Chapter 1-The Little Village

Ginny made her way down the dirt road to the small village. Sure, she could have just apparated, it was a wizard village, but she preferred to walk. She had left early the day before to travel all the way from Number 12 Grimmauld Place to get here.

'So this is it,' she thought to herself as she stopped to watch a group of teenagers play Qudditch. It was August, in just a few short weeks; they would be on their way to Hogwarts. The teens seemed to be enjoying themselves, except for one girl. She was sitting off to the side watching. Ginny decided she would ask her for directions. Brushing a strand of hair out of her eyes, and taking a deep breath, Ginny made her move.

"Excuse me," Ginny said to the girl. "Could you help me find this address?" She asked as she held out a piece of paper. On it was scribbled an address that might change her life forever. The girl spun around, seeming surprised.

"Me?" she asked.

"If you don't mind. I've been searching for someone for quite a while now, and this is the last-known address, it's supposed to be in this village, but that just doesn't seem right," Ginny explained. The girl stood up, and walked towards Ginny. She had blonde hair, and blue eyes. Her eyes were almost dreamy.

"I'm not supposed to talk to strangers," she said.

"Then say I introduce myself to you, and then we won't be strangers." The girl shrugged. "My name's Ginny Weasley," Ginny said, holding out her hand. The girl shook it.

"Diana," the girl said. "Diana Lovegood."

"Diana, what are your parent's names?"

"Um, I live with my Aunt and Uncle; their names are Neville and Luna, why?"

"Small world, I went to school with your Aunt and Uncle. Could you tell them that Ginny Weasley's in town, and staying at the inn here?"

"I would, but they own the inn, so you'll see them anyway."

"Great! Could you tell me where this address is?" Ginny asked again. Diana took a look at the piece of paper.

"I'm not that sure, I think it's the old house up on the hill. I'm not that sure though, lemme ask my brother." Diana turned to a boy with light brown hair. "Bobby! Bobby! Can you go here?" The boy dismounted his broom, and walked over to her.

"What did Auntie and Uncle say about talking to strangers?" he demanded.

"She's not a stranger, she went to school with Auntie and Uncle, she's looking for a house, I'm not sure where it is though," Diana explained.

"You know my Aunt and Uncle?" Bobby said, turning to Ginny. He didn't seem to believe his sister.

"Yeah, my name's Ginny Weasley. I went to school with them. Your Uncle is a year older then me, and lived with my fiancé, older brother, and ex-boyfriend. Your Aunt is my age, but in Ravenclaw. We were all in Gryffindor. They are both in the Order to this day, and come once a month to the meetings. Want to know anything else about them? I'm sure I could tell you," she said dryly.

"Um, no. That's okay," Bobby said. he looked disappointed that Ginny was who she said she was.

"Okay, now that we've gone through introductions, I really need to find this house. It's very important," Ginny said impatiently.

"Let me see the address," Bobby said, holding out his hand. His friends had since joined the crowd around the fence they were standing by.

"I think that's the old house up on the hill," one boy said.

"The one with the guy that never comes out?" a girl asked.

"Yeah, that one. Some say he's crazy. Do you know him?" the first boy asked.

"I might, it's very important that I find out. Could you please take me there?"

"I have to check with my Aunt and Uncle, but if you know them, they'll probably say yes," said Bobby. "come on. Guys, we'll be back later," he said to his friends. He and Diana then led Ginny to Neville and Luna's inn.

The inn was a small, quaint building which had a restaurant on the main floor, the second floor was for the guests, and the third floor was an apartment for Neville, Luna, Diana, and Bobby to live in. When Ginny and the two teens entered the inn, Neville was working at the bar.

"Uncle Neville, this lady says that she went to school with you," Diana exclaimed. Neville looked up, and froze.

"Ginny?" he said. "Is that really you?"

"Hi Neville," Ginny said.

"What brings you to our little Irish village?" Neville asked as he offered Ginny a seat at the bar.

"Business, I'm looking for this house. Your nephew was kind enough to say that he could take me there, if it was alright with you and Luna," she explained.

"A house? Do you know someone out here?"

"I might, that's what I'm trying to find out." Ginny paused to pull the piece of paper out of her robes pocket. "I need to find this house," she said as she showed Neville the address.

"That's the old house up on the hill. I don't think a wizard lives there. And if one does, I don't think you'd know him. Nobody's ever seen him. It's a muggle house, has a telephone, electricity, and whole thing, but a wizard family's always lived there. A man moved in there a few months after the Last Battle. Nobody's ever really seen him, we only know that he's there, because we see lights on, and smoke coming out of the chimney. Ginny, what's this all about?" Neville asked, leaning slightly over the bar. Ginny glanced at Bobby and Diana, who hadn't left.

"Kids, upstairs, now. I'll let you know when Ginny's ready to leave. Diana, could you please tell your Aunt that she should get down here. Now," Neville ordered. Groaning, Bobby and Diana left.

"We should wait for Luna. She'll want to hear this too," said Ginny. Neville agreed to wait.

"Can I get you anything to drink? On the house," Neville offered.

"A butterbeer, please," she replied.

"sure." Neville flicked his wand, and a mug of butterbeer flew over to where Ginny was sitting.

"Do you get much business here?" she asked him, trying to break the silence.

"It depends. The village here can be gorgeous in the spring and summer, if you go up to the hill on the far side of the village, where this house is you're looking for is, you can look down into the village, and it's breath-taking. We get tourists, honeymooners, the usual. It's enough to pay the bills."

They were interrupted by Luna coming downstairs. She looked exactly the same, long blonde hair, dreamy blue eyes, and deep blue robes.

"Ginny?" she said.

"hello Luna," Ginny said, standing up, and giving Luan a hug.

"What brings you here?" Luna asked, sitting on a barstool next to Ginny.

"I'm here on business, I gues you could call it."

"Order business, because we could have taken care of it." Ginny shook her head. Neville and Luna waited for her to explain why she was in their village.

"I'm here looking for someone," she paused. It was clearly difficult for her to explain her visit. "I'm here looking for Harry."