Title: Salty Orc 4

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: nautika

Rating: G

Characters: Estel/Aragorn, Legolas, Elladan & Elrohir, Elrond, and might Glorfindel.

Warning: Angst a little bit, fluff, and humor.

Disclaimer: "Estel look!" Legolas said as he pointed over to the author. Estel on the other hand, grabbed Legolas, as he tried to tell him who his original creator was, but Legolas did not listen. Legolas grinned, though. "But I can see our names in it...oh, Estel…" he said despairingly. Estel poked Legolas, and said in rough voice "We belong to Tolkien; she only owns the plot, and the right to torture us, nothing else!"

Spoiler: Total AU.

Summary: After a year, Legolas comes back to Imladris, only to find a horror and a new game that might be the end of all.

Note: Estel's age are 8, and Legolas's age is 12 and only an elfling compared to the other elves.

Note2: A game I used to play in my child-days. Was meant for Teitho Challenge at MC group, but as Legolas said to Aragorn, and I quote "Le ab-dollen" – 'You're late', so am I…blame RL.


Estel counted slowly only to let Legolas get to him. He felt the need to hear stories, as it seemed to be his weakness.

Legolas took a large step, and touched Estel's shoulder.

"I caught you!" he said smiling.

"Now, tell me a story, but do not mention the words 'Salty orc'."

'This is going to be easy.' Legolas thought.

Estel tapped his feet as he waited for his friend to speak.

He poked Legolas, as no sound seemed to appear from Legolas's mouth, and teased him "I am waiting…"

Elladan noticed that Legolas seemed to be considering what he should tell him, and moved to defends his friend "Wait, brother, he is thinking, sit tight, if you want a story and do not disturb him as if you remember he has not yet eaten or rested since he arrived!"

Estel nodded and sat, still looking impatient.

Legolas brightened, as an idea struck him and he started to tell a story, as he was careful not to spill the words, the dangerous words…

Legolas turned to Estel and asked, "Have you heard 'The twins who were attacked?', mellon-nin?"

The twins looked over at Legolas, and spoke, "Legolas, stop, don't you dare tell him that story…"

"What that story are you thinking of? As I remember there were more than one time…" Legolas teased them, and looked over Estel who seemed enjoyed of what he seen.

"You will pay for this, mellon-nin…" Elrohir told Legolas, trying to hide a smile.

Legolas noticed the smile, and smiled back.

"I want to hear the story… tell me… tell me…" Estel begged.

Legolas seemed pleased by the boy's plea and nodded.

"First, Estel you have to understand that it began before you came to Elrond. The twins, who taught me everything, seemed never learnt from their father, who taught them everything, including healing." Legolas started to explained before he started to tell his side on the story.

"Wait a minute!" Elladan demands as he tried to saved their pride.

"Why? Am I not right about it?" Legolas teased them.

"Perhaps part of it, but not all of it…" Elrohir answered, and noticed the hard look that his twin gave him.

"I want to hear all of it… it sounds good." Estel's eyes sparkled as it seemed he longed to hear the story of his twin brothers.

Legolas noticed the sparkles, looked over at the twins, and grinned at them. He noticed the anger, the stretched face, and then he glanced back at Estel who tried to hold himself still for the story.

"Well, it was like this…" Legolas started, as he remembered the event.


Legolas and the twins walked from Imladris, only after they have gotten permission from the Lord.

"Where should we go?" Legolas asked the twins.

Elladan pointed to the East, and Elrohir pointed to the West.

"Then I am going North, follow me if you would like…" Legolas decided and started to walk, smiling while he walked.

He knew they were watching him, and he knew that they would follow him.

End of Flashback

"Were they following you?" Estel asked impatiently, interrupting his friend's version of the story.

Legolas could see his friend's sparkle, he could see the excitement, as he moved his head. He smiled, he knew that he already achieves and Estel lose.

"Legolas, were they following you?" Estel asked again and nudged Legolas, as he waited for an answer.

"Curious already?" Legolas grinned at him, as he was pleased.

Estel nodded, and siad nothing.

"Should I continue?" Legolas asked, wanting to hear the answer from his friend's mouth.

"Estel, say no… saes for our sake…" Elladan begged of his brother.

"Yes, do continue…" Estel answered, giggling. He was curious to know what his brothers did.

Legolas smiled, and continued his story.

End of Chapter 4.