Chapter Four: Tragedies left unsaid

"My rose is blooming

And sending her scent

To you, my wanting one

My restless aura is touching you

From a hundred miles away

A silence you can't pay."

-Midnattsol, Unpayable Silence

A small hint of sunlight entered the window of Ember's bedroom as she tossed and turned in her sleep, trying to turn away from the burning and blinding effects of the sun that shined on her face. Ember only opened her eyes a little bit and stretched, but felt a sharp pain around her neck as the metal of the collar wrapped around her neck. She ignored that and now she needed a shower and something to wear.

She took a smell of her armpits and jumped back. "I may have been turned into a human because of Danny's little shock collar, but I don't want to smell like one."

Ember grabbed a blanket, wrapped it around her body and searched for a bathroom, hoping to find a decent shower and she was relieved when she found it. She tore away the blood and ectoplasm stained bandages and looked at her slender figure in the bathroom mirror. Most of her wounds had healed completely and the injury she suffered on her lower stomach had healed into a small scar. The shock collar may have taken away her power and immortality, but it could not take away her ability to regenerate overnight and on her face, ebony tears were falling down her cheeks from her eyes from crying last night.

She finished looking at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, turned on the shower faucets, and stepped in, letting the soft droplets of water pound against her back as it washed off her now normally paled skin and turned the water that sank down the drain into a mixture of black, green, and red. Ember must have spent hours letting the soap and water wash away the rancid filth.

Once get out, she grabbed a white towel from the towel rack and dried off, letting her now moist hair fall down her back and headed back to her room and opened the closet to look for something to wear and gasped with surprise and shock. These clothes obviously didn't belong to Jazz, they were Ember's. She searched through it and grabbed a pair of leather pants with black lacing going down the sides and slid them on, not even bothering to wear any underwear, they fit perfectly, but they were a burden to zip up.

Ember had nearly tried on everything to make sure that everything that was in the closet was her size. She then chose a black, silk Victorian shirt with flared fishnet sleeves that had the designs of spider-webs on the arms and a blood red rose at the top, but shirt left her shoulders bare and revealed the lower part of her torso. She was going to wear a skirt, but without her panties, it would look too slutty. She just chose a pair of black leather pants with silver buckles going down the sides and another grey belt that she would keep just in case she lost the other one. To complete it, she wore an elbow-length glove that she always wore on her arm.

The "closet from heaven" also possessed a number of shoes. Ember picked out a pair of darker grey boots similar to her original boots, but the skull was more demonic and they had spikes going up the front of them and spiked heels. She then tied her hair back with a baby blue ribbon before heading down stairs, the sound of her boots echoing throughout the house like a soldier's footsteps warning an enemy of his or her arrival and saw Danny sitting at the couch when she got to the living room and he noticed her presence.

"How was your nap?" Danny asked.

"Fine." Ember lied. She didn't want him to know about her troublesome memory that was in her dream last night.

"Well, you look great. A little sleepy, but still." Danny commented.

"Thanks." She said as she sat down next to him and looked at the living room. It was messy and pizza boxes were scattered everywhere and a television set rested in front of them. The coffee table had suffered some damage from the years that have passed. Things must have gone to pieces in the Fenton household ever since the death of Danny's family.

Danny then deliberately changed the subject. "Are you hungry?" he asked. Ember's stomach growled, signaling her hunger.

"I'll take that as a yes." Danny said as he got up and left Ember alone again. Ember lied down on the couch and placed her feet up on one of the arms of the couch and thought about her dream from last night. She had always thought she had died from a murder or at least that was what she thought the whole time. She then picked up a small picture frame that sat on the coffee table and saw the whole Fenton family, Tucker, and Sam. Those must have been happier days and what did she have in those days? Nothing; Just a false delusion of fame and power.

"I wonder if that guy in my dreams really was my father. Then again, I'm the one and only Ember Mclaine." She was then broken from her thoughts when Danny entered the living room, holding out a small tray for her.

"Here." he said as he set the trey in front of Ember as she sat up and took a piece of leftover pizza from the trey and took a small bite out of it.

Danny sat down next to Ember and looked at her. He had never felt so caring for another ghost before ever since he obtained his powers through a lab accident. Ember had looked more beautiful as a ghost, but as a human, she appeared more innocent and less cynical.

He shook it off. "Am I becoming attracted to her?" He thought. Ember stopped eating, noticing that he was worried, and placed a soft, gentle hand on his cheek.

"What wrong baby-pop?" Ember asked.

"N-Nothing." Danny stuttered.

"Do you want to tell me what's bothering you?" She asked.

Danny took up the courage to tell Ember. "Well, you know my family, right?" Ember nodded. "Well, Vlad killed them! He killed every single one of them!" Danny said as he grabbed the picture frame from the coffee table and tossed it against the wall, shattering the glass frame to pieces.

"Danny.." Ember's voice trailed off.

"I'm sorry I lost my temper." Danny said apologetically.

"It's okay, you have every right to be angry after what he did to them." She replied, brushing a lock of hair out of her face as she got up and picked up the remains of the shattered picture frame with her gloved hand and held the photo with her bare hand, being careful not to smudge the photo. She then walked back to the couch, sat next to Danny, and wrapped her arms around him.

"I guess we're both lost in a cruel world." Ember whispered softly.

Danny nodded, growled with frustration under his breath, and he laid his head on Ember's lap while she played with his hair.

"I've destroyed ghosts mercilessly ever since that happened." Danny said as he looked up at Ember.

"Don't worry; I'll be here for you until the end of time. Besides, Skulker seemed to be the only one who was after me and he might not be our only problem." Ember said, the tone of her voice changing to a more nervous tone.

Danny was only left to wonder in his thoughts about why Ember had came to him for help and who was after her.

He would have to worry about that later…for now.

Skulker entered a darkened room and seemed to be completely eclipsed in the shadows of the existing darkness. Then, a voice came over the intercom that sounded of a German accent.

"Vell, vell Herr Skulker. Velcome home mein boy." the voice shouted over the intercom.

"It's about time I received my payment." Skulker thought. He only grinned maniacally, the light green flame on his head seemed to be the only thing existing in the darkness of the large room where possible murderous ideals were committed against the race of man.

To Be Continued.