The Loner Who Is Not Alone

Eragon, Arya, Raven and Bella walked out of through the gates. They walked for almost an hour. Eragon knew they were getting close to where Saphira was. Soon they stopped and Saphira's head pooped into view, then her whole body.

"What is it that we had to walk so far to see what you have to show us?" Arya asked.

"Arya!" Eragon said For some odd reason she was being rude and mean to Raven. Eragon looked at her for a minute but she just turned her head away from him. Saphira just looked at the two and then back to Raven.

"Its all right Eragon. Arya has a right to ask after all shes only looking out for you."

Raven pulled a chain out from under her shirt. On the silver chain was a dark green and black stone in the shape of a dragon.

"That is what you wanted to show us?" Arya and Eragon both asked.

"Half way. Here let me show you."

She took her right hand and closed it around the dragon stone. It looked as if she was holding it against her heart. The stone started to glow and Raven opened her hand up. Then a green light surround her her.

Eragon and Arya covered there eyes from the light but Saphira just looked at her. The light died out and Raven stood before them but she looked different. Really different.

She had huge green and black dragon wings coming out of her back. Her finger and toe nail had both grown a black coler and where long and had a deadly point to them. Her top teeth grew long and pointed. Her eyes looked like dragons and her ears like an elfs. On the ground lay adragons tale that was dark green and black.

Eragon, Arya and Saphira just looked at her. They all had a lost look on her face. They they had missed something that everyone else had gotten but them. Arya took a step back but Eragon just looked at her.

"What... what are you?" he asked.

"I am a Dragon Rider like you."

"No! I have Saphira. I can see Saphira as can everyone esle. You... you have nothing but a cat. You have dragon wings and claws but no dragon." Eragon said looking at her still.

Eragon Raven is her dragon. I felt another dragon around but couldnt find it. I only found Raven. Something happened to them. Watch your mouth and say sorry. They will help us. All three of them.

Saphira! Look at her. She looks like a monster. A beast that should die. Not even the elfs would take her in. Look at Arya if you dont believe me!

Arya stood pale white, rooted in her spot. She just looked at Raven not even blinking. Her right hand was on the hilt on her dagger.

Look at yourself Eragon! You look like no human or no elf! How can you judge by the look of people? You are a fool Eragon to think anything bad of her. You are not alone! We are not alone!

How can you say something like that? We were never alone. We have each other to help. We have the Varden, elves and the dwarves for help.

Not in the end Eragon. Its just me and you. The rest wont be able to help us out and you know it as well as I do. They...

It! Saphira it! There is no they. Only an it...

She is the loner who is not alone Eragon. She was at one time. Then Bella came to her and with Bella the other Dragon egg. Bella helped get the last egg. She saved the last Dragon. Something went wrong but Bella wont tell me what.

Eragon looked away from Saphira and looked over as at Raven. He let out a deep low sigh and looked back at Saphira and then at Arya. "Its okay Arya. She is a friend"

Arya looked over at him and then moved her hand away from her dagger. She sat down on the cold earth but never took her eyes off of Raven.

Hello again. Eragon is mean! I should kill him... Only playing