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Of Tears, Love and Timeless Bonding

A Father's Touch
by neela

The room was silent save for the low humming coming from the other room. A hand reached up to push the door open all the way, but it withdrew. It could not break the spell.

Head resting on the doorframe, she felt her eyes watering.

When she had woken up with no one beside her, and the room cold and dark, it had not entered her mind that he had come here. Confused, she had called his name, only to hear silence in reply. Then she had noticed the door standing slightly ajar.

A sense of foreboding coursed through her veins as she stood there, listening to the baritone melody from inside the nursery. It was such a private moment, and she knew she should go back to bed, but she could not leave the mesmerising scene before her.

He was sitting in the rocking chair before the blazing fire. It was her rocking chair, and it was a bit too small for him, but he had managed to settle in comfortably enough without the wood splintering. The hearth sent a warm glow of red, yellow and orange. He was rocking gently back and forth, like the waves hitting the shores, and humming a lullaby she had only before heard from her own mouth.

The child was draped across his shoulder, so small in those big, sturdy hands she had fallen in love with, was stirring slightly. The lullaby grew stronger, almost forming words, and the rocking increased by a notch.

She began to wonder yet again how her life had taken such a wonderful turn towards happiness and she wondered if she even deserved to be so content and happy as she was at this moment. How could the Creator honour her with such a man, and then expand her joy with the little babe in her husband's hands. The tears were running freely down her face now. Not even in her wildest dreams had she pictured him – or her – in this situation.

Before she met him, she had been a though and solid countrywoman with no other mission in life than to take care of her people. She had never dreamed of a husband, or a family. She had in fact been quite content with her life, until he showed up.

He had been so cold, like a mountain that had seen too many winters. At first, she had paid him no heed, but at some point during their journey, she had opened her eyes and reallyseen him.

Outwardly, he was a man with no other interest than completing the oath his parents had sworn in his name, and to serve the woman who had saved him when he was still young. But in reality, he was an insecure man, both about his feelings and his future. Why else would he continually push her away every time she got too close? But she saw to it that he soon realised she would not budge, and he became more tolerant. And a little by little, he let her see who he was.

They had travelled by a long and difficult path, with him blowing up small obstacles to be bigger than they were, and her wanting to beat him with a stick until he saw reason. However, in the end she had convinced him – and herself – that happiness was meant for them too. And she could see that now.

He was so peaceful, so calm; just holding his firstborn in his big hands, sitting in her chair and singing her lullaby. She was touched by the fact he had not called the nurse to take care of their son when he woke up, and took it upon himself to make Maeric fall to sleep. Especially as it was he who hired Liella while she was strongly against it; she wanted to nurse her son on her own, and not let some Malkieri country girl take away the precious bonding time.

Tears dropped down onto her chest, trailing down underneath her nightgown, but she did not care. Neither did she care for the cold of autumn that was creeping into her bones, just like she had not cared for his cold act towards her in the past.

She wanted to go on top of the highest of the Seven Towers and scream out to the world how indescribably happy she was. But that would break the spell, and she wanted to cherish these moments for a little longer.

The child stirred more now, slowly beginning to make noise. Not soon, she knew he would start to scream. Her hand was on the door instantly, ready to wretch it open and run inside to her son, but then something very surprising happened. He sang.

"Hush now, my child, my love,

The night is showing its stars above,

And over the hills,

There are silent chills,

But here in my arms,

You are safe from all harms.

Sleep, my child, goodnight."

She could not hold back the sob in her throat; she had no idea he had learned the entire song by heart. The child was sleeping again, and he was back to humming while rising from the chair and walking over to the cradle in which he laid his son down.

Brushing away her tears, she returned to bed and drew the covers tight around her. No doubt he had known she was there, even with her stealthy skills. She heard him open the door and leave it partially open behind him as he walked silently across the floor. The bed sank slightly with his weight as he laid down, and she felt him draw the covers around him.

For a minute, she laid with her back to him, neither of them moving. Then his arms embraced her and drew her into his warmth. Still crying, she turned around and snuggled into the crook of his arm. The tears fell on his chest, and a hand tipped her chin up so that they could lock eyes.

His ice blue eyes were loving and bottomless; she lost herself in them, hardly noticing the golden veins throbbing in his body. His lips were soft as they descended on hers, and the kiss...oh, she did not want it to ever end. When he withdrew, he brushed her tears away and smiled gently at her.

Never before had she felt so complete.


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