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Ice Chamber

Chapter 1

'tuxedo mask'

In the year 2125 AD the planet Earth became overrun. The people of Earth had finally taken over every last space and had exhausted all of the planet's resources. A new planet needed to be found if the human race was to survive. Previous experiments had shown that nothing could make the other eight planets in the Earth's solar system habitable. Something had to be done.

And so ships were sent out on exploration missions. A new solar system was discovered and after using air purifiers it was proven that both the planets and the moons were able to support life. New settlements were established and the first of Earth's people, or Terrans as they are now known, migrated to this system.

Over the next five hundred years these civilizations grew and expanded. Eventually three alliance systems were formed: the Triple Alliance, the Silver Alliance and the Crystal Alliance. In the early years after these three Alliances were created there were many devastating wars. Slowly the three governments came to an agreement and now all three hold equal power in the solar system. But the Triple Alliance was not satisfied. It wished to have complete power throughout the system and so began to establish plans that would lead them to that goal.

However, one young man by the name of Darien Shields knew something was wrong with his government and was doing everything in his power to put a stop to it…

Darien glanced around the corner of the building. After making sure there were currently no police officers in sight he casually strolled out of the alley onto the docks. His eyes constantly flitted around taking in everything through the dark sunglasses resting on the bridge of his nose. Looking at the long line of ships there didn't appear to be any that would soon be flying. Most of people close to the ships were unloading cargo rather than loading. It wasn't looking good for getting away any time soon. 'I knew I shouldn't have broken that mirror last night,' Darien thought.

In the dark of the night he slipped from building to building. He was about to sprint from his hiding place across the open ground to his destination when he heard footsteps in the gravel coming closer. "How's Estelle been lately?" a voice asked.

"She's been okay," a second voice replied. "I haven't been though. Those damn pregnant woman mood swings are killers."

He remained crouched until he could hear nothing more except the breeze flowing around him. He peered around the building to be certain there were no more guards lingering around. From what he knew there shouldn't be anymore walking by for fifteen minutes. Plenty of time for him to get over to Building C and up to the right window. Using his "enhanced abilities" as Grandpa liked to call them he was able to move silently across the gravel footpath to Building C. Bending his knees slightly he jumped and grabbed onto the ledge three stories up. He pulled himself up and, kneeling precariously on the tiny ledge, he examined the window. 'Locked,' he thought. 'Of course.'

Darien sped up a bit when he spotted a girl struggling to carry two large boxes. He shrugged to himself and thought, 'Well, being the chivalrous gentleman for a few minutes couldn't hurt.' He matched his walking pace to hers as he reached her. Darien cleared his throat and said, "Excuse me miss, would you like some help?"

As the girl tried to turn to him the top box began to wobble dangerously. Darien grabbed it before it fell and lifted it into his arms. She sighed in relief and smiled gratefully at him. "Thanks for that," she said, blowing her blue hair out of her eyes. "It would've been a lot more trouble than it's worth if that box had fallen and smashed open." She shifted the box in her arms before continuing, "I hate to ask but would mind carrying it to my ship for me? It would be a huge help if you could."

"No problem at all. So how far down is this ship of yours?"

She bit her lip and glanced at him from the corner of her eye. "The very end of the dock."

Darien chuckled. "Just my luck. Really though don't worry about it. I don't mind carrying the box that far for you." Walking side by side they continued moving down the dock. Up ahead Darien suddenly spotted a cop heading their way. He hefted the box up, placed it on hi shoulder and turned his head so that he was looking straight at he blue-haired girl rather than the direction in which he was walking.

Removing one of his black leather gloves he held his index finger close to the glass. A tiny golden flame appeared at the tip of his finger. It was a useful trick that Rei had taught him. The flame was tiny enough that it wouldn't attract attention to the light but with enough concentration would burn hot enough to melt anything. He finished moving his finger around the edges of glass and grabbed the pane before it could fall and break. He placed it on the floor inside the room and gracefully slipped through the window after it.

Putting his glove back on he moved behind the desk and turned the computer on. As it booted up he walked around the large room hoping there might be something useful on the bookshelves but found nothing. 'Please let there be something on the hard drive,' he thought as he sat down in front of the computer screen. As he was about to start searching through the files the door opened and a man walked in carrying files.

"Mr Wilson, I noticed you were in your office though I can't understand why you're still here this late at night." The man looked up and stared at him. "You're not Mr Wilson." The man's eyes widened. He grabbed his walkie-talkie from his belt and shouted into it, "Intruder! There's an intruder in Building C!"

"Kuso," he hissed. He picked up the nearest object, a hand mirror that was sitting on the desk, and threw it at the man. He heard it shatter against a wall as he jumped through the window onto the ledge and began to run along it.

"So may I inquire what your name is miss?" Darien asked as they passed by the policeman. He glanced back quickly to ensure that the cop wasn't looking in his direction or had recognised him at all.

"Oh I'm sorry! I didn't introduce myself. My name's Ami. Ami Mizuno."

"And I'm Darien. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Miss Mizuno."

"Please there's no need for such formalities. It's just Ami."

"Alright then. Ami it is." Darien looked over at the girl, no young woman really his mind registered, beside him as she smiled to herself. "I've got one question Ami. You wouldn't happen to need a medic or handyman or anything on this ship of yours would you?"

"Sorry but no." Ami smiled at him apologetically. "It's only a small ship and pretty much full as is. Oh look we're getting pretty close now."

Darien stopped walking and turned to face Ami. "Look Ami I'm going to tell you something. I need to get off this planet immediately. Sooner than immediately. I needed to be gone about three hours ago. I'm willingly to do just about anything. I'll even pay you for taking me onboard."

"How much?" Darien turned when he heard the new voice entering into their conversation and found a boy with sandy brown hair staring hard at him.

"Shingo you're back. Good thing too. Mina told me that Kunzite wants to leave pretty much as soon as we get back," Ami said grinning. "Did you get the meds?"

The boy nodded. "The liquids too. It's all in the box." He turned to Darien and asked again, "How much you willing to pay to get on?"

The group had continued walking as they spoke and reached the ship as Darien answered, "1000 parlos."

"Well here we are," Ami announced. "Thanks so much for the help Darien."

Darien set down his box and stared at the ship they were standing beside. Ami obviously hadn't been kidding when she said it was small. The ship was tiny and appeared to be fairly rundown with rusty metal and peeling paint. "You actually call this thing a ship?" he asked pretty much by what he saw before him.

"You got a problem with it buddy?" A woman with long blonde hair walked up to him and scowled at him. "Who are you anyway?"

"Mina this is Darien," Ami answered. "He helped me carry the supplies here. Darien this is Mina Aino. She's pretty much viewed as being second-in-command around here."

"You got a last name Darien?" asked Mina.

"It's Hino," Darien automatically replied out of habit. No point giving away to strangers what his real name was.


"I was hoping I could hop on your ship as a passenger."

Mina watched him with undisguised scepticism. "Where are you going?"


If Darien hadn't been watching Mina just as closely as she was watching him, he would have missed the fleeting expression that passed over Mina's face. It almost seemed like it was… fear? Before he had time to think further about it, it was gone and Mina had stated, "Sorry this ship doesn't go to Canberranoire. You'll have to find another one to hop onboard."

"Hey I'm happy to go as close as you are willing to take me."

"He said that he'd pay us 1000 parlos," Shingo piped up.

"Really now? You're gonna shell out that much money so that you don't even get to where you need to be? You must be pretty desperate to get off this little planet. Care to explain why?"

"Hand mirrors," he muttered in disgust. "Bloody rich people with their bloody vanity." He reached the corner of the building and looked down. The whole compound was now flooded with light and security was running everywhere though most of it was headed towards the building he was crouched on. "Well this is certainly not of the good." He glanced around searching for some sort of escape route.

Between Buildings E and G he spotted an unattended jeep. 'That could work.' Now he just needed to find a way there without being spotted by the authorities. "There he is!" someone shouted. He looked straight down once more and found that a large group of uniforms were looking straight back at him.

"Well there goes that idea. Plan B it is then." Standing up he leaped straight off the ledge. The group below him immediately dispersed. He landed on the ground crouched down. He briefly glanced at the people watching him. "Thanks for the help in moving but I've got to go now mates." With that he made a mad dash to the jeep and jumped in. He pushed the acceleration pedal down and began speeding through the narrow compound streets. Guards began shooting but he ignored the bullets flying through the air all aimed at him. As the gates loomed up ahead of him, he pushed the jeep to go faster and drove straight through the locked gates. "Sorry boys," he said as he left the compound, "but I've got a flight to catch."

Darien simply stared at her without answering. Mina raised an eyebrow at him before saying, "Fine. You can get on."

He grinned and once more picked up his crate. "Thank you. I am in your debt. This is a true act of good will on your part Miss Aino."

"Don't push your luck Funny Boy," she replied as she narrowed her eyes at him.

Ami and Darien carried their crates into the ship and set them down in the holding area. "Well Darien," said Ami, "welcome aboard the Ice Chamber. Come on I'll show you around."

As they walked up the stairs Darien asked, "Is there a particular reason why it's called 'Ice Chamber'?"

"You know I'm not sure. You'd have to ask the captain Kunzite. Truthfully I never asked about it."

Entering the central hallway Darien immediately noticed that the walls were covered with writing and drawings. While they walked he was able to read what a few of the sentences said. 'Could it be a faded rose from day's gone by? Everyone in Brownsville thinks she's crazy? What the hell is this supposed to mean?' "Uh Ami why are the walls covered in writing?"

"You'll see soon enough."

'Gee that wasn't a vague answer at all.' When they rounded a corner Darien spotted a short, blonde girl further along the walkway standing close to the wall with a pen in her hand. Darien was slightly awed by her hair. It was almost down to her ankles. He had never seen hair that long before. Previously the only other girl he had known with long hair was Rei. The girl had already turned to face them as if she knew they would be there.

Ami stopped him and whispered, "That girl is Serena. I should warn you now that she never speaks. The only people that she will talk to are her younger brother Shingo and her cousin Mina." As they approached her Darien could see bright blue eyes peering at him from beneath a fringe.

Ami halted before Serena and smiled. "Hello Serena. I've got someone for you to meet. This is Darien Hino. He's going to be staying on the ship for a few days. Darien this is Serena Tsukino."

Serena had frowned slightly at him when she heard Darien's name as if it had confused her somehow. She opened her mouth and clearly stated, "No. You are Tuxedo Mask." Serena then turned and began writing on the wall once more.

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