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Peace & Harmony for Love Pt. 1

Athrun took a deep breath and exhaled. He did not know why he was here, staring hell in the face. He was risking so many things on his next action. If he proceeded, he would be taking the biggest risk of his life. However, if he quit, everything would stay the same, but he would always regret it, he knew, and always wonder 'what if…'. Besides, Athrun Zala was no quitter. He could look death in the face and laugh. He feared no one or anything! He could win any fight he was ever in!…Except this one.

'This is so incredibly…ridiculous!' He thought to himself angrily. 'I cannot believe the turn of a knob could change my life forever! This is so…sad. Especially for someone such as me.' He sighed in despair and looked around for someone, anyone, who would be there at that moment to stop him from proceeding…Nope, of course not. It was up to him to choose the path he was about to take and only him. He either grasped that golden sphere, turned it and walked in to meet the life he left. Or took the chance to run and live the wonderful life he had now. Really, it was a no-brainer.

However, using the word 'wonderful' was a bit of an exaggeration. Sure, he was Athrun Zala. He was world-renowned for his work and how he fought along side Kira Yamato in the biggest war of the Cosmic Era. They were thanked greatly for what they had done and were almost as famous as Lacus' career. But no one could beat that. As soon as the war was over…


"So, your inviting Cagalli to stay with you?"

"Well, uh…it's more…"

"She's going to be living with you, am I right?"

"Well, you make is sound like…"

"Like she is moving in with you…as in sharing a home…like man and wife?"

"Lacus, you see…"

"No, Athrun. I think it is wonderful! You always seemed like the kind of guy who would go for a 'tough-not-afraid-to-speak-her-mind' girl, which is something I never was or ever will be."


"She also has a heart of gold. You and her are adorable together. Like me and Mr. Pink."

"Adorable! Adorable! Lacus and Haro! No problem!"

"Besides, I have Kira. You see, we are both happy in the end."

"Uh, sure…hmm…"

"…You know Athrun, I think you're like the world."

"Huh? What do you…"


"Hey, Lacus!"

"Huh? Oh, that must be Kira. Well, Kira shall be staying with me as well, so anytime you need to contact him…"

"Call you…r house."

"Right. Well, say good-bye Mr. Pink."

"Bye-bye, Athrun! Bye-bye! Bye-bye!"

"Heh, good-bye Haro. And…good-bye…Lacus Clyne."

"Good-bye, Athrun…Zala. I hope to see you again soon. A friendship as old as our should not be put on hold."

"…I agree. Well, see ya!"

"See you…my…"


End of Flashback

'How long ago was that?' the former Justice Gundam pilot thought to himself out of curiosity, 'It must have been at least seven years ago. And how many times have we gotten together?…At least twelve. Every time Cagalli and Kira got together, I would always show up, but Lacus had a concert, or was on tour, or and an interview. Her career became even better after the war, although she was the number one recording artist at the time. But no matter what, she was always there for my birthday. She hasn't missed my birthday once since we have met…I wonder why?"

His head lowered to look at the bouquet in his hands. They were her favourite flowers, he knew it. He remembered them walking in her oasis once just so she could show him her garden of them. They were the same colour as her patio furniture and her bedroom. She loved the colour ever since she fell in love with the flower. She fell in love with the flower because they were blooming at the concert hall where she did her first performance, 'White Symphony'.

'White roses…'

He sighed again. He knew he could not turn back. He had to be a man and walk through her door. However, after seven years of every-now-and-then visits, would she still address him as a friend? Lacus was not the kind of person to 'dump', you could say, her friends. Once you were acquainted with Lacus Clyne, you fell in love with her and never forgot that moment. His eyes became starry as he remembered the first time they met…


"Now Athrun, I want you to behave yourself and show proper courtesy"

"Yes, father."

"And remember boy, you cannot be picky. Try to have an open-mind for once, will you?"

"Yes, fath-…"

"Patrick, is that you?"

"Siegel! Long time, no see! How are you?"

"I'm good. How are you?"

"I'm doing well."

"Good, good. Oh! And who is this strapping young fellow?"

"This is my son, Athrun."

"Hello, Mr. Clyne."

"He is quite the gentleman. Well, let's not waste the formality on me. I believe there is another reason you came to today, young man."

"Ah, yes, sir."

"Unfortunately, I cannot stay. I am due for a meeting and I am already going to be a half an hour late."

"Oh, what a shame. Good to see you again, Patrick."

"You too, Siegel. Have fun Athrun. I will have someone come and pick you up at six o'clock. Be good!"

"…Some man, your father is."


"Well, let's not waste time. Lacus is in garden, frolicking with the butterflies and planting flowers. Why don't we go join her, hmm?"

"Uh, sure. I mean, yes, sir."

"Heh, you do not need to be so formal. Since your father is gone, you can go back into 'child-mode'."


"Never mind boy, there she is. Lacus! I have someone who would love to meet you!"

"Hmm? Oh, is it that boy Athrun?"

End of Flashback

As soon as he saw her, he went speechless. If his father was there, he probably would have whacked him in the back of the head for gawking. She was a mortal image of angelic beauty. She was, and still is, the closet thing you will find to an angel anywhere in the entire universe. 'Hopefully, she'll believe me when she reads the card.' He thought to himself once more before he finally gathered up his courage.

Knock, KNOCK

Athrun felt his heartbeat speed up instantaneously. It was pounding in his ears, showing no interest in slowing down, let alone stopping. He did not realize he was squeezing his hands hard enough to turn them bloody red. His eyes went dull and his breathing turned shallow. 'Calm down, man! Regain control! Just breathe in and out, in and out, in and…'

"Hello? Who is it?"

'At my sanity's out the window.'

"L-Lacus? I-It's Athrun, Athrun Zal-…"

Suddenly, the door burst opened to reveal a beaming Lacus. Her eyes were overflowing with happiness, as always. Her smile was so bright, she could have blinded him. Her presence, however, was what left him breathless. She was wearing a strap-less tulip-pink dress. It had slits along the sides of her legs and slightly darker shoes. She had a purple lining tracing the cut at the top of the dress, the bottom and along the sides of her legs. She wore a 2-inch choker around the base of her neck with purple outlining it as well.

And her arms had tight sleeves on from four-fingers length below the shoulder, all the way to the tips of her fingers. However, around elbow length, the sleeve fanned out slightly, in an angel's robe fashion. It reminded him of the dress she wore in her video, "In This Quiet Night". Her hair was flowing freely, but was curled in a slight manor. She wore a thin, matching headband and her same golden, curved clip. She giggled, reason unknown to Athrun as she answered him,

"I know who you are, Athrun. You do not need to act all serious with me. What happened to our 'carefree relationship'?"

"Uh…r-right. Um…uh…oh, um, these are f-for you."

Athrun, once regain his thought process, handed Lacus the bouquet of flowers he had almost forgotten he had hidden behind his back when he knocked. She slightly gasped at the sight of them, which confused Athrun. But her childish glow returned a moment later and she gave him her infant-like smile while her eyes showed no emotion for him to read.

"Why, thank you Athrun. They are beautiful. I am happy you remembered how much I love them."

"It is kind of hard to forget how much you adore them when you always loved to share garden tips with me during tea."

She giggled, he smiled.

"I see. Well, why stand in the hall? Won't you come in?"

"Ah, yes, but…hmm…"


"Oh…never mind. Nothing important."

"Do you have to leave early? I can let you go now if you'd…"

"NO!…No no, that's alright. I just remembered…where's Kira?"

"…Do you wish to see him? I…"

"I came here for our luncheon, Lacus. I was just…I was just curious as to his whereabouts."

"He has gone to visit Miriallia and Kuzzey. I am not sure about that Sai fellow, but I know that Dearka invited him for a visit and he gladly accept."


"Yes. Apparently, Dearka was visiting Miriallia and she happened to have mentioned Kira. Dearka thought it would be nice to ask Kira to come for a surprise visit."

"Why didn't you go?"

"I thought that since Kira was visiting old friends, I could see mine. After all, I have only seen you…once…twice…no no, it's…"

"Twelve times in seven years."

"Really? Oh my, how rude of me. You must be appalled! That is sad…So, that means out of…"

"…Two thousand five hundred fifty-five days…"

"Oh…um…we saw each other…"

"…Twelve times…"


"That leaves two thousand five hundred forty-three days."

"Oh my…I am disgusted with myself. And my last words to you that nights was 'a friendship as old as ours should not be put on hold'. I really am…"

"Y-you remember?"

"Of course! It was the night I thought I was going to say good-bye to you, Athrun…forever."

"What? But Lacus, we still…"

"Would you like some tea, Athrun?"


In the 'depth', you could say, of the conversation, Athrun had not realized they had made their way into Lacus' kitchen. His eyes glazed over at the serenity. It was the same as always, just how he liked it. No new paintjobs, no new cutlery, no new stove. Just the same. He smiled again as memories slowly came back to him…

"…I promise I won't talk about gardening."


"Your manners are not needed here. I just asked if you would like some tea? Or would you prefer some water?"

Athrun really wanted something more…sugary. More of an energy supplier. But he once recalled Lacus calling them 'inner killers'…

! Flashback !

"So Athrun, what would you like to drink?"

"Oh, a soda would be nice, please."

"…R-really? Wouldn't you prefer some nice tea? Or maybe coffee? Oh! I have fresh mineral water."

"…N-no, a soda is fine."


"Is there a problem, Lacus?"

"Well…I'm sorry Athrun, but I do not have any soda her in the house."

"Why not?…If I am not too bold for asking."

"No, you're not. It's just…soda's a murder."

"What?…are you talking about?"

"Soda is a murder. A killer. It's…an inner killer!"

"An…inner killer?"

"Yes. You see, all that sugar is so bad for you. I would never think of drinking it. There are so many hidden secrets about that one soda can you never knew. Like how…"

"Never mind. I would like to still want to drink soda after I leave here. Coffee will be fine then."

"Are you sure? If you will be patient, I can have some here in a little bit."

"Don't worry, Lacus. Coffee is fine with me. I would like a double-double if you don't mind."

She smiled at him cheerfully.

"Thank you, Athrun. For being so…kind."

And with the spur of the moment, she walked over and placed a feather-light kiss on Athrun's cheek.

! End of Flashback !

He didn't realize he had chuckled to him self at the end of the thought.

"Is something funny, Athrun?"

"Uh…Oh, no. I was just…Recalling memories of the past."

"Really now? Am I in them?"

"Yes. Why wouldn't you be?"

"So were you laughing at me."

"Ye—NO! (clears throat) I mean, no. I wasn't laughing at you. I was just enjoying one of our…many…memories."

"Oh, I see. That's nice."

She smiled at him quickly, then returned to the boiling the water for her beverage, which Athrun had missed out on again. He watched from the corner of his eye for a little bit, but decided to take a look around the room. Everything was the same as he remembered it, just like the kitchen. Maybe that was a sign…that the only thing that changed…

'…was us…'


"Yes, Lacus?"

"Here's your coffee. I hope you like french vanilla."

"Yes, I do. Thank you."

"Your welcome."

Lacus took her seat on the chair beside the couch he resided on. She grabbed her cup, lifted it up to him and the clinked the glasses together. After that, it was complete silence. No one spoke, there was no breeze, no birds, the silence was the only sound. Athrun found it uneasy, but Lacus looked as calm as usual. Come to think of it, He rarely saw her change that peaceful expression. He was glad to see her happy, but he felt she was hiding from reality in a slight way.

"…Could we sit outside, Lacus?"

"Huh…I beg your pardon?"

"Heh, you sound like me."

"Oh, I guess I did. But what were you asking?"

"I was just wondering if we could sit outside, on the patio?"

"Very well. Let's go."

The two walked in an uneasy silence toward the outdoors. Athrun noticed, however, Lacus shivered slightly as the reached the table. She tried to shake it off, but he caught it. But to make her feel better, he ignored the sight. They took their seats across from each other. Athrun examined the scenery again and recognized every single flower. Nope, no change here either. He looked at Lacus, though, in curiosity, and noticed that her smile was smaller then usual. He decided it was up to him to start conversation.

"…So, how are you doing, Lacus?"

"Oh, I'm doing well. My latest album as skyrocketed on the charts, even more so then my previous few. I am having great success."

That wasn't what Athrun was referring to, so he decided to go to the source of the answer he wanted.

"How's Kira?"

He saw Lacus visible flinch again.

"Oh…he's doing well. He misses you and Cagalli a lot. He keeps asking me to remind him to call you, but we barely see each other very much anymore. He's always on Earth, helping Captain Ramius and Sai. Both were very shaken after the war you know."

"Yes, I heard."

"…So, how have you been doing, Athrun? I have missed you greatly, you know."

"Uh…I-I've been doing well. I spend most of my time helping Yzak with some things he's still trying to fix. And I have been taking care of my father's old buisness. But besides that, I have been fine."

"That's good to hear…How's Cagal-…"

"Lacus, I can't do this."

"C-can't do what?"

Athrun pounded his fists on the table and stood up. His chair fell backwards with a bang. His head was lowered with his hidden behind his bangs, squeezed shut. He stayed like that for a few moments, Lacus to in shock to move, before his body shook slightly.

"At-Athrun? Are you…"

"Lacus, this is crazy."

"Wuh-what is?"

He finally looked up to meet her eyes. Fear meeting anger. Shock meeting bravery. Eager meeting anxious.

"Don't you see Lacus? We're not even ourselves. This isn't how I remember you. You know this isn't me. Something as changed between us. Our separate lives have separated us completely. I'm amazed you remembered my name!"

"Athrun, I could never forget you. That's just…"



"Well, then I guess that's the only way to define this relationship. Crazy. Because we even calculated how many times we've seen each other. Twelve. In seven years. I even knew each day by number. I counted it every single day. And how many times did we see each other before?"

"…Almost twice a month."

"Right. Notice the difference?"

"…Hmm…I…I understand what your saying Athrun, but I'm afraid I don't know what you are getting ah-…"

"You do."


Athrun left his place at the table and made his way over to Lacus, every two seconds a step. Athrun noticed Lacus' smile disappear, but didn't care. This was something he had wanted to confront for along time now, and he knew now was his only chance in this lifetime.

"You know what I'm getting at. I know you do. I know you better then your own father. I know under that childish act, you have the brain of a genius. How else could you write all those amazing songs? And it's not because of your gene-alteration. It's because of who you are. Lacus, you're…hmm…you're a human image of angelic beauty."

There, he said it.

Lacus gasped with a hand over her mouth. Her eyes were wide with too many emotions for Athrun to read, but he held his own.

"B-but…but Athrun, what about…"

"He didn't work."


"You said to me that fateful day seven years ago you always thought I'd be the type of guy to go for a 'tough-not-afraid-to-speak-her-mind' girl. Well, you were wrong. I want a girl who can make me happy. One who can keep me at peace. One…who loves me for me…not….not out of grief. Cagalli only loved me because I was like her father. She told me so. She realized it four years ago. And I knew I was using her because I knew I had lost you. We were both just lonely, that's all.

"But the whole time, we had only kissed once. That was on the ArchAngel. Once I kissed her, I knew something was there, but it wasn't what I wanted. After that talk with you, I knew if either of us turned around, we'd be wasting our lives away forever. And you did. You turned to Kira first. That left me alone, with no choice but to face the fate you left me. But I knew, the whole time, you missed me. You told me so yourself. You said, 'A friendship as old as ours should not be put on hold. You repeated it to me a little while ago.

"You miss me and you know it. You've seen Kira as much as I or Cagalli have. Don't hide it. He kept saying every time we met how he should make more time for you, but he never did. He would always talk about that…Fla-girl or whatever. I saw your heartbreak every time he did that. I've known you too long to ignore it. I want to help you Lacus, I really do. But you won't let me.

"I moved out of Cagalli's house four years ago, the night we admitted the truth. I live with Yzak now. It's fun and all, but not what I want! I want you, Lacus. Only you…"

"…Are you done?"


"Because if so, I would like…to have some time to think, please."



"…Of course. Take as long as you want…Well, good-bye."

"You can stay."


"You may stay as long as it takes for me to figure this out. It may be a little while, it may take a year. Whatever the case, you may stay here as long as you wish."

"…Are you sure?"

"Yes, Athrun. Let's see if you can change my mind."


But before he could utter a word, she left the table and headed to the roses he had bought her to plant them in her garden, so they wouldn't be alone.

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