Welcome Home

Summary: The murder of a former ADA hits close to home. Crossover with Law and Order.

Author's Note: I have no idea how the idea actually came to me. It might have been this weird dream I had, but I really don't know. More random.

Chapter One

The yellow crime scene tape. As a D.A. investigator, Hector Salazar knew this was never a good thing. It was the one part of his job that he hated the most. He always feared that he would be called out and it would be someone he knew. Someone he cared about. He sighed slightly as he flashed his badge and crossed over the tape.

"What are we looking for?" he asked as he approached the crime scene. He turned to his partner Chris Ravell and waited for the answer.

"Multiple stab wounds and a single shot to the back of the head," Chris stated tragically. "Female, I'd say in her thirties. Wallet's barely in tact. No cash, credit cards, or forms of ID except for an old library card."

Hector barely heard Chris's words as he finally caught a glimpse of the body. He walked closer and knelt down. The first thing he noticed was the woman's high heels. Then he saw her legs. The woman was still wearing her pantyhose, but they were covered in her blood from a few stab wounds. The crimson liquid also covered a good portion of her clothes. A business suit.

Her dark brown hair was covering up part of her face. Hector gasped as he tiptoed closer to the body. This woman was someone he did not want to uncover. He moved her hair slightly as his fears were confirmed. He stood up and bowed his head slightly out of respect towards the body. He then turned to Chris.

"Come on," Hector noted. "Call Kibre and Gaffney. Let's get out of here."