- In The Dark -

Authoress Ramble: sorry. At least you've all been busy with the last Harry Potter book. I had been telling myself "hey, there's a slim chance that Draco/Harry could happen" for a long time so I was disappointed in the end when it didn't turn out that way. well well, keep them AU stories coming.

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Warnings: Slash, angst, fluff, swearing. Also somewhat more graphic Draco/Harryness.

Some sensitive readers might not like small parts of this chapter.

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Chapter twentyeight: The Twisted Mind Of Damon Vexe

Harry sighed tiredly and placed a charms book into his already heavy bag. He pulled it over his shoulder and groaned slightly at the extra weight, his limbs always felt sore enough when he woke up in the mornings.

"Hurry up Ron, we've already missed breakfast, we'll be late for defence against dark arts soon." He said loudly to the redhead who was currently sitting on his bed in nothing but a t-shirt and underwear pulling on a pair of socks. Ron grunted in response and after putting on his socks he started to fumble around, looking for the pants he had worn last night.

Harry was doing the best he could trying to avoid looking at Ron without being too obvious. He wasn't comfortable with the open way Ron got dressed around him. Through the thin material of the redhead's underwear you could see a slight natural bulge standing out. Harry felt like he was invading on Ron's privacy without said boy knowing it, if Ron knew about him being into guys he would probably have been disgusted by the thought of changing around him. Not that he was into Ron or anything.

"Are you done?" Ron asked, making Harry snap his head to look at the now fully dressed boy. He nodded and started walking towards the door. "What's that?" Ron asked suddenly, stopping in his tracks causing Harry to turn around. The redhead was staring at him with a frowning look. Feeling suddenly very self-conscious, Harry automatically raised a hand to feel his face as if expecting to find something nasty attatched to his cheek.

"That bruise." Ron said pointing at Harry's chin, taking a step closer. The raven haired boy avoided Ron's curious eyes and walked into the bathroom. He stopped in front of the mirror to expect the damage. It wasn't fully visible, the bruise only really showed when he tilted his head up so that you could get a view of the part beneath the chin and above his throat, it had though also managed to reach around the area under his jawbones on both sides of his face.

With a grimace, Harry touched the purple skin softly but pulled back as a wave of pain shot through his chin. 'Great' he thought and walked back into the dormitory to Ron who hadn't moved - guys didn't follow each other to the bathroom like girls did. Now people were gonna start talking about what had happened to Harry, he couldn't imagine some of the crazy stuff they could come up with.

"How did you get that?" Ron asked and trailed after Harry as he walked down to the empty common room, everyone had already gone to class. The raven haired boy sighed and opened the portrait hole for the two of them to step out.

"You know how slytherins are." he said, his voice rough and annoyed at the thought of anything Damon related, that person was really getting on his nerves. It was like when Harry and Draco had been rivals, Damon was just a more insane and violent version.

"Malfoy?" Ron inquired, sounding disgusted. Harry started at the surprisingly venomous tone and stared down at the floor. He knew exactly how Ron felt about Draco.

"No!" He snapped, sounding more hurt than he had intended to. His response was met by silence and he could imagine Ron's frowning and confused face without turning around.

"Then who was it?" Ron finally asked, quickening his pace so that he was side by side with Harry. The raven haired boy almost scoffed in disbelief, Ron was acting as if everything was like it used to be between them, which it wasn't. Ron could not not have noticed that things had changed between them lately.

"Damon Vexe." Harry muttered grimly and sighed at Ron's confused look. "You know, insane seventh year with crazy eyes. Always parading the corridors with his two followers."

"Sounds a lot like Malfoy to me." Ron said grinning but turned serious as he was met by silence. "I think I know who you mean, how did you get on his bad side all of a sudden?" Harry shrugged in defeat.

"I have no idea." he said honestly. "Aren't I on every slytherin's bad side? I never know why anything happens to me." he added bitterly as they reached the classroom. Everyone had already gone inside but the door stood open for students that arrived in the last minute. Harry and Ron stepped into the classroom and noticed that professor Nuit hadn't shown up yet, neither of them bothered to question who had opened the door to let the students in.

They took their usual seats next to Hermione who had already placed her books, quill, parchment and wand on the desk. She looked up as they approached and gave them both a disapproving look. Ron who sat down next to her with Harry on his other side stared back.

"What?" he questioned in an annoyed tone. Hermione sighed loudly and glanced around in the classroom. Her focus was, like her anger, directed towards Ron. She didn't look at Harry and didn't notice his bruise.

"The two of you are so lucky that professor Nuit isn't here yet." she whispered loudly. "You could've lost us house points or gotten detention for being late." she glared at Ron for a second, clearly thinking it was all his fault. Which it was. Harry didn't really pay attention to what was said, he was staring around trying to find the familiar mop of blonde hair among the students. It didn't take long before he spotted the back of the slytherin's head, he was sitting by a table with Theodore Nott.

"Well we weren't late." Ron shot back angrily at Hermione. "So stop nagging." Hermione huffed and looked ready to say something back when the door to the classroom shut loudly. Half of the class started in reaction and the rest was staring around wildly.

"Good morning class." professor Nuit's voice echoed through the room like a loud whisper. The students snapped their heads towards the front of the classroom where the dark haired teacher stood, staring at them with his deep violet eyes. Harry had to admit; that man knew how to make an entrance.

"Today we're going to practise building up magial shields." the professor countinued, moving around his desk, lightly tapping his long fingers against the hard wood. "The shield is pretty basic and can protect you from spells and lighter curses." He went to explain how to use your own magic to build the shield and announced that they would be working in pairs of two and two. Harry sighed and looked down at his lap, it was situations like these that made him aware of the confusing relationship between Ron and Hermione.

To his surprise he saw Ron gesturing towards him and Hermione looking rather angry behind him.

"I'll decide the pairs." professor Nuit said as he noticed that small chaos that errupted in the classroom. Some of the students had succesfully paired themselves up while some students came in groups of three and five. The dark haired vampire moved between the tables and paired the students up by the way they were seated. Like for example, Draco was paired up with Nott.

Nuit finally reached the trio's table and pointed with his long, pale fingers at Ron and Hermione. Ron sighed in defeat causing the girl to glare at him furiously. The vampire stared at Harry for half a second before moving his gaze over to the table in front of the trio. Dean, Seamus and Neville was sitting there, waiting to get paired up.

"You." He said, pointing at Harry. "and you." he added moving his fingers towards Neville before gesturing towards an empty table further back in the classroom. Dean and Seamus got paired up with each other.

Neville hurriedly gathered up his books and smiled hesitantly at Harry as they both made it to move to the empty table. Harry smiled back, glad to have gotten away from the tension Ron and Hermione had built up. The tension also felt as distance, distance that ironically faded as he got further away.

He and Neville sat down next to each other and as Harry looked at the other boy with intentions to start practising he noticed Neville staring at him with a frown. Harry realized what he was looking at and sighed tiredly.

"Slytherin." he said simply, replying to Neville's unspoken question. "Don't ask." He had had enough of explaining it once before and didn't feel like doing it again. Neville nodded and pulled out his wand hesitantly.

"Shall we start practising?" he asked, looking kinda nervous to be paired up to do magic with Harry Potter. Harry nodded and starting searching through his bag for his wand. When he found it they both took turns casting spells and trying to block them with a shield. After a while, about half of the class could somewhat block simple spells, surprisingly Harry wasn't one of them. Said gryffindor groaned and pulled his hair angrily, he was supposed to be able to do this.

"Maybe you just need to relax for a second." Neville suggested. He wasn't either able to block any spells, but he had never expected to be able to learn it quickly in the first place. Harry sighed and turned his head to stare at Ron and Hermione to see how they were going.

Hermione was currently squirming in her chair, clutching her stomach with tears of laughter running down her face. Ron had his wand pointing at her and was grinning from ear to ear. Feeling a little better that Hermione hadn't been able to do the spell, Harry turned back to Neville.

"You feel ready to try again?" Neville asked gently, gently in a caring and hesitant way. Harry sighed and shook his head in defeat, he could feel his magic buried deep inside of himself not ready to reach the surface. Instead he raised his own wand and pointed it at Neville who screwed up his face in concentration.

Harry muttered a small spell and a bright light shot out of the tip of his wand. The magic inside of him didn't even stir due to the fact that this spell came so naturally by now. The light hit Neville in the chest and the boy burst out laughing like a madman. Harry lifted the spell after about half of a second, it was already obvious that Neville hadn't been able to block the spell.

Said boy straightened up and was breathing heavily, his chubby cheeks tinged pink and his eyes slightly glossy. Harry couldn't help but notice the disappointed look in Neville's face.

"You'll do better soon." He said, not really knowing what else to say. To his relief, Neville smiled weakly and nodded his head.

"I never expected to be able to do it in the first place." He said with a sigh. "But you always hope, you know." before Harry got any chance to respond, he continued. "or, you wouldn't know I guess." He turned his head down to his lap and his shoulders fell slightly.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Harry asked calmly, feeling cold at the thought of where this was going. Neville stared up with his eyes wide, afraid that he had said something wrong.

"It's nothing." He said hurriedly. "It's just.. you know. You're really good at magic and you learn quickly, which I don't." Harry blushed, feeling modest and shook his head.

"It's not always like that." he muttered, his head slightly bent down and his eyes downcast. "I had to work really hard to learn a simple summoning charm." Neville looked a little surprised.

"But you can do a patronus." He insisted. "And--"

"Look." Harry interrupted, staring up at Neville from under his dark bangs. "Don't think that things just come to me easily, I work really hard and you'll learn too if you just practise." Neville nodded and smiled.

"Thanks Harry." He said. "I never meant for it to sound as if you didn't deserve it, sorry." There was a second of uncomfortable silence that was only filled with the sound in the background of spells being cast and laughter of people who didn't manage to build up a shield.

"You want to try the shield again?" Neville finally asked, holding up his wand. Harry shook his head.

"No." he sighed weakly. "I'm not really feeling in shape today." He turned away and looked at a wall across the room. Neville took in the raven haired boy's apperance, he was still as pale as ever and had dark bags under his eyes. The bruise on his chin stood out nastily on the creamy white skin and his jawbones had gotten more defined due to his weightloss, the fact that his face had gotten thinner was worrying.

"Does it have something to do with that bruise on your face?" Neville couldn't help but ask. Harry's head snapped in the chubby boys direction and his emerald eyes were staring at him with deep intensity.

"No." he answered. "or yes. maybe.. I don't know really, I guess it does, but there are other things too. It's complicated." he finished with a sigh.

Neville gave him an understanding look. "Do you want to talk about it?" he inquired.

Harry bit his lower lip and shook his head. "No." he said softly. "I can't talk to anyone" he continued hurriedly when he saw Neville's rejected look. "It's like.. like I have these feelings but I can't talk about them cause I feel bad for thinking things like that, and talking about them would be like confirming them. If you know what I mean." he finished with a frown.

Neville gave him a puzzled look but nodded. "I think I might know." Harry sighed and seriously doubted that Neville really understood what he meant. What kind of thoughts was he talking about? the most upcoming one was about his best friends of course. The fact that sometimes he thought that they were bad friends for leaving him out like that and sometimes he thought that he was the bad friend who couldn't let them be happy with each other without accusing them of being bad people, it made him feel selfish. Like he was trying to pull them down in his misery. A real friend would just let the people he loved be happy, not bring them down out of spite and jealously. Was he really such a bitter person to want to ruin Ron and Hermione's happiness? Was that subconsciously what he was trying to do?

He shook his head, trying to clear it from all those thoughts.

"I really do understand you." Neville insisted, obviously taking Harry's gesture as not believing him. He looked around and bent closer to the smaller boy. "Sometimes I think bad thoughts about other people." he whispered, looking rather afraid to have admitted that. Harry perked up in morbid curiousness.

"What kind of thoughts?" he asked, also leaning closer.

"It's not that bad." Neville mumbled even more quiet this time. "Mostly just that people will disappear, not die a painful death or anything, just simply disappear without a trace." Harry frowned.

"Bad people?"

Neville shook his head, looking ashamed. "People around me. If they disappeared, I could take their place instead." Harry pulled back and looked Neville in the eyes. In those chocolate brown depths were no longer warmth or a nervous hesitation, only a somewhat haunted longing look. Harry opened his mouth to say something - anything - but was interrupted by a deep voice behind him.

"Everything allright here boys?" professor Nuit asked. Harry turned around and nodded, ignoring the shivers running down his spine from the penetrating look he was recieving. The violet eyed vampire tilted his head to the side and smiled, before walking away.

Harry let out a breath he hadn't realize he was holding and stared after the professor simply because he couldn't tear his eyes away. He noticed that people had started packing their things together and leaving the classroom. Pulling out of his daze Harry jumped off the seat and threw his bag over his shoulder.

He was about to leave with Neville when he heard a ripping sound and the next thing he knew his things were splattered all over the floor.

"Go on without me." Harry said, bending down and started gathering everything together. Neville hesitated for a second before joining the rest of the students. With a sigh, Harry spoke a repairing charm on his bag and started filling it up.

A dark shadow joined his own on the floor, causing him to look up. There was his gorgeous, blond, slytherin boyfriend with a small smile tugging on his lips. A smile that vanished the second he got a good look in Harry's face. Said gryffindor felt the giddy happiness that had errupted at the sight of Draco slowly fade away.

"What is it?" he asked hesitantly, starting to feel very self-conscious. Was it something about him that day that Draco didn't like?

"What do you want Malfoy?" A dark voice behind the slytherin growled. Harry looked around Draco, still on the floor, and saw his two best friends standing there with disapproving looks on their faces.

"I was just paying your precious golden boy a little visit." Draco drawled, turning around. Harry could almost see the Malfoy smirk through the back of his head.

"Well sod off." Ron snapped, his face turning red. "Before I hex you into next week." Harry noted that the redhead held a hand over one of his pockets and didn't doubt for one second that he would go through with his threat. Or try at least.

"That threat is even more pathetic than.. well you. And that's saying something." Draco replied calmly. That wasn't a real Malfoy snide remark, was Draco holding back?

"Just leave Harry alone!" Ron shouted out in frustration, his now clenched fists shaking in rage. It was like he had to control them from not shooting out and punching Draco in the face.

"Who are you?" Draco continued in complete control of the situation. "His boyfriend?" Harry felt his heart stopping and then starting pounding, harder and faster than before. He felt dizzy and his ears started ringing. Panic creeped up on him. What the hell was Draco playing at?

"SHUT UP!" Ron roared in humiliation. He shot a glance at Hermione and his cheeks got even redder, from embarrassment. Draco raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"Well that's all I need to know." he said and started leaving, making sure to give the somewhat shorter redhead a hard bump in the shoulder as he passed. Harry blinked and stared after the slytherin, taking in the billowing of his dark robes.

"Harry?" he heard Hermione's gentle voice above him. He grunted in response and started to gather up his things with shaking hands. "Are you okay?" she continued, noticing how he was acting. The raven haired boy nodded his head frantically and looked up at Ron from under his dark bangs. The redhead was staring to the side, a small blush still on his cheeks. Was he really that disgusted by the thoughts of two boys?

Harry stood up on unsteady legs and the trio left the classroom. As soon as they got out in the corridor the familiar ripping sound echoed through the empty hallway. Harry cursed loudly, not at all in mood for this and once again settled himself on the cold floor.

"Go ahead you guys." he said, not being stupid enough to mistake it all as a coincidence. Surprisingly, Ron didn't need to be told twice, maybe he was embarrassed around Harry for being refered as his boyfriend.

"Allright mate." he muttered, scratching the back of his neck. "Maybe you should get a new bag." he added before turning around with Hermione trailing behind him. Harry quickly put back his things into his bag and stared around in the corridor. He stopped at the sight of a dark shadow getting closer to him. Harry stood up and smiled weakly.

"Second time's the charm." he said nodding his head towards his own bag. Draco chuckled softly and enveloped Harry in a soft, brief hug while whispering in his ear "Well, I had to get your attention somehow:". When he pulled back, he grabbed a hold of Harry's smaller hand and dragged him back into the defence against dark arts classroom.

"Now tell me what happened." Draco said seriously after the door closed behind them, he trailed a finger down Harry's cheekbone and let it linger on his bruised chin. Harry turned his head away and looked down at the floor, he knew Draco wouldn't give up until everything was explained.

"I ran into Damon." Harry muttered, thinking it would be best just to get it out. He looked into Draco's eyes in order to see his reaction and was met by a fierce anger. Harry slightly taken back, could only stare as Draco turned his back on him and let out an angry growl. In complete fury, Draco lashed out by kicking a nearby chair as hard as he could and slamming his fist into a table, hard enough to bruise his own skin.

Harry jumped and watched with wide eyes as the chair connected with another one and they both crashed down to the floor with loud unpleasant noises of frail wood hitting hard stone. Harry didn't notice his heart starting to beat faster, he didn't notice the fact that he had started to shaking. All he wondered was in what state of mood Draco would be in once he turned back around. Time seemed to slow down and all Draco did was to stand with his back turned and his hands lying flat against the wooden table. Harry was trying to call out to him, ask if he was okay, but there was a lump in his throat and he couldn't breathe enough air into his lungs. He started to breathe heavily to try to get some air, but his throat was blocked and his head started to get dizzy by the lack of oxygen.

Draco pushed down his anger and turned around as heard Harry starting to breath louder. He was taken aback by the sight that met him; Harry was looking down at the floor with his hair covering his face, his hands were clenched by his sides and drops of sweat ran down his fingers. Not only was he shaking but whenever he tried to drag in some air, his throat would let out a weezing sort of sound and his body would spasm particularly hard by the effort.

Feeling hopeless, Draco quickly grabbed Harry by the shoulders and shook him gently but harshly.

"Calm down!" he said loudly, starting to panic somewhat. He felt Harry trying to pull away from his grip and saw heavy sobs raking through his small body. He swore loudly and pulled the frigtened boy closer to his chest, keeping him in place with both of his arms around his back, making sure that both of Harry's arms were sealed to his sides to keep him from lashing out.

Harry didn't stop his struggle and continued to trash in Draco's arms, the overpowered feeling of not being able to move making it all so much worse and the situation so much threatening to him. He let out a choked sob in protest and tried viciously to kick Draco anywhere possible. Said slytherin grunted in pain at a sharp kick in his shin and pressed Harry closer, making it impossible for him to get a good aim.

"Calm. Down!" Draco tried reasoning with Harry with a sharp hiss in his ear. As expected this did not work and Harry continued struggling as hard as he could, succesfully landing a sharp elbow in Draco's ribs and an accidental slap in his face. After a few moment when Draco had gone completely blank on what to do and several parts of his body had started aching, he felt Harry sag in his arms and fall against his chest in exhaustion.

Letting out a sigh of relief he shifted Harry in his arms so that the smaller boy was supported with his head against Draco's shoulder. He felt weak arms land over his shoulders and ragged breaths against his neck, the body in his arms was still shaking and the vicious sobs hadn't stopped yet. Draco felt every heavy gasp against his own chest through the fabric of their clothes.

"It's okay." he whispered in Harry's ear gently and stroked the small of his back. The small boy's weight lay completely upon him and if hadn't been for his support Harry had fallen to the floor within a second. Starting to feel like this was gonna take awhile, Draco sank down to the floor slowly and sat down with Harry's head in his lap.

He looked down into dazed emerald eyes and stroked the slightly sweaty forehead in an attempt to calm the smaller boy down. Harry was still breathing heavily and his cheeks were stained with dried up tears.

"Harry?" Draco asked softly, feeling encouraged by the small look of recognition in his eyes. "I'm sorry" he continued, knowing exactly what had caused all of this. "I didn't mean to lose control like that, I'm not mad." Harry blinked and - clearly exhausted - closed his eyes for a second. Draco desperately grabbed the back of his neck, stroking the nape with the pad of his thumb and lowered his head to place a light kiss on Harry's pink lips. He pulled back a few inches and stared into those beautiful emerald eyes that slowly opened. The feeling he got when he stared into them, so frightening yet so intriguing.

"Draco.." Harry muttered tiredly and sat up ignoring Draco's move to protest. "I'm fine." he stated firmly, rubbing his eyes. "Just out of energy." The slytherin nodded his head but kept a close eye on him.

"I didn't mean to scare you." he said not really knowing if it was the right thing to say, but it was the best he could come up with. Harry blushed in embarrassment and shook his head to try to get ride of the lightheaded feeling.

"It's .. I.. never mind, it's nothing." he finally let out, wanting to sink through the floor. "I'm just being stupid that's all." the smaller boy looked down at the floor and sighed loudly.

"Yes you are." Draco stated, snapping Harry's head to attention. "What?" the blond boy continued, eyeing Harry's questioning look. "What am I supposed to say?"

Harry, slightly taken aback, blinked. "You're supposed to tell me that it's completely normal and that it's no big deal." he said with a small desperation in his voice. Draco shrugged and gave him a stern look.

"It's not normal." he uttered with a roll of his eyes. "People don't have panicattacks for no reason." Harry blushed in embarrassment and anger.

"I wasn't panicing!"┬┤he snapped, pulling himself up to his feet. "and you.. you.. you're a prat!" the gryffindor clenched his fists at his sides and narrowed his eyes, trying to ignore how childish he sounded.

"Look.." Draco muttered, standing up with a little more ease than Harry had. "I like you so I will always be honest with you. I'm not going to pretend that it's no big deal and I'm not going to patronize you with reassuring words when it's not necessary." He grabbed a light hold of Harry's limp hands in his own bigger, rough ones and took a step closer, invading Harry's personal space.

"Tell me what it was that upset you.." he whispered in the smaller boy's ear and kissed him lightly on the cheek. "Did you think I was going to hurt you?" Harry shook his head slowly.

"No." he muttered and when he didn't make another effort to continue, Draco interrupted the silence.

"Did you remember bad things?" he asked, cursing himself for sounding like he was talking to a child. Harry pulled back from Draco in anger.

"NO!" he shouted, just wanting to be left alone and feeling as if Draco's every move to make things better were annoying him. "I DON'T KNOW! SOMETIHNG. JUST. HAPPENED! I CAN'T EXPLAIN IT, I'M NOT A BRAIN EXPERT!" he huffed and tried to steady his heavy breathing once he was done. His cheeks were red and his hair stood up in every direction like usual.

"Well it is your brain after all, you know." Draco said calmly through clenched teeth. Harry felt his frustration build up even more and let out an angry shriek before he could calm himself down enough.

"Whatever." he muttered. "Why do you hate Ron?" the gryffindor asked and looked in Draco's eyes with a confused and hurt look.

"What?" said blond questioned, taken aback by the change of subject but not making an effort to change back.

"Why do you hate Ron?" Harry repeated and lowered his head. "I.. I don't like it when you fight, it feels like I'm stuck in between." How he wished that Draco, Ron and Hermione could get along, but a part of him knew that it would never happen.

Draco shrugged. "What am I supposed to do then? just walk up and kiss you right in front of him?" he inquired, sounding defeated. Harry snapped his head up and stared at Draco with the most intense gaze.

"I wish you would." he whispered.

"I wish I could." Draco replied. "but I can't and you know that--"

"Why?" Harry snapped, starting to feel angry. "Why can't you? what is there that's keeping our relationship a secret? what reasons do we have? you're not ashamed of being with me, being with another guy?"

"Do you think your friends would approve of me more if they knew about us?" Draco inquired harshly, not waiting for an answer. "No, they wouldn't! they would despise me more! Don't you see?" he sighed and continued in a softer voice. "I'm the nasty slytherin that worked myself into your mind and stole you from them."

"You didn't steal me." Harry said. "They chose each other over me and I was left behind, with you."

"What? so I'm your second choice?" Draco snapped and a look of realization hit him. "Who would you choose?" he asked seriously. "Your friends or me? if you had to pick" Harry blinked in shock, who would he pick? his friends that had been there for him all along or Draco who made him feel more alive than he had done in years these last couple of months?

"I don't need to dignify that with an answer." Harry spoke coldly, crossing his arms over his chest in a gesture of withdrawing himself from Draco.

"What?" Draco asked mockingly. "Afraid I'm not going to like the answer?" There was something about that familiar taunting voice that made Harry furious.

"HOW CAN YOU JUST ASK ME TO CHOOSE?" he shouted angrily. "BETWEEN MY BEST FRIENDS AND.. you." he finnished lamely. If Harry had chosen Ron and Hermione over Draco, would there still been that emptiness between them? would Harry just end up being alone? the answer should've been obvious, anyone would have told him that friends last forever, partners come and go. But he was just too much in love to think straight.

"I'm not asking you to choose." Draco stated calmly, clearly irritated. "I just want to know if the only reason you spend time with me is because your friends are too busy with each other to care about you." Harry felt as if he had been slapped across the face, he had always thought that Ron and Hermione were ignoring his friendship, but having it said out in the open made it seem so real.

"Well I don't!" he answered. "I just think that it would be nice for us to be together in the open, it would make things easier."

Draco shook his head. "Trust me, it wouldn't. People would never accept it, they would try to take you away from me. Your friends would be furious, they would hate it!"

"No." Harry whispered, feeling tired and defeated. "They would be happy for me, even if it was you. They could never hate me." He wanted to believe those words.

"It's not you they would hate." Draco said simply. "It's me! and they would do all they could to get you to realize that I am no good for you. Aren't things between us good without the outside pressure?" Harry let out a small sigh and had to keep himself from sinking down to the floor, it felt like Draco was against him on everything, it made him weak. He needed the support.

"Fine." He said, hurt and annoyed. "Of course Harry Potter could never have a real relationship."

"Just because it's a secret it doesn't mean that it's not real!" Draco snapped angrily. "I never say things I don't mean and I never do things I don't wanna do." He stopped himself and gave Harry a penetrating look. "You're the most real thing that has happened to me in a very long time and I'd hate if someone came to ruin it." Harry took a step closer to Draco.

"Really?" He asked, looking up into those silver eyes. Draco reached out his arms and captured the small boy around the waist. The blond boy nodded and brushed away Harry's bangs slightly, revealing the lightening scar hidden beneath. He placed a chaste kiss upon it.

"You've got me sneaking around like a lovesick fool, saying sappy things like taken out of books, doing things wishing to impress and please you. You've touched my soul and warmed up my heart." Draco said into Harry's ear and at the last word, he gripped the smaller boy's hand in his and guided them both against his chest where they could feel the even beating of his own heart. "It beats for you." he then whispered simply and felt Harry melt in his arms.

"You're right." Harry whispered back. "I don't want to share this with anyone, it's ours." Draco smiled against Harry's neck and began tracing kisses along the nape tenderly. The gryffindor let his eyes flutter closed and tilted his head to the side to give Draco more room. He felt himself being guided backwards with the warm lips still caressing his sensitive skin and soon he was pressed against a hard wall.

Pure desire laced through them, pulling each other closer and closer.

Draco put more of his weight into the slight boy and traced a warm hand under his shirt, getting a small shiver in response. He kissed, licked and nibbled his way up to Harry's lips and attacked them fircely, causing both of them to moan loudly in each other's mouths. Harry had a hard time keeping up with Draco's eager tongue so he simply followed the taller boy's lead, submitting to his touch.

Draco's hand on Harry's chest started playing with the semi-hard nipples, making the dark haired boy whimper and moan again. Draco smirked against Harry's lips and felt the nipples harden to the point that it hurt under his touch. He loved how he could tune Harry like an instrument, how every well-placed touch brought sounds of pleasure of out his mouth just like music to Draco's ears.

Both of the boys were starting to heat up, their skins warm and some parts sweaty. The clothes felt uncomfortably stuck to the skin and both had the same urge - need - to get them off as soon as possible. Draco quickly started to button up Harry's robes and pulled him away from the wall only a second so he could slip the piece of fabric off to the floor. He was surprised to notice that his own robes had also been unbuttoned and was hanging off his shoulder. He quickly shook them off and desperately kissed Harry, pressing their still clothed bodies close and rubbing their lower parts together, not seeming to rub any sweet spots just yet.

Draco, being the more experienced and daring one, slipped one of his legs between Harry's so that his knee was directed just bellow the smaller boy's crotch. He then continued with raising said leg by keeping his foot in a tip-toeing position. Harry moaned louder than ever and arched his neck as he felt the hard part of Draco's knee press into his balls and lower part of his semi-erection. Being the shorter one of the two, Harry was now completely resing on Draco's leg. His feet weren't even touching the ground anymore. His weight was pressing him down onto Draco's knee and the way that said blond was rubbing against him was causing the most amazing friction that left Harry in a whimpering and groaning mess.

He felt his hips starting to move on it's own accord, joining the rhytme that Draco had set. The way that the slytherin's knee was position to hit right on all the sweet parts soon made him feel something inside of him starting to build up. His body was shuddering by the waves of pleasure shooting through him and due to the fact that he was feeling this intense feeling for the first time, he was unable to support himself on his own and was leaning his head against Draco's neck, moaning against the soft skin beneath his lips. The slytherin pressed Harry into the wall and kissed him deeply making the shorter boy's skin feel as it was on fire.

He soon felt something inside of himself burst in pleasure and blinking stars started to cloud his vision as he started moaning uncontrollably to the point where he couldn't stop himself from screaming. His body arched itself backwards ever more into the wall and his eyes rolled back into his head. Draco pressed himself closer, rubbing his knee against Harry's parts faster and harder. The gryffindor felt himself release into his underwear, not giving it a second thought, just riding out every last bit as the pleasure convulsed through him. When finally the last wave of pleasure flooded him and left him in a silent scream, his body sagged against Draco. His mind was left numb and dizzy. He barely registerd as Draco let him sink down to the floor slowly so that he was sitting and leaning against the wall.

Harry was breathing heavily and he was aware of how sweaty he had suddenly gotten. Gathering himself up for a second he noticed Draco's smirk through slightly cloudy eyes. Harry smiled in daze and kissed the blond gently on the lips before leaning back again as he started feeling dizzy once more. It had felt so incredibly good, nothing had ever felt like that before. Now he was out of energy, dazed, his penis was limp and feeling a little sensitive.

"Nothing." he said quickly. Harry caught a glimpse of the bulge in the slytherins pants and knew enough to know that he hadn't been satisfied yet. He didn't know much about sexual things due to the fact that the Dursley's had never taken time to teach him about it, most basic stuff about life in general he had been taught at muggle school or he had caught up things that children had asked their own parents but when it came to sex he didn't know much. It wasn't exactly the things parents told their kids out in public for anyone to hear and he hadn't reached the grade in muggle school when they were taught about it. Hogwarts certainly didn't teach out these stuff.

Harry kissed Draco on the lips again and pushed him down so that he was lying on the floor. The slytherin gave him a curious look, clearly surprised over Harry's initiative. Said gryffindor, determined to return Draco the favour, pushed away his own emotions and tried to focus on his boyfriend. He slowly started to unbutton Draco's white shirt and when he was done he pushed aside the fabric, exposing Draco's toned torso.

Harry stopped for a second, just drinking in the sight in front of him. Under Draco's slim neck and broad shoulders his pale chest was toned with well defined muscles that begged for attention, his attention.The sheer masculine beauty that Draco seemed to radiate was enticing Harry in every way possible. He stared deeply, memorizing every well-shaped muscle, the lean stomach, the defined hipbones and the teasing trail of light hair that went from Draco's bellybutton and disappeared beneath his pants.

Harry bent his head down and placed a chaste kiss on the pale skin, simply to get the taste of it. The skin was warm and soft under his lips, like pure velvet. The enticing smell was like nothing he had ever gotten a taste of before, a masculine scent that seduced all of his senses. Feeling addicted already, Harry continued to place small kisses on Draco's chest. The soft skin against his lips and the luring scent he was inhaling was encouraging him to new depths. He noted that his position by Draco's side made it hard for him to reach properly so Harry gently straddled the taller boy's hips, feeling his bulge beneath himself inbetween his inner thighs.

The gryffindor placed both of his hands on Draco's flat stomach and pushed them upwards in a rough caress. When he reached Draco's chest he started by taking his time and simply feeling his boyfriend, feeling the softness of his skin and tracing the hard muscles. Draco was staring up at him with lust clouded dark grey eyes and Harry was taken back by the intensity. He felt himself getting encouraged and started to caress Draco's perky nipples with his hands, taking pleasure in seeing his boyfriend's eyelids flutter slightly.

Harry, getting even more daring, bent his head down and placed a soft kiss on Draco's flat stomach, right next to his bellybutton. He worked his way up with gentle butterfly kisses all over the slytherin's torso before he reached one of the pink nipples. He kissed the tip once first before taking it between his lips and started to use his lips, tongue and teeth to pleasure Draco. Harry bit down gently and smiled as he heard the blonde boy gasp and groan.

When Harry felt done with that nipple, he trailed over to the other one and did the same thing with that one. Draco had now slowly started to buck his hips upwards, the bulge of his pants digging into Harry's innerthighs every now and then. The gryffindor started moving his hips too, meeting Draco halfway and causing an amazing fraction for the teen who was still in need for release. Draco placed his hands on Harry's hips and pushed him down, griding into the boy on top of him slowly and letting out a groan of pleasure.

The gryffindor trailed his tongue down Draco's chest, reached his lean stomach and started to place small kisses around his belly button. He could practically feel Draco's mixed pleasure and frustration and decided that it was time to return the favour for real. With somewhat shaking fingers and a great lump in his throat, Harry started to unbutton Draco's pants slowly. He looked up quickly and saw the slytherin staring down at him from his position on the floor. Harry looked away, for some reason feeling ashamed under Draco's cloudy gaze all of a sudden.

The gryffindor pulled down the zipper slowly, the sound seemed to echo in the quiet room and for a second it was the only thing that was heard. Not even the sounds of clothes getting shuffled or Draco's slow breathing, heck, he couldn't even hear his own thoughts. In a slow but effective motion, Harry yanked down Draco's pants, the boxers sliding down his hip somewhat as well.

Harry took a deep breath and slid his fingers beneath the waistband of Draco's underwear. His heart skipped a beat and he pulled back harshly as a loud noise was heard from the corridors. Draco pushed himself up to his elbows and stared at the door. After a few seconds had passed he shot Harry a quick look.

"Maybe we should go." he said. Harry nodded and watched Draco pull up his pants with a slight grimace. He felt a little bit guilty but still relieved, he had saved himself from embarrassing himself. He had no experience and honestly in the heat of the moment with Draco's pants around his ankles, his mind had gone numb and he would not have known what to do.

They fixed their clothes in silence, Harry quietly wondering what Draco was thinking. He must have been disappointed, after all, who wouldn't have been? Fully clothed in thick robes, Draco stepped up in front of Harry and grabbed both of his hands loosely.

"We'll have to do this another time." he whispered and placed a chaste kiss on Harry's lips. "Real soon" he added after pulling away. Harry smiled in a daze, melting under Draco's gaze. There was something about the way Draco had made him feel that made Harry so much more in love. He would never have thought that another human being could give him so much loving pleasure.

Damon was once again very pissed off. He slammed his fists into the hard stone wall and let out a choked growl. Continuing down the corridor he didn't notice, in his fury, the big armor standing around the corner. So he rammed into it. He hit the floor with full force and the armor landed next to him in pieces.

Things had not been going the way Damon had wanted them to do in the last couple of weeks and they certainly weren't getting any better.

"Damon!" A hushed voice rasped out. "What are you doing?" The dark haired slytherin stared up and met Justin's gray gaze.

"What the hell do you think I'm doing?" Damon snapped and got up on his feet, enjoying the fact that Justin took a caustious step backwards. Justin decided not to answer the question for his own good.

"I just saw blondie boy sneaking around in the corridors." he instead said carefully but got encouraged by Damon's intrested look. "What do you suppose he's up to?" he countinued eagerly. Damon let a smirk play on his lips before disappearing at the sound of a door opening slowly. He listened intently as small footsteps came in their direction.

Feeling his anger build up and this time mix with a crazed satisfaction, Damon took a few quick steps, turned around a corner and began moving towards the sound. When he thought about it, Draco Malfoy could be blamed for a lot of things that had went wrong lately. That traitor simply couldn't mind his own buisness now could he. Damon heard Justin somewhere behind him but was more focused on the revenge he was going to get right now.

Damon's satisfaction disappeared at the sight of not Draco Malfoy but a dark haired gryffindor walking down the corridor. It didn't take long before it came back in full force. With a big smirk and a swift motion, Damon forcefully slammed Harry against the wall.

"Hello Potter." He said and laughed despite the anger that he had felt only seconds later.

"Get off me." Harry spoke calmly, not resisting against Damon's harsh grip. Said slytherin leaned in and let out a laugh against the side of Harry's face.

"I think not." he whispered, his breathing hot against the gryffindor's cheek. Damon could feel Harry's anger building up and simply smirked as the smaller boy began to fight against his grip.

"I mean it!" He cried out, his back arching off the wall in an attempt to free himself. Damon pressed himself against Harry's body, making it impossible for him to move an inch. He still felt the gryffindor's wrists squirming in his grip, but it didn't take Damon any effort to keep them under control. He forcefully pressed them into the hard wall and squeezed tightly around them, smirking as Harry let out a whimper in pain and defeat. Damon felt the gryffindor slump back into the wall completely.

"What do you want from me?" he inquired with a glare despite the brusing grip around his wrists. Damon didn't answer, instead let his face ghost over Harry's neck sending disgusted shills down the gryffindor's spine.

"Let go off me" Harry repeated shakily even though he had fully lost hope that Damon would listen. The slytherin laughed against Harry's neck and snapped his head up. Their gazes met and Harry couldn't help but feel concerned about the crazed look Damon had in his eyes. Damon's nails started digging into Harry's wrists and the hard wall was bruising his back. Starting to feel desperate at the loss of control he had in the situation, Harry started to feel smaller and smaller. With another desperate try to get free Harry tried to get his magic to save him while flailing with his arms under Damon's grip.

Feeling his magic build up, Harry glared at Damon who let a smirk grace his lips. The slytherin seemed to freeze for a moment before his eyes widened in shock. Only half a second later, Harry felt his body go numb and soon it felt as if he was getting pressed through a thin tub. The walls were pressed tightly against him and he couldn't breathe, he started to get dizzy from the lack of oxygen. His vision blurred up and exploaded in dark colors and blurry shapes. He heard voices, hushed mumblings. They started to get louder and clearer, the shapes also started to clear up, looking more and more like human beings. It was hard to focus on whatever was going on due to the remaining nausea and the fact that Harry's head started to throb painfully.

Before he could make out the scene in front of him the colors and the shapes changed. Like tuning the sound on the radio, voices got louder before cracking and fading away. Small cloudy spots played at the edges of Harry's eyes, but the scene in front of him got clearer than ever before. He could clearly make out a shabby looking room and two people in the middle of it. Harry's head was now pounding forcefully but he ignored it, intent on finding out what was going on. A sudden loud scream cut through the air, a baby scream.

"SHUT UP!" another shriek was heard. Raspy and awfully loud. It belonged to a female. Harry's senses began to kick in, the familiar smell of alchohol and smoke invaded him. A deep fury crawled around him and swept around his heart like a poison. Harry could now make out the shapes in front of him, one was Damon maybe a year or two younger although still as intimidating looking as usual. The other one was a woman with tatty, long black hair only dressed in panties and nothing more. Though she didn't look bothered by the way her body was displayed for anybody to see. She looked to be around fourty years old judging by the slightly wrinkled face and the body that was somewhat sagged, due to a lot of alchohol probably. Her body had bruises littered over some places Harry noticed.

"YOU MAKE HIM SHUT UP!" Damon roared wildly, Harry felt his searing anger and it took over him completely.

"DON'T TALK TO YOUR MOTHER THAT WAY" The woman shrieked back, just as angry as her son. Her voice was slurred and for the first time Harry noted that the floor was littered with empty beer cans and whisky bottles. The woman, with all her force, slapped the taller boy in the face. Damon didn't seem physically effected by the blow and without hesitation he landed a much harder blow to the woman's face causing her to fall to the dirty floor. Her legs were spread shamelessly and she didn't make an effort to get up or change position.

"YOU BASTARD, WAIT UNTILL YOUR STEPFATHER HERS ABOUT THIS!" she raged on madly, the baby was still screaming in the background. "SHUT UP!" she continued, turning in the direction of a small crib. "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" Harry felt the anger of Damon reaching it's peek and with a stab of despair against his heart he watched the slytherin walk over to the crib.

A mix of Damon's anger and Harry's own despair was enough to make him feel as if his eyes were tearing up, if he even had eyes. He simply felt like a part of the surroundings, like air. Damon furiously lifted up the infant by it's shoulder. The small boy's face had gone red due to all the screaming and his head fell back with no support of the weak neck.

"SHUT UP!" Damon roared as the baby's screaming got louder due to the pain. Harry felt his heart break as Damon lost control and started shaking the baby forcefully, the head snapping back and forth wildly untill Damon finally stopped. The baby had gone silent and the head was hanging to the side, the body limp and the chubby fingers uncurled. With the earie silence in the room, Harry knew that the baby was dead. Damon let go off the infant and it fell into the crib with a thud.

The woman on the floor started screaming in anger. Damon turned around with no remorse and left the room, barely getting missed by a whiskey bottle flying across the room and smashing into the wall, successfully breaking into a million pieces.

All the emotions were overflowing Harry, the anger, the heartache, the pain in his head that now was boarding on impossible to deal with. Scenes were flashing in front of him but he didn't register anything, he was drained and the pain was blinding him. Feeling once again something pressing around him he was pulled back into reality.

He was coldsweating and breating heavily, blinking to get the spots in front of his eyes to disappear. Someone invading your mind was excrucating but Harry had no idea that being the invader was so rough. Apperantly he was the one who was suffering the most from it, Damon was simply looking disoriented and very, very angry.

He let go of Harry with one hand to land a blow against the side of his face. The gryffindor let out a painful groan and felt himself go limp against the wall. Harry started feeling really scared now after watching what Damon was really capable of.

"I will fucking kill you!" Damon hissed in Harry's ear and covered the smaller boy's mouth with his own. It was hard, bruising and painful. The bigger boy forced his tongue in through Harry's lips despite the emerald eyed boys vain attempts to get free. His eyes widened as he felt Damon's cold hand against his throat, pressing tightly around it. He felt Damon smile against his lips and continued with the intrustion, successfully smothering Harry's attempts to call for help. The smaller boy clawed at the hands around his throat desperately as he started to get light-headed. He tried to shout out but the only thing that escaped him was a choked whimper.

Damon bit harshly down on Harry's lower lip, making him bleed then lapping up the blood with his tongue. Harry winced and his vision started to blur. Was he going to die? He desperately lashed out, landing fist after fist against Damon's head. With the lack of oxygen draining his energy away he only sucedeed in tearing up a lash on Damon's right cheek before darkness overtook him.