Phantom Codewalker
Tablet I - Sadistic Desire
by Ajora Fravashi

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*Kaiken (Kaiser/Ken). Rape. Yaoi. Violence... at least in this chapter. For the gods' sake don't ask. Just wanted to see if this could even be pulled off.
*A codewalker, in hacker terms, is a program component that exists to traverse other programs.


What is the true nature of the Digital World? Is it really a modernized spirit world as Mr. Takenouchi had suggested? Does it operate under its own natural laws, or is the world really a shell program on some computer?

I used to know these things, Ken thought to himself as he looked up into the Digital World program code scrawled upon the walls of a ziggurat-like complex. I used to be able to read this. Why can't I now?

He strolled down a torch-lit corridor, breathing in the dry, dead air as he glanced around. Somehow the place seemed... familiar. And very, very cold.

A while ago Ken had come here on his own, leaving Minomon behind for the creature's own safety. He had no idea why he felt drawn to this place or why he was stupid enough to leave Minomon behind and not tell anyone of his leavetaking. They still had Black Wargreymon to contend with, after all.

Eventually he found himself in what might as well have been a crypt of some type. It would have been, anyway, if the sarcophagus had any features that might offer an idea of what its inhabitant would look like. The face on the lid was undefined but humanoid, and the pose the carved figure took was more reminiscent of an Egyptian burial than a Babylonian one he would come to expect from such a complex.

A quick survey of the room only offered more codes on the walls, and the sense of deja vu was becoming more and more pronounced. He had been here before several times, working late at nights on some sort of safeguard. What it was, he didn't know, but he was certain now that he had done it as the Kaiser.

The boy stepped closer to the sarcophagus, studying the glyphs painted within an engraved cartouche. Only one of them he thought he recognized: a stylized bat. Though where he had seen it he could not remember. Absently he traced the brush-strokes that defined the bat, a growing sense of terror rising within at the recalled memory even as the bat began to glow a deep blood red.

Following his first instinct, the Child of Kindness ran from the room to the safety outside. Once free of the coldness of the crypt he fell to his knees and turned to gaze at the ziggurat.

While he was the Kaiser he valued his own survival above all else, and when the tide of the war with the other Chosen Children was turning against his favor he decided it was high time to take precautionary measures to thwart any unexpected demise. And the Kaiser, being the arrogant genius that he was, programmed a copy of himself within the ziggurat. That night he swore that if he was taken out of the running he would only rise again.


For the first time a being woke within its artificial womb, knowing his purpose and himself. He was the embodiment of the Digimon Kaiser, everything that was perfect within the flawed being called Ichijouji Ken. The perfection separated from the imperfect weakling that once battled with Ryo against Milleniumon and cried over his brother's death. The true genius, the only one that mattered.

The Kaiser opened blue-violet eyes that absorbed all light and with a thought the lid of his coffin disappeared only to reconfigure itself as part of his body mass. He felt himself solidify and smiled pleasantly as he rose from the open sarcophagus to step down to the base of the altar which upheld it.

A quick trot to the far side of the crypt room brought him to an archaic terminal. Once it was activated he planted a palm upon the screen and accessed the system logs of the Digital World to learn of the results of his war.

Those brats had won, and not even through their own devices. Who knew the Kaiser would be betrayed by his own digimon? The very thought elicited a growl of anger from deep within the Kaiser's throat. Damn that... that insect! It had proven once and for all that it was not worthy of his presence. And the boy he had once been was now working for the enemy?

Inexcusable. Completely and utterly inexcusable. He would have to put poor, whiny little Ken in his place. And Ken wasn't very far. Not far at all. Smirking to himself, he withdrew the glove-covered hand and contemplated just what to do.

After a moment of this, he envisioned where the boy he had once been was kneeling, and imaged himself standing behind the boy. No sooner had the perfect mental image been constructed in his mind that the Kaiser found himself teleported from the cold chamber to the warm and sunlit world beyond.

He stared down coldly and silently at the boy's neck. It would be so easy to just reach out and snap it, now wouldn't it? Or just wrap his hands around the smooth pale flesh and squeeze. But that would just be far too simple. Reaching out, he cleared the hair away from the back of the boy's neck with one hand in an almost caressing gesture.

Startled by the unexpected contact, Ken bolted to his feet and away from the intruder only to spin around to catch a glimpse of who had caught him in such a vulnerable pose. When he did his entire body froze up in shock.

The Kaiser stared back at him with a cold glint of amusement behind those purple-tinted shades, one arm akimbo in a gloating pose. And he could do nothing but swear at his inability to run as the Kaiser practically strutted up to him with the most fiendish grin he ever gave.

"You didn't give them much of a fight, did you," the Kaiser muttered in a monotone that hinted at none of his inner fury. He reached forward to brush the hair away from Ken's ear in a caressing gesture he knew would unsettle the boy, giving a cat-like grin as the other's eyes widened. His fingers trailed to the back of Ken's head to gather a fist full of hair and yanked back sharply as his grin turned into a snarl. "We had entire legions at our beck and call! And you surrendered just because that bug died?! You idiot!"

Ken winced as the Kaiser slapped him, unable to fall back due to the Kaiser's grip on his hair. The strike had been so hard that he could taste blood seeping from a cut in his mouth, yet it was just enough to jar him from his paralysis. There was a chance he could get out of this predicament and eliminate his doppelganger, though he might end up getting himself killed in the process. But then he didn't have much to lose anyway.

Years spent training in judo made what he did next reflex. Lashing out, Ken freed himself from the Kaiser's grasp with a sudden swipe of the heel of his hand against the doppelganger's forearm. This action did not leave the Kaiser off guard for long, however, and Ken soon found himself with his legs knocked out from under him and lying in the desert sands. The Kaiser kicked him hard in the ribs, giving him the opportunity to seize the other's ankle and bring the doppelganger crashing into the sands.

With the Kaiser temporarily dazed, Ken pounced on top of his doppelganger, wrapped his hands around the other's throat, and squeezed. The flesh was perfectly human in texture and firmness, a true marvel of accurate coding, and it yielded as genuine flesh would. Yet the Kaiser gave him a sickeningly self-confident smirk before disappearing underneath him.

Before he could so much as gather himself fast enough to get into a defensive crouch, a searing pain cut into him and struck sharply against his back with enough force to make him collapse. This was quickly followed by several more lashes from what he assumed was his own whip. Biting back his cries of pain proved difficult, but he was not about to give the Kaiser that kind of pleasure. No, Ken would never let his dark side pry that from him.

The onslaught ended after what seemed to be an eternity, leaving Ken lying in the sands with teeth ground together to distract from the pain that raced like wildfire along his nerves. Not that it helped. He was faintly aware of the shadow in the sands that quickly approached him, and began the motions that would bring him out of the way of the oncoming strike. Had his timing not been off by a second or so, he would have barely made it out of range. However, he was only faintly aware of the glint of sunlight reflecting off of the metal hilt of the Kaiser's whip before it impacted hard on his skull and his consciousness gave way to darkness.


The Kaiser hummed to himself as he read the system logs in greater detail, his prisoner chained up in another chamber within the ziggurat. Some idiot digimon born of a hundred control spires had been destroying the Holy Stones, which was just stupid. What use did the Kaiser have for a world teetering on the edge of destruction and who was Black Wargreymon to take it upon itself to go around destroying that which stabilized the Digital World? He'd just have to figure a way to bring that particular construct under his power and rebuild his empire. Maybe it might be a nice idea to take up residence on the mountain in File Island. That idea held within it a certain taste of irony.

Not that he didn't like this ziggurat he built for himself, with its replicated statues and decorations reminiscent of the ancient cultures of Earth. On one of the walls free of codes was a mosaic of the Mesopotamian dragon goddess Tiamat torching her enemies, on another wall in the chamber he had Ken chained up in was a bas relief portraying a Toltec human sacrifice done in the Mayan art style which probably wasn't helping lighten the traitor's mood all that much. But setting up base where Devimon once dwelled would be disconcerting for a few of the Chosen Children who dared oppose him.

And once again his thoughts returned to the boy he had once been. Rape was a fairly good form of subjugation, given the personality of the victim it was either quite easy to crush the victim's spirit or somewhat difficult. Save for certain psychological implications he'd rather not think about, the idea was actually quite appealing. He was no longer Ken, they were two separate entities entirely now.

Yes, taking his pleasure from a pretty traitor before ripping the boy's heart out in a ritual fit for the Toltec would be a nice little waste of time before he went about his task of rebuilding. Perhaps if the boy proved broken he might even forgo killing Ken and keep the boy around as a pet. Right, and pigs will fly over Atlantis. He should know better than to expect Ken to submit to anything, he had once been the boy after all. Pity, as Ken was prettier than most people he had seen back when they were one and it would be a while before he would be able to find someone that aesthetically appealing again. C'est la vie.

Figuring it was time to act on his plans, the Kaiser rose from his newly rendered throne and strode past the throneroom and down the dark corridors that lead eventually to the traitor's chamber. He entered the door-less chamber while making a mental note to attend to that lack of a door as soon as was possible.

In the middle of the chamber was a basalt statue with its face permanently set in reverent submission. The statue in question was a chacmool, a semi-reclining humanoid figure with an offering plate to the gods set on its stomach often assumed to be used in the Toltec heart-sacrifice rites. Ken was seated on the offering plate and looking not at all pleased with his predicament. His left arm was manacled to the chacmool, leaving him incapable of escaping.

The Kaiser chuckled in amusement at the look of pure hatred that Ken shot at him and strode up to run his fingers through the boy's silken hair. Oh, how cute, now Ken was audibly growling at him like a wild animal that had recently discovered it couldn't escape its cage.

"How is it that you could pull off being so nice to our enemies when you spent so many years acting as me," the Kaiser asked, honestly curious as to how the person he had once been could do such a remarkable personality turnabout. He had been a part of Ken for so long that he didn't think such a change was possible in such a short time. It was completely illogical.

Ken merely shrugged and looked away, rather uncomfortable with his position and the Kaiser's proximity. Of all the theories he could form about what the Kaiser would do to him, none of them were pleasant. "Maybe I wanted to, maybe I decided to emulate Ryo. What does it matter to you?"

"Just curious," The Kaiser muttered as he withdrew his hand and reached into a slot in the metal armguard that acted as a sheath for his personal weapon he carried in the event that he didn't need the whip. He drew out the little knife and held it up, letting the torchlight reflect off its polished blade.

Steeling himself in anticipation of a slow and painful death, Ken looked away as he felt the Kaiser gather up the material of his uniform and began cutting it away. So that was how it was going to be, eh? Fine, he at least had one hand free and while taking advantage of that would be stupid there really wasn't much he could lose. It might even be better for both worlds if he was killed. But someone would have to undo the damage caused by his releasing the Kaiser clone from the ziggurat... and since this was his fault, he would have to be the one to clean up this mess.

Alright, he'd have to do something about the manacle and end up hurting himself severely in the process, but the pain would be worth the opportunity to eliminate his doppelganger. Ken's mind raced over all his options and what he remembered of the ziggurat even as he disassociated himself from his own body. Everything about the system was coded on the walls, and he faintly remembered where and how he had laid out each section and function of the coding. Now if only he could recall how to decipher said coding...

The Kaiser gave a sulfurous growl as he recognized the rather absent look apparent in Ken's eyes and threw the knife to the side. Taking the boy's face in his hands, he leaned forward to roughly press his lips against the other's. This action instantly snapped Ken's thoughts back into the midst of the situation, and the boy yanked away from him in shock.

Ken's fingers reached up in an almost bewildered gesture to brush against his lips. That was certainly unexpected, and he could have sworn the Kaiser would do something... anything... other than that. "You know," he muttered as he gathered himself. "Freud would have a field day with you."

"Freud was a sexually repressed pervert who kept seeing innuendo in places it wasn't," the Kaiser groused as he ripped away the now ruined shirt and jacket, rather annoyed that Ken was attempting to distract him with small talk. "Now where was I..."

"Which god do you intend to sacrifice me to, anyway? I can't imagine Quetzalcoatl would be pleased with a boy being deflowered by another on a chacmool of all things."

"None, though it would give me great pleasure to be rid of you once and for all," was the displeased reply from the Kaiser as he pulled off his gloves and unlatched the metal guards that circled his wrists. With those out of the way he gave a malicious smirk and tweaked hard at one of Ken's nipples. Much to his displeasure, this failed to elicit the kind of response he wanted to rip from Ken's throat. He wanted something audible, a cry of pain or pleasure, it didn't matter so long as he had some indication that he was in charge and he was controlling Ken's reactions. This silence from the boy only proved that Ken refused to allow him that.

Not a problem, and the Kaiser would damn himself if he didn't rise to the unspoken challenge. A quick shove unbalanced the boy seated on the chacmool and left Ken lying across the statue's offering plate. With quick hands the Kaiser removed the rest of the boy's garments. Once that was done and out of the way, the Kaiser stepped back to consider what to do next. Claiming Ken there and then was highly appealing, and anything else he wanted to do to the boy could be done later. After all, he had the place to himself and no one would so much as notice that Ken was missing. While foreplay might have been nice, it would have diluted the kind of message he wanted to beat into the boy he had been once upon a time.

Meanwhile, Ken's mind had deserted his body once again, shielding himself underneath layers and layers of far more pleasant thoughts. Osamu blowing bubbles with him out on the balcony of their room. Ryo picking him up into a hug of sheer joy when their digimon partners finally jogress evolved. Daisuke, who resembled Ryo and had a V-mon similar to Ryo's that Ken had unconsciously latched to Daisuke as a replacement for the best friend he lost after the battle with Milleniumon, and later Takeru offering him their friendship despite all he had done. With his mind so entranced by those memories, he barely registered the hard bites on his neck and on other parts of his body. That was being done to someone else, he was too busy clinging to the protection the memories gave him.

A sharp pain that seared along Ken's nerves rudely ripped him from the protective layers he had built around himself and thrust him back into the reality of what was being done to him. The Kaiser had entered him in a single harsh stroke without lubrication of any kind and tore something in him in the process. It hurt so much that he was incapable of biting back a cry against it. This left him violently swearing at himself for creating this monster, for being stupid enough to come here at all, for giving the Kaiser exactly what the doppelganger wanted. For existing.

As the Kaiser took pleasure from his body, Ken's thoughts settled on things far more darker than the memories he had hidden behind. He'd dislocate the joints in his own hand if he wanted to get out of the iron manacle, tinker with the coding that made up the Kaiser's defenses, and kill his doppelganger. Just change the wording of a few codes and add a few lines of his own, then... then...

An audible whimper escaped Ken despite his best efforts to suppress it as the Kaiser began stroking at a spot inside him that started to feel rather good despite the pain he was still in. Dammit, the pleasure from that stroking that Ken was certain had been unintentional was starting to get him aroused too. Like he needed another reason to hate what the Kaiser was doing to him... or himself for that matter.

This treatment continued for awhile, the Kaiser openly gloating at the fact that Ken was actually starting to relax and enjoy what was being done to him whether he wanted to or not, and Ken loathing himself immensely for it. Not long afterwards, Ken reached his peak and the Kaiser joined him soon after. It was a while before the Kaiser would peel away from him, however, and only did so after forcing him into a rather tired kiss.

The Kaiser disappeared after another session, presumably to recover his energy, which left Ken alone on the sacrificial statue with one hand still trapped in the manacle and he was bleeding still from the first penetration. Yet the physical pain was nothing compared to his self-inflicted mental torture.

He gazed up into the light thrown on the ceiling by the one torch in the chamber, unable to stop the tears from spilling out onto his cheeks. The pain was terrible, yet he had enjoyed the pleasure that the Kaiser had milked out of him during the rape. His mind refused to focus on anything other than that, and some little voice in him mocked his tears and rattled on about what a worthless piece of trash he was for letting himself get into this predicament.

There were few things he wished for in his life, and more or less they all came true. This time he wished for death.


Ajora: This fic is composed of multiple parts. Also, the fic is really experimental for me, so I wouldn't be surprised if people hated it.