Warning: Language, Yaoi, and OOCness.


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KYOU!" Yuki, Tohru, Shigure, Momiji, Hatsuharu (Haru), Kisa yelled. Hatori just stood in a corner, smoking a cigarette, and Hiro was just sitting at the table looking bored. They all sat in the dining room. Tohru had cooked up his favorite meal, and a cake.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. You didn't have to do this." Kyou said in his normal 'I'm annoyed at everything, grrr leave me alone' voice.

"Awe, but we wanted to, Kyou-chan!" Tohru said, smiling widely at Kyou. She hoped that he wasn't going to get up at walk out of the room. He didn't though. She could tell that he was trying really hard to surpress a smile, but it came out anyways.

"Oh my god! I didn't know Kyou could smile!" Momiji said, but soon regreted it because he was hit hard on the head by Haru. "Don't ruin this." Haru said only loud enough for Momiji to hear.

Summer break had just started, and the Sohma family and Tohru were at the summer house by the lake. Kyou had gotten tired of the party and went to go for a walk, he had been gone for no more than 5 minutes when Yuki also announced he was going on a walk. It was getting dark outside and Tohru was getting worried.

" What's taking them so long?" she asked Haru, who just shrugged in reponse. "Maybe I should go find them..." Tohru said to herself as she started towards the door.

"You aren't going alone, are you?" Haru asked, his eyes wide. ' It's so dangerous for a girl her age and as beautiful as she is to be walking by herself at night.'

"Wait, I'm going with you!" Haru shouted after her. Tohru was already out the door, going down the steps. Haru grabbed his shoes and ran outside still bare foot.

"Oh, Haru! What are you...?"

"I'm going with you. It's to dangerous for you."

"Okay, where do you think they might have gone? Yuki could be down by the lake. I highly doubt that Kyou would be there, he hates the lake."

"Yeah." Haru said as they started walking on the path that leads to the lake.

"Hmm, where could..." Tohru started, looking around for any sign of Yuki or Kyou.

"Shush! I hear someone!" Haru whispered as he pulled Tohru into a bush. They both looked around to see where the voices were coming from. They saw two people tightly embraced into each others arms. Haru and Tohru moved closer. They wanted to see who it was. Tohru sneezed. "Shhh! You don't want them to..."

"Who's there?" Kyou came out from behind a tree. Haru covered Tohru's mouth with his hand, afriad she might sneeze again, giving away their position.

"Who was there Kitten?" Yuki also stepping away from the tree. Haru's jaw dropped, 'Kyou and Yuki... together? Not fighting? KITTEN? AHHHH!' Haru screamed in his head.

"No one I guess." Kyou said turning around and facing Yuki, smiling wickedly.

"Good," Yuki said as he put his hand on Kyou's face as he leaned in and kissed Kyou deeply. Haru's jaw dropped even futher. "NO WAY!" Tohru said as soon as Haru's hand had dropped from her mouth. Yuki and Kyou stopped kissing and looked around.

"That sounded like Tohru. What is she doing out here, at this time of night?" Yuki asked, looking around with wide, frightened eyes. Haru was staring at Tohru with eyes as wide as Yuki's, Tohru had both hands covering her mouth, looking down. Neither one of them realized the Kyou was standing right in front of them.

"What the hell are you guys doing?" he yelled, as he clenched his hands into fists.

"Well," Tohru started, wondering whether or not to tell the truth. She deciced it was better to tell, she hated lying. "Umm, it was getting dark and you guys weren't back, and I was worried. So I thought I'd go and find you guys. Haru wouldn't let me go alone so he came. And we heard some noises and figured we should check it out, and that's when we saw you..."

"What the hell are you two thinking!" Haru shouted loudly, looking from Kyou to Yuki.Yuki was blushing, looking down at the ground. He was kind of ashamed of what was going on between Kyou and him. Kyou was still angry that Haru and Tohru were spying on them, but also embarrassed that they saw Yuki and him kiss. "What if Akito finds out? You know what he'll do to you guys! How long have you been hiding this from everyone?" Haru stopped talking to catch his breath, he had been holding it for a while. He had thought that him and Yuki were best friends if not more.

"Um, about 2 years now..?" Kyou looked at Yuki who nodded. Tohru felt ill, she was aso confused. This was all to weird. Yuki and Kyou HATE each other. They are always fighting. Haru was thinking the same thing. The four of them just stood there for a while until, finally, Tohru fainted.

Tohru woke up about 5 minutes later, leaning up against a tree, having Haru fanning her with a giant leaf. When she opened her eyes and looked around, the boys sighed in relief. "You alright now, Tohru?" Haru asked before anyone else could.

"Yeah, I'm okay. What happene... WAIT! I REMEMBER!" everyone was startled at the sudden change in her voice. "Two years... two YEARS? Why didn't you guys tell me? You know I wouldn't have said anything to anyone and yeah!" she said, looking around at everyone, wondering if what she said made any sense. Yuki stared laughing.

"What's so funny?" Kyou asked his lover (whoa, that was weird saying that).

"So much for no one finding out! Although, I am upset that I didn't get to tell you sooner. I wanted to tell you, because I knew I could trust you, Honda-san." Yuki put his hand on Kyou thigh, "Guess we don't have to hind it from them anymore."

Haru was still to shocked to talk much. He had always thought that Yuki and Kyou hated each other more than anyone could hate anything in the world. But that was all a cover-up for their relationship. Haru started thinking back to when they were all hanging out. They never showed any sign of liking each other at all. The glares, the smart-ass comments, the fights, all staged. 'Whoa, that is just way to weird to even think about.' Haru thought.

"Haru-chan, are you alright? You're looking a little pale." Tohru said, touching his arm, pulling away from his thoughts, even though they weren't making any sense. Even to him. He ran a hand through his silver and black hair.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little confused is all. How were you able to keep up that act up for so long?" asked Hatsuharu, looking between both Yuki and Kyou.

"What act?" Haru looked at Kyou strangly after he said that.

"You mean...?" Tohru started but was cut off by Yuki. "That's right. Kyou and I hate each other, but some how manage to find comfort in each other. Ha ha, even I find it weird at times." Yuki smiled and put a hand on the back of his head.

"Okay, so in stupid terms. You two are gay, first of all. And are now dating. But you two hate each other... But wait... B-but you two hate each others guts... why?" Haru look throughly confused and uncomfortable. He then looked at Yuki for an answer. But it was Kyou who answered.

"Well, duh, the zodiac. He's the rat!"

"Then why date Yuki if he's the rat?" Tohru asked, starting to follow them. She was so confused.

"Well, I guess I'm not sure. It's just, we've been living with each other for so long, it was easy to get carried away with things..." Kyou started but didn't finish. No one really wanted him to, either. "Just don't tell anyone, we don't want Akito to know. So, please, not ONE word to ANYONE!"

Tohru, surprised the Kyou said the word 'please', made it all worth-while to keep this a secret. "Alright! Not a word!" she smiled up at him. Kyou and Yuki smiled back.

"It's so dark. We should get back to the summer house before they really start to worry." Tohru said, staring up into the sky through the branches of the trees. Everyone else followed her gaze. Yuki's hand searched for Kyou's ended up getting Tohru's. Tohru thought that it was Haru so didn't do anything about it. Kyou's hand searched for Yuki's but ended up getting Haru. "We should really get going..." Tohru said again. Everyone stood up, as they did, they realized that they were holding the hands of the wrong people. They all blushed, let hands go, and then grabbed the hands of those they had real feelings for. Tohru, Haru, Yuki and Kyou all walked back to the house in silence.