Title: Salty Orc 1

Author: Sivan Shemesh


Beta: Niroveka

Characters: Estel/Aragorn, Legolas, Elladan & Elrohir, Elrond, and might Glorfindel.

Warning: Angst a little bit, fluff, and humor.

Disclaimer: "Estel look!" Legolas said as he pointed over to the author. Estel on the other hand, grabbed Legolas, as he tried to tell him who his original creator was, but Legolas did not listen. Legolas grinned, though. "But I can see our names in it...oh, Estel…" he said despairingly. Estel poked Legolas, and said in rough voice "We belong to Tolkien; she only owns the plot, and the right to torture us, nothing else!"

Spoiler: Total AU.

Summary: After a year, Legolas comes back to Imladris, only to find a horror and a new game that might be the end of all.

Note: Estel's age are 8, and Legolas's age is 12 and only an elfling compared to the other elves.

Note2: A game I used to play in my child-days. Was meant for Teitho Challenge at MC group, but as Legolas said to Aragorn, and I quote "Le ab-dollen" – 'You're late', so am I…blame RL.



Prince Legolas sighed; he never thought that it would take him such a long time to visit his friends.

A year passed by so quickly for him; day after day went so fast as he tried to defend his kingdom by helping his Adar as he fulfilled his duties.

"It has been a long time, my friends," he whispered in the cold wind.

He walked through the garden to see Lord Elrond, but suddenly stopped as he saw an unexpected sight.

Though he had expected to meet them at some point, Prince Legolas had never imagined he would see the twins standing in the garden frozen as if they were statues.

He grinned in curious amusement, and continued to Elrond's room, for he had come to discuss a matter between his father and Elrond, though he still wondered what was happening with the twins.

He knocked on the door, and only opened it as he heard the lord's voice answer, "Yes?"

Legolas opened the door, and entered. He bowed to the lord, and was stopped as Lord Elrond said, "You know that you do not have to bow here, my prince."

"And you know that you do not have to call me by using formality, Stardom," Legolas hissed to him, playfully.

Elrond smiled, hearing his Elvish name. "Hannon le, Greenleaf."

Legolas handed him the letter, then stepped back and watched from the window, while Elrond sat and read the letter.

The twins remained still as statues; it seemed that they had not moved at all.

"My lord?" Legolas asked, for he was beginning to get worried.

"I thought that we discussed this matter already, Legolas. Formality is not needed in my home," Elrond said without looking at the prince.

"Stardom, is something...wrong with the twins? I mean they're only standing there, not moving…" Legolas tried to explain himself.

Elrond smiled and turned to look over at the confused prince.

"They are fine, Legolas. It is one of Estel's games," Elrond said, and began to tease the prince. "Do you remember Estel?" Elrond grinned at him.

"How could I not forget him, my lord? In my last visit, he slammed my door shut when I was asleep. I was asleep!" Legolas almost shouted at him, as anger started to fill his body.

"He only needed attention, Legolas, he's only—" Elrond could not complete his sentence, as Legolas interrupted him, pointedly. "A child, my lord? A child needs discipline, and he has to learn…"

Elrond sighed heavily, as he tried to say as softly as he could, "And what are you, my prince? You are as much an elfling as he is a child."

Elrond's words touched his heart, as he knew that the lord had a point; he was a princeling.

"Let me tell you a saying that I heard from an wise old elf, a very dear of friend to me," Elrond smiled at him gently, and continued when the prince nodded to him. "In learning you will teach..." Legolas suddenly added in surprise, "…and in teaching you will learn."

Elrond smiled broadly.

"But my father is not old, he looks younger than you," Legolas pointed out to Elrond.

"Do not be hasty on me, Legolas, or I will send Estel to your room in the night…" Elrond warned him, as a hidden smile appeared on his face.

"But you are, my lord, you are older than my father…" Legolas smiled at him, trying not to laugh.

"Legolas, my dear princeling, go play with them outside, and do not forget the sentence…"

"Are you certain my lord, that it is safe to walk outside?" Legolas asked before he left.

"Go!" Elrond said to him.

"I am going, I just hope that I will come back in one piece…" Legolas groaned at him.

"As I hope that my sons will come back alive…" Elrond grinned in the empty room after Legolas left.

End of Chapter 1.