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Bankotsu was trying desperately to get his thoughts sorted through. He growled and lightly massaged one of his temples with his right hand. In his left hand he held his most prized possession, the Banryuu. He stepped into a clearing that contained a well.

"It would be easier to think if I'm sitting…" Bankotsu muttered. He carefully set his Banryuu down beside the well and sat with his back against the hard wood of the well.

"Damn it! Why? Why does she invade my every thought?" Bankotsu pounded his fist on the ground. The woman he was talking of was none other than his enemy's miko, Kagome. The woman child had pure black hair, the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes, and the creamiest complexion he had ever seen. She had curves in all the right places, just to the right extent, none too big, none too small. Not only was she beautiful, she held herself high, had a heart too big for her own body, and was strong. She wouldn't break easily, she wouldn't back down, she'd protect her friends with her life, she was just simply perfect.

"Do… do I love her?" Bankotsu questioned himself. He had no idea what to think.

'I don't love her, I don't even know her. How could I love someone I don't know? I don't even know her name… wait, no it's Kagome. That's what her friends call her. Kagome, I like the way it sounds.' Bankotsu rested his head on his hands. 'I wonder what she thinks about me…' Bankotsu now knew, he was in love with Kagome, a woman he barely knew, and there was no denying it.

Kagome waved to her family as she ran towards the well house. She grinned as a thought came to mind. 'Inuyasha will be so surprised to see I'm back early.' She giggled before jumping into the well.

Kagome landed with a quiet 'umph' and started to climb out of the well by grabbing the vines. She looked up and was surprised to see a hand offering her help. She gratefully grabbed hold of the hand and the owner pulled her up with relative ease. She gasped when her eyes met blue grey ones.

Bankotsu clutched the hilt of his Banryuu when he heard a sound at the bottom of the well. He carefully looked over the edge and was surprised to see the very girl he was thinking about trying to climb up the sides. He put his hand down to help her up. Bankotsu felt her hand take his and pulled her up easily.

"Ban- Bankotsu?" Kagome gasped. "What are you doing here?" Bankotsu was surprised to see that Kagome had no fear in her eyes but genuine shock.

"I could ask the same, what were you doing down in that well?" Bankotsu countered, his infamous cocky grin making its way onto his mouth.

Kagome stammered, "I-I… anou…. I was… er…" She couldn't possibly think of a logical excuse, she could feel a blush rising to her cheeks. "I… I'm not sure… I think I fell down it…" Kagome lied; she hoped that he would believe her.

Bankotsu could tell she was lying, but he wasn't going to force it out of her. He shrugged. "Whatever." He sat back down against the well and closed his eyes. His eyes shot back open when he heard the rustling of fabric and a slight vibration through the ground. Kagome was sitting next to him.

"You do realize that I'm your enemy, right?" He asked. Kagome looked at him and smiled.

"No, you're Inuyasha's enemy if anyone's, and I'm not with Inuyasha. You don't work for Naraku by choice; you're forced to, just like Kagura and Kanna." Kagome looked back down at her hands in her lap.

"Even so, I'm an assassin, I could easily kill you." Bankotsu watched her trying to gauge her reaction.

"But you didn't. You could have left me in the well, or you could've killed me when I got out. In fact as each second ticks by, another chance you could have killed me is lost. You don't seem like the kind to kill without reason, Bankotsu. Everyone has to make a living, even assassins." Kagome looked back at him, and offered him a small smile. Bankotsu didn't know how to react.

"Oh, hey, where are the rest of your friends?" Kagome asked she looked around the clearing.

"They're back at the hideout; I wanted some time to think." Bankotsu replied with a shrug.

Kagome looked at him. "Think about what?" She asked innocently.

Bankotsu could feel the blood rush to his face. "Erm…. Y-you know… things." He wasn't about to admit that he was thinking over the fact that he loved her.

Kagome leaned back against the well. "Yeah, I can understand that. I like to think about random things by myself every so often. Inuyasha rarely lets me do anything by myself; he always fights me if I just want to go home for a few days. I've given up a lot of things to be here with him and he barely lets me go home to see my family. He can really be a jerk." She huffed at the thought of Inuyasha. She had to sit him thirteen times to go home. Thirteen!

Bankotsu was surprised; the hanyou usually seemed very concerned for the girl. "Eh, who cares what the bastard thinks, ne?" Bankotsu offered, trying to calm Kagome down.

Kagome laughed. "Yeah… who cares?" She grinned up at Bankotsu. "Hey, want a pocky?" She asked as she rummaged through her yellow backpack.

"A… pocky?" Bankotsu never heard of it before he was curious what the girl was getting out.

"Yeah, it's a treat from my village. It tastes great, you should try them." Kagome said, holding out a stick with a substance the color of her eyes. Bankotsu hesitantly took the treat and bit it. His eyes instantly brightened.

"Hey! These are good!" Bankotsu exclaimed as he shoved the rest of the pocky into his mouth. Kagome giggled.

"Shippou did the same thing." Kagome smiled fondly.

"Shippou?" Bankotsu thought the name sounded familiar, but couldn't place it.

"My son, the little kitsune that travels with us." Kagome replied.

Bankotsu choked. "Son?" He could feel his heart dropping.

"Hai, I may be his adoptive mother, but I love him like my own." Kagome's smile only grew fonder. Bankotsu felt his heart rise back up.

"Oh… so you're not his birth mother." Bankotsu smirked when he saw her face redden.

"Oh… Oh no! I haven't… yet…" Kagome covered her face up with her hands and Bankotsu laughed.

"Oh, like you have? What are you? Like… like… How old are you?" Kagome asked, slightly curious.

"Nineteen, you?" Bankotsu cocked his head, he was also curious.

"Seventeen." Kagome replied. "Wait, when did you become an assassin?"

Bankotsu thought for a second. "I think I was fifteen. Yeah, that's right I was fifteen." Kagome looked at him with wide eyes.

"Fifteen? But that's so… young." She turned fifteen the day she first came to the Sengoku Jidai, and she thought she was doing a lot more things than normal fifteen year olds, but Bankotsu became an assassin when he turned fifteen.

Bankotsu shrugged. "Keh, not like it mattered. I was still stronger than the other Shichinintai."

"Sugoi… you must be even stronger now!" Kagome exclaimed. Bankotsu couldn't help but grin cockily; the woman he loved was complimenting his strength.

"Heh, glad you noticed." Bankotsu grinned. Kagome blushed slightly.

Night was beginning to fall and Kagome and Bankotsu were still chatting away merrily. Kagome noticed this and sighed.

"It's getting kind of late; I better start heading to camp." Kagome stood up, Bankotsu did the same. Kagome turned around and hugged him. Bankotsu just stood there shocked at her actions.

"I hope I can consider you a friend now, Bankotsu." Kagome said quietly. Bankotsu returned her hug.

"Hai, Kagome. You can." Bankotsu replied, resting his chin on her head. Kagome reluctantly pulled away.

"Ja ne." Kagome murmured. She picked up her back pack and turned around, walking silently out of the clearing. Bankotsu feel back to the ground with a thump.

'Kagome, do you even realize what you're doing to me?'

Kagome couldn't help but blush as she thought of the embrace she and Bankotsu shared. She meant it to be friendly but it turned into something more intimate, at least in her mind it did.

'Do I have feelings for Bankotsu?' Kagome found herself asking. She knew she was attracted to him, but did she feel something more? Did she have a crush on Bankotsu? 'What about Inuyasha? I love him… don't I?' Kagome was brought out of her thoughts when she heard someone say the aforementioned hanyou's name. Kagome followed the sound to where she saw Inuyasha and Kikyou in a loving embrace.

"Inuyasha," Kikyou started, "Do you love me?" Inuyasha tightened his grip.

"Of course Kikyou." Inuyasha replied. Kikyou looked up at him.

"More than my reincarnate?" Kikyou asked.

Inuyasha had no hesitation in his reply. "Hai, much more than I would ever love her." Kikyou pulled his face down to hers and their lips met in a passionate kiss. Kagome could feel her heart breaking. Tears rapidly fell from her eyes as she turned around and ran, where, she wasn't quite sure.

Branches whipped at her skin as she ran, leaving bruises and cuts in their wake, but Kagome couldn't care less, it was nothing compared to the pain in her heart. She then realized where she was heading, the Bone Eater's well. When she reached the clearing she saw that Bankotsu was still there. She continued to run.

"Bankotsu!" The strangled cry came from her lips as she dropped her backpack and flung herself into his arms.

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Japanese Dictionary:

Miko: priestess
Anou: well or umm
Ne: right?
Kitsune: fox
Hai: yes
Sugoi: wow
Ja ne: see you