hartman. This writing is strictly for fandom and not for profit of any kind.

. Chapter 1: Danny Darkness

"Your journey will not end well; you cannot change your fate. No man can."

-Old man, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

A dark fog was over Amity Park and things had changed for the worst in the past few years. A silver-haired youth who held a crabby expression sat next to one of the gravestones of and looked at the sky. It had been five years since Danny's family and friends were killed by Vlad Masters AKA Vlad Plasmius and his lackeys. Since then, he proceeded to destroy ghosts completely instead of sending them back to the Ghost Zone. However, other ghosts had joined his cause because they were afraid to be destroyed or they shared his views on them.

"Another night and I still can't get over that incident five years ago." Danny thought as he fiddled around with the scythe that he had built two years ago. He had lost everything because of Vlad's murderous actions and the scythe was something that he made to help him remember why he fought so mercilessly. Not to mention that being unable to get a decent amount of decent sleep turned Danny into a shell of his former glory

Danny got up and brushed himself off. He had disowned his humanity and he had became a mercenary to help others who needed his help. His physical appearance had also changed. His eyes were now red, no longer blue or green. As for his attire, he wore a black, floor length duster that appeared to have been tattered from fighting ghosts. He still had the suit, but it was modified with eight buckles that going down the sides of his pants and his boots now had spikes at the bottom and buckles as well. The emblem was now changed to a red skull with nails stuck in it and the initials for his new name, Danny Darkness.

It was then that Danny's ghost sense went off and he knew that there was probably another ghost, but this one was different, he was actually sensing a ghost in pain as well.

"These are ghosts that just won't go away." Danny thought as he left the Amity Park graveyard and flew to where the ghost was. He knew that this was just the very price of his war against all ghosts.

To Be Continued