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Akito walked up to him.

"What do you think you are doing! I won't allow this!" Akito shouted and the white and black haired boy. Akito smiled wickedly, "Maybe, I'll just take out your eyes." Akito grabbed a glass bowl and dropped it, sending broken pieces and water all over the floor. He picked up a piece with a sharp end, and brought it underneath the ox's left eye.

"Either I take them out, or you change their direction." Akito said warningly. He pushed the ox on the ground, cutting his arm on one of the broken peices. Hatsuharu just nodded, ignoring the pain in his arm. "Now, get out."


Haru woke up shaking. 'What the fuck was that?' He put a sweaty hand up to his forehead. Out of the corner of his eye, he looked over to his left and saw Momiji still sleeping soundly. He then looked over to his right and saw that the clock said it was 4 A.M. "Damnit..." he said quielty. Haru got offhis futon and went out into the hall. Quietly, he closed the door behind him and lend against it. Haru thought about going in to Tohru's room to talk, but he figured she was sleeping soundly. Haru sighed and walked down the hall to the bathroom. He washed his face, trying to get rid of all the sweat there. The ox was confused and frightened by his dream, he had an idea of what it meant, but didn't want to think that was it.

Haru walked out of the bathroom only to almost run into Tohru.

"Tohru! What are you doing up so late?" He asked his eyebrows furrowed. She just looked at him, some-what scared, or worried, or anxious, he couldn't tell.

"I-I don't know. I just woke up, my head telling me that I should go look around." she looked up at him with eyes wide with worry, "Are you alright?"

Haru smiled at her, "Please don't worry about me. Just go back to bed." Looking down Tohru grabbed onto the front of Haru's shirt.

"I - I can't. I know there's something bothering you. Please tell me." She didn't look up. At first Haru was surprised that Tohru was so worried. He smiled again.

"Hmm, how about we go for a walk?" he asked. He didn't really want to talk to Tohru about his dream. He didn't want to her to worry, and he was pretty sure that that dream had something to do with her.

They got dressed into some warmer clothes and quietly got out of the house. They walked in silence for about 10 minutes before Tohru was getting tired again.

"Nice night, huh?" she asked looking up at the stars. If she didn't do something, she was going to fall asleep standing up.

"Hm? Oh, yeah. I guess so. Are you sure you don't want to go back? You're looking really tired." Haru said looking over at Tohru who was still looking up at the sky, her eyes closed. "Tohru, if you keep walking like that you'll..."

"Ouff!" Tohru tripped and fell on her face.

"...you'll trip..." Haru said, sweatdropping.

"Owie... That hurt..." Tohru said rolling over onto her back. Haru held out a hand to help her up, which she excepted. Standing up, Tohru brushed herself off.

"Do you want to go back?"

"No, I want you to tell me what was wrong before. I know that there was, because you didn't deny it." Haru looked at her in slight shock. She payed more attention to detail than she led on.

"Heh, well. I gues you got me there. But it's nothing really. I would really rather not talk about it."

"Why not? Come on, I woke up at 5 AM to find out what was wrong with you."

Haru smiled and put his hand behind his head, " Heh, really. Don't worry about it. I'm just thinking about things I should be forgetting." He didn't lie to her, it was true, he kept thinking about that dream, he couldn't get it out of his mind. He didn't want to persue the topic anymore.

Tohru excepted that answer and said, " You know, I'm always here for you," she said, now looking up at the sky again. "I want to make sure we're together for a while. You know, I really do like you." She closed her eyes. She thought about all the times that she had wanted to say something to the ox, but was always to afraid of seeing the reactions of Kyo and Yuki.

Haru gapped at her for a minute. Yeah, she had agreed to go on a date with him, but her saying it like that made his face flush. He smiled and was urged to hug her tightly, when she gave him a huge smile. He thought about how lucky he was to have even met such a girl. 'I won't allow this!' the cold, wicked voice drawled in his head. His smile quickly vanished as he thought about his dream. Tohru gave him a confused look, and reached out her hand as if to touch his shoulder.

"Haru?" she asked waving her hand infront of his face. Haru blinked a couple of times before giving her a smile.

"Heh, guess I zoned out there for a second." He looked around where he was. It was getting lighter outside. "Come on, I know of something we can do." Haru grabbed her hand and led her down the path


"Hatsuharu! Where are we?" Haru had his hands covering Tohru's eyes. They were sitting down, Haru behind her, covering her eyes.

"No, not yet, just a couple more minutes. You'll love it, I promise." He moved up, and kissed the top of her head. The simple gesture made Tohru blush and butterflies in her stomach.

"Alright..." she said. She thought about what it could be. Nothing came to mind. (man, is she dumwitted or what? ;)

"Okay." Haru said moving his hands away from her eyes. Slowly, her eyes adjusted to the light. She looked around. Haru and herself were sitting on a grass hill, above the lake, with the sun just coming up. The water and sky were almost blood red, with orange and blue tints. She smiled, even though she had already seen this, it was even more beautiful this morning than it was yesterday.

"Oh, Hatsuharu! Isn't is gorgeous!" She said happily. Haru gave her a warm smile.

"I knew you would like this." Haru moved so he was sitting right next to Tohru and grabbed her hand and enlaced their fingers. They sat there for a while watching the sky turn from blood red, to blue.

Haru felt a light weight on his shoulder. He looked over and saw Tohru's head. Her head soon slipped and landed on his lap. To his surprise, Tohru had fallen asleep. Slowly and carefully, he moved Tohru say that she was in a laying position. With her head still on his lap, Haru went to lay down himself. Putting his hands behind his head, Haru looked at the blue, cloudless sky. 'I never would have guessed that I could be with someone like her.' he smiled to himself, playing with Tohru's hair. Before he had realized it, he had fallen asleep, thinking about how this could get even better.

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